8 Best Universities in Cyprus for International Students

This blog post provides a wealth of information on the top universities in Cyprus for international students. If you are looking to study abroad, this will give you a wider array of options to consider.

This post is specially tailored for those who are in search of the best universities in Cyprus for international students, here we would focus greatly on the best universities in Cyprus for international students, the state of Cyprus, and how well they receive international students if the University of Cyprus itself accepts students that are other nationals, and the requirements to be met by international students before they are allowed to study within the state of Cyprus.

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Therefore, without taking too much off your time—not like I wouldn’t love to—I answer some of the topics of the question mentioned above starting with;

Is Cyprus good for international Students?

Cyprus is a great destination for international students as they have a practically-oriented curriculum—which is an important factor in student development and education, high graduate rates, accessible study programs, and a standard of living that is considered as high by many standards.

Having a successful British system installed, English is widely spoken within the country as there is a high standard of education. There can be found within its borders many British and American schools and colleges that have college branches in Cyprus and also maintain the high level of educational excellence found in their original institutions which provide British/American curricula, with English speaking programs.

This sunny Mediterranean island which has over 300 days of sunshine a year and a summer stretching from May to October, with a rich natural beauty, unique vegetation, golden beaches, and clear waters makes Cyprus an attractive place willing to help you make your educational and social life to the next level.

Does the University of Cyprus accept International Students?

Yes, they do. They offer a wide range of programs for international students at bachelor’s, master’s, diploma, and Ph.D. levels.

Requirements for International Students to study in Cyprus

Annually, the average number of international students seeking admission to institutes in Cyprus continually increases as it offers higher education in a safe environment that is multicultural at a very reasonable cost.

It is worth noting that the eligibility criteria of all Colleges and Universities in Cyprus are not the same, some may have varying or slightly different criteria from the rest of the pool but the main similarity in all of them is that students can apply for undergraduate courses in Cyprus twice a year.

For students wanting to apply for admission to any institution in Cyprus, here are the requirements that must be met;

  • A valid International Passport
  • Photocopy of International Passport
  • Passport size photograph
  • A duly signed application form
  • Academic certificates
  • Fund proof
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Health Insurance coverage
  • Statement of Purpose
  • International community

8 Best Universities in Cyprus for International Students

It is our tradition to give a summary of what to expect in this section—and I won’t be the one to break such a graceful tradition—hence, in this, we would look at the 8 best universities in Cyprus for international students, where they are, what university environment should prospective students expect, what are the requirements, and what are their respective tuition and fees.

Therefore, without being such a bore, the best universities in Cyprus for international students are now available for your viewing pleasure;

1.      Cyprus International University (CIU)

Cyprus International University is an English-speaking private university located in North Nicosia and was founded in the year 1997. The founders of this university found a niche where this university can thrive as there had been at the time a lack of English-speaking universities.

The driving force for the setting up of the university was the need for universities with foreign languages at its core within the Cyprus educational system and the effect made the CUI one of the most sorted when universities in Cyprus for international students is being mentioned.

Cyprus International University has 11 faculties within its structure with some of the fine-tuned faculties which include; the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Health Sciences, and the Faculty of Engineering. Additionally, the CIU has for those seeking to further their education to Master’s and Ph.D., institutes offering such programs located in different schools.

The acceptance range of CIU’s admission is between 60-70% and tuition of $7,375 per annum makes them a target for students seeking admission into universities in Cyprus for international students.


2.      University of Cyprus

As a public research university, the University of Cyprus was founded in the year 1989 and has been a focal point for those seeking admission into universities in Cyprus for international students with its entrance examinations for interested undergraduate students accredited and organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Though the official languages spoken within the school are Greek and Turkish, English is spoken in many quarters and is gradually becoming an important lingua in the institution.

Students must complete—at least—120 credit hours of study as the University of Cyprus programs are based on student hours. Also, having an acceptance rate of 100% for international students, one can vividly notice why the University of Cyprus is the preferred institution for individuals that are ripe to study in universities in Cyprus for international students.

Having eight faculties that are currently running; the University of Cyprus has within its ranks faculties of excellence such as the Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Humanities, and the Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences. With the beehive for most of the activities hosting as many as 200 types of research being carried out concurrently, the research center of the University of Cyprus is an oasis for those who want to discover the mysteries of their fields.

And not to forget, the tuition of this prestigious institution is $7,375 per annum which includes access to a well-stocked library housing the latest printed and electronic resources in their thousands, students that attend the University of Cyprus are known nationally and internationally as very hard-working students that are diligent and focused.


3.      University of Nicosia

Ok, here is a pop quiz; can you guess the largest university in the whole of Cyprus?

If you said the University of Nicosia then you are correct as it is indeed the largest university in the whole of Cyprus, and ironically, it has a proud achievement.

With study centers located in many parts of the world and having a partnership with some of the biggest universities on the global stage which including names like Hellenic Open University, the University of Padova, the University of Zagreb, and many other schools.

For the record, the University of Nicosia is the first in the world to offer a Master of Science program in Digital Currency.

This institution has the unique academic structure and environment that students looking for universities in Cyprus for international students truly seek, not forgetting to mention their high acceptance rate of 90-100%, this an obvious target for international students.

To mention some of the schools in this university do not do the others any justice as they are all exceptional in their own right, but we will—as the constraints that prevent us are many—mention the following; School of Business, School of Education, School of Humanities & Social Sciences, and School of Law.

With over $105 million having been already invested into the exceptionally magnificent campus of the UNIC, it is more awe-dropping that the tuition is well under the $8,000 per annum mark.


4.      University of Central Lancashire

Its location for starters is in Larnaka, so why does it bear the name somewhere in England?

Well, the sole reason for this is that it has its parent branch in England, the United Kingdom.

This all came to be because the parent branch kept expanding and had the foresight of coming into Cyprus, opening a university with the same name which brought a lot of attention to the fledgling institution.

Being the only private university in Cyprus, they are on the list of the best universities in Cyprus for international students as they accept a lot of international students with their high admission rate of 70-80%, this gives prospective students extra zest as this increases their probability of gaining admission in one of the prestigious universities in Cyprus for international students.

To add to this, the university has a rich program range for undergraduate, postgraduate, professional courses, and distance learning programs. Not only that, it has within its walls, three schools, and one institute, the schools include; the School of Law, Business & Management, the School of Sciences, while the institute is the Institute of Professional Studies.

The university houses plenty of research centers where proper research is carried out by the appropriate staff and students of the university as regards all their course areas.

Host a rich student life that can only be described as awesomely made possible by the comfortable accommodation, lively campus atmosphere, and many other factors, it is little wonder why many students looking for great universities in Cyprus for international students enroll in this university, so what are you waiting for?


5.      The University of the West of England

The University of the West of England is a university with its origins and headquarters in England but it is situated in Larnaka, Cyprus. And for this post, we will focus majorly on their Cyprus campus.

With an admission rate of over 70% the UWE Bristol is one university that strongly boasts of its highly respected international reputation, not to mention its a highly competitive tuition fee of $4,219, it is clear why it is a sort after destination for those looking for universities in Cyprus for international students.

The Faculties of Arts, Creative Industries and Education, Business & Law, Environment & Technology, not forgetting the Faculties of Health and Applied Sciences are some of the awesome, exceptional universities at the UWE Bristol.

With new grounds being broken by the university’s research team, this pushes them to higher grounds as they usually express their strength through their amazing paper/journal publications.

Communication is made easier as English is one of the popular languages spoken within the campus; this also helps the library as it is rich in content in a lot of languages that make it easy for students to study in a language that aids assimilation.


6.      Cyprus University of Technology

The Cyprus University of Technology is a public university that was established in 2004 and is located in Limassol, Cyprus.

Today, with its ranking amongst the 200 best universities in Cyprus for international students, the Cyprus University of Technology is a choice destination according to Times Higher Education.

Boasting six faculties which include; the Faculty of Management, Faculty of Geotechnical Sciences, and Environmental Management which are affordably available to international students with tuition rates starting from $7,375.

Though having a very low acceptance rate of 10-20% compared to other universities, this makes the student pool very intelligent and hardworking to match the high standards set by the school. To gain admission, students are required to fulfill the eligibility requirements which differ per program.

With a large library, excellent facilities, and robust research institutes, not to mention outstanding student support, the university is one of Cyprus’ best for international students.


7.      European University Cyprus (EUC)

European University Cyprus is a private university that is affiliated with Cyprus’ oldest institution.

Currently, about 6,500 students are enrolled in graduate, undergraduate, and doctoral programs.

The admittance rate at European University Cyprus is 50%. It is a university that welcomes both domestic and international students.

In essence, the university is set up to welcome students from all over the world.

EUC is one of the best universities in Cyprus when it comes to its academic strength, educational atmosphere, and decent accommodations.


8.      Frederick University

Frederick Institution is a private university in Cyprus that was founded in 1965. In its various courses, this university offers graduate and undergraduate programs.

Frederick also provides science, technology, language, and art teaching and research opportunities.

Frederick focuses on its nine business schools and technical institutes these days.

They are still having a significant impact on education and character development.

Frederick University has a 55 percent acceptance rate. Students from low-income families can also pay their tuition.

This university, on the other hand, has scholarship programs that students can use to assist them succeed.

In addition to social events on campus, international students benefit from student support, faculty engagement, and teamwork.

Frederick University is, without a doubt, one of Cyprus’ premier universities for international students.