9 Pilot Training Scholarships for International Students

The cost of pilot training schools is not enough to make you give up on your dreams of becoming a pilot as an international student. There are pilot training scholarships for international students that you can apply for that will help you cover either fully or partially the cost of your fees and give you the opportunity to live your dream.

Pilot training programs and aviation schools in general are expensive for those who are aspiring to become pilots.

Despite the fact that they are expensive, we still have free pilot training programs that you can enroll in without breaking the bank. Shocking right?

We also have free flight attendant training programs that you can enroll in if you are more interested in becoming a flight attendant.

The huge cost that goes into pilot training has caused many to give up on their dreams of becoming a pilot.

But the good news is that there are various ways you can go about getting affordable and quality pilot training as an international student.

One of the ways is to enroll in an aviation college and then apply for scholarships offered by any of the colleges like the Emirates pilot training scholarship.

If you want to test the waters before fully enrolling in any of these pilot training scholarships, you can equip yourself with free online aviation courses where you will be prepared for the journey ahead.

If after equipping yourself with these free aviation courses you are looking for a cheaper option where you can fully get pilot training, then you should look into aviation schools in the Philippines and also flight schools in Poland. These schools are cheaper options compared to others.

Having said this, let’s delve into our topic properly.

pilot training scholarships for international students

Pilot Training Scholarships for International Students

Here is the list of these scholarships we’ll be giving brief details soon. Note that, these scholarships are available annually, so even if you meet them a year from now, they can still be available for application. They include:

  • EAA Flight Training Scholarships
  • American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Scholarships
  • Emirates Aviation University Scholarship for International Students
  • Aviation Distributors and Manufacturers Association (ADMA) Scholarship
  • Richard L. Taylor Flight Training Scholarship
  • Pioneers of Flight Scholarship
  • NBAA (National Business Aviation Association) Scholarships
  • Latino Pilots Association Scholarships
  • Women in Aviation International

1.    EAA Flight Training Scholarships

This is a fully funded scholarship for international students and it is available for flight or pilot training in USA or Canada.

EEA scholarship is sponsored by dozens of donors and benefactors. Their aim is to encourage individuals who are doing well academically, involved in their school and community, and interested in aviation as a career to apply and get the scholarship.

Some of these scholarships include:

  • Adapt to Fly Scholarship
  • Air Academy Alumni Scholarship
  • Elgin Wells Jr. Starjammer CFI Scholarship
  • Florence “Coffy” Gregory Scholarship
  • Harrison Ford Scholarship
  • Jason Kurt Lohr Aviation Scholarship
  • John S. Bradbury Memorial Scholarship
  • Noah Favaregh Scholarship

They also ensure awardees get a minimum prize of $5,000.

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2.    American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Scholarships

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Scholarships (AIAA) offers a variety of scholarships to students pursuing degrees in the fields of aerospace engineering and related disciplines.

They offer both graduate and undergraduate scholarships. This allows students at different stages to have various scholarship options to apply for.

The AIAA schools are highly competitive so it’s important that you have a good academic record before you apply for the scholarship.

Also, you need to be an AIAA member before you apply for any scholarship. Once you are a member you can apply for up to 3 undergraduate scholarships or graduate awards.

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3.    Emirates Aviation University Scholarship for International Students

The EAU scholarship is open to international students from all countries, and it provides full tuition coverage for the duration of the student’s degree program.

To be eligible, applicants must have excellent academic records, demonstrated financial need, and a clear interest in pursuing a career in aviation or aerospace engineering.

The application process includes an essay, a personal statement, and letters of recommendation.

Emirates Aviation University provides two kinds of scholarships for both their domestic students and international students which are;

Chancellor’s Scholarship: Even though this scholarship is only awarded in the first (Fall) semester each year to newly admitted students, it covers the awardees’ full tuition. This makes it very competitive, and only 10 people receive the scholarship.

Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship: This is also competitive, but not like the first one, 100 students are awarded the VC’s Scholarship, but it covers up to 50% of your tuition fees.

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4.    Aviation Distributors and Manufacturers Association (ADMA) Scholarship

This scholarship is offered by the Aviation Distributors and Manufacturers Association. A trade association that represents companies in the aviation and aerospace industry.

It’s a great scholarship for students who are interested in pursuing careers in aviation distribution, manufacturing, or related fields.

The ADMA Scholarship is available to U.S. citizens or permanent residents who are currently enrolled in a four-year college or university program, with a major in engineering, aviation, or a related field.

The scholarship provides $5,000 per year for up to four years, and it can be used to cover tuition, books, and other educational expenses.

To be eligible, applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and must submit an essay, transcripts, and a letter of recommendation.

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5.    Richard L. Taylor Flight Training Scholarship

The Richard L. Taylor Flight Training Scholarship is the newest addition to the National Air Transportation Foundation’s (NATF) scholarship program. 

The scholarship is named after Richard L. Taylor, Professor Emeritus, who for 22 years was the director of flight operations and education at The Ohio State University.

Professor Taylor is the award-winning author of 14 books on aviation, including Instrument Flying, IFR for VFR Pilots, and Understanding Flying. Professor Taylor’s vision, insight, and drive helped expand flight education and training at Ohio State.

His distinctive leadership fostered extensive opportunities for aviation students to further their careers as professional pilots.

To apply, you must be enrolled in an accredited university, be enrolled in a flight program through the university with aspirations to become a professional pilot (general or commercial aviation), have a private pilot’s license, or be a senior in high school planning a career in the general aviation field.

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6.    Pioneers of Flight Scholarship

The Pioneers of Flight Scholarship was founded and established by the National Air Transportation Foundation (NATA) to offer financial assistance to young people who are in pursuit of academic excellence.

They make this possible by offering scholarships to these students.

To be eligible, the students must be college students who are in their sophomore year and enrolled in a full-time aviation degree program.

They must be outstanding academically with a 3.0 or 4.0 CGPA and they must have an interest in studying aviation as a career choice.

The scholarship is worth $1000 each and this will be used for a full year of undergraduate studies.

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7.    NBAA (National Business Aviation Association) Scholarships

The NBBA offers a charity scholarship program that is generously supported by the NBBA members. This scholarship is offered only to qualified students who have proven that they are studying aviation or any other related career at a higher institution.

This is an annual scholarship and $100,000 is funded annually for this scholarship.

The worth of the scholarship is $5000 and this is used for the educational costs.

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8.    Latino Pilots Association Scholarships

The Latino Pilots Association is a community that is dedicated to providing opportunities for students who which to venture into the aviation sector.

One of the ways of presenting these opportunities is by offering scholarships to help recipients further their careers in aviation and any related field.

To be eligible, you must be a member of the association and they also have student memberships available for students.

Once you are registered as a member, you can go ahead and apply for the scholarships.

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9.    Women in Aviation International

Women in Aviation International is an American nonprofit organization that provides networking, education, mentoring, and scholarship opportunities to women and men in the aviation and aerospace industry.

These scholarship awards help the recipients to reach their goals and advance into the aviation and aerospace careers that have always dreamed about.

They also have a mentorship program that will help you connect with mentors, set goals, establish milestones, and track your progress.

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These are 9 pilot training scholarships for international students for you to carefully look into and apply for the one whose requirements and eligibility criteria you meet.

Also, read the application process carefully and ensure that you meet the application deadline. Fortunately, these programs are offered annually so if you miss the current year, you still have another chance in the next year. Good luck with your applications.