How To Properly Prepare For Scholarship Exams

If you really want to study either home or abroad with a scholarship then you should care about how to properly prepare for scholarship exams and the basic hacks to passing scholarship exams.

Did you applied for any scholarship program and you are gladly waiting for the examination if your answer is yes! Then, I will like to show you the best ways to properly prepare for scholarship exams and pass.

It is one thing to apply for a scholarship and another thing to prepare for it in other to pass, most students usually feel relaxed after registering for a scholarship program, but in this article am going to show you what to do immediately you apply for any scholarship program.


How to Prepare adequately for Scholarship Exams

Get Detailed Informations About the Scholarship Program

Information is power and you need to get the power now or never, make research about how the scholarship program started, how many students do they usually offer scholarships per year, where do they usually set their exam questions from etc.

Study Ahead

The best time to start the preparation is now! Do not wait until the exam is close before you start looking for a way to cram the whole books, most students usually make the mistake of preparing for examination late some will even start a night before the exam.

I will advise you to start studying as early as possible so that you will be able to cover a lot of topics before the exam.

Work on Your Handwriting

The first thing the person that will mark your script will look at is your handwriting, your score will start counting from your writing, good handwriting is very important when writing scholarship examination.

Try as much as you can to work on your handwriting before the exam.

Forget About Social Media

Social media is a very important tool of communication but also an agent of distraction, I will advise you to forget about social media for now and focus on Studying turn your night hour into a reading period, do not waste any time at all doing unnecessary things online or offline.

Make Use of Past Questions

Past questions is a prophecy of the exam, it shows you how the exam will look like, the type of questions to expect etc. practice the past questions daily after reading, always use it to test your brain to know how you will perform in the main exam.

Learn to Write Fast

Writing fast is a very important skill you should try and develop, because on the exam day no one will wait for you if you can’t write at a speedy of light, when solving past questions set time that you will start and when to end the practice, it will really help you during the exam.

Practicing writing under time limits is very good because it will also make you to finish writing the exam before you will be asked to submit.


After applying these premium hacks to successfully prepare for scholarship exams, in the exam hall, remember to cross-check your work multiple times before you submit.

Avoid any unnecessary mistakes, arrange every document that you will take to the exam center in a bag at least a day before the exam, and make sure you arrive early to the exam center to avoid rushing, I wish you success in your examination.

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This article is a guest post contribution by Usulor Godwin (Twitter: @Usulorinform1) an academic blogger at


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