How to Obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Law

Law is known as the recission-proof career. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in law goes beyond going to school and studying law. In this article, you will be put through how to get a degree in law, and every other requirement that comes with it.

Law is one of the, most efficient and productive degrees one could ever have. Studying law exposes you to real-life practical experiences and improves your level of critical thinking.

Studying law offers you the opportunity to develop a range of skills and explore many aspects of human life. Law gives you the chance to sharpen your mind, strengthen your understanding and deepen your experience across the full range of humanities and social sciences.

By studying law, you acquire both breadth of understanding and depth in the areas that interest you most. There are Free Online Law Library, where you can find most law-related materials. This could help you during your bachelor’s degree in law.

There are a lot of benefits attached to studying law and becoming a lawyer, which includes:

  • A strong foundation for further/combined academic studies.
  • You will have multitudes of career options
  • You are sure of financial stability Obtaining a law degree may not guarantee immediate success or an exceedingly large amount of money but it’s close.
  • You will have the opportunity to enjoy more job security and a higher salary compared to those without.
  • You will master critical thinking strong reasoning and analytical skills

There are several law schools all over the world. There are law schools in the UKlaw Schools in France, and Law Schools in Nigeria. Some countries have online courses that are accredited and suitable to serve as a law degree, such as Accredited Online Law Schools In Florida and  Accredited Online Law Schools In Texas.

What is Bachelors in law?

A bachelor in law is someone who is studying law. Law is a discipline that deals with understanding and interpreting the system of rules, statutes, decrees, and regulations that apply at the national or international level.

How Long Does it Take to Complete Bachelor’s Degree in law?

It takes about four years to complete a bachelor’s degree in law, which is a minimum educational requirement for law school. To be considered for a graduate program in law, students need to complete an undergraduate program first.

bachelor's degree in law

How to Obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Law

To obtain a bachelor’s degree in  law, you must go through the following processes:

  1. Complete a minimum of 120 semester hours of credit towards graduation
  2. Satisfy the UI and College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) residence requirements
  3. Complete the requirements of the CLAS Core General Education Program
  4. Complete a major. You must declare at least one major by the time you earn 60 semester hours.
  5. Meet the College’s academic standards.
  6. You also have to meet the particular college’s academic standard, including a good grade point average.

Jobs For Bachelor of Law Degree

With a bachelor of a law degree, you can attain law careers that allow you to work as a:

  • Solicitor
  • Barrister
  • Judge
  • Detective
  • Licensed conveyance
  • Advice worker
  • Mediator
  • A defense attorney
  • A prosecutor   

10 Best schools for Bachelor’s Degree in Law

  • The University of Law Business School
  • BA (Hons) Law University of Bolton
  •  Universidade Católica Portuguesa
  • Tallinn University of Technology
  • Nova Southeastern University Undergraduate
  • University of the South Pacific
  • Universidade of Europeia
  • University of Stirling
  • Slippery Rock University
  • Al Buraimi University College

1. The University of Law Business School

The University of Law (ULaw) is one of the UK’s longest-established specialist providers of legal education. It has Locations in London, Leeds, Manchester, United Kingdom, and Birmingham.

They are known to offer all the law-related programs for their bachelor’s degree in law. They train more practicing lawyers in the UK than anyone else.

They have a firm focus on practical learning and aim to make students employable and ready to succeed in the workplace. By creating the right learning environment for you to achieve your business aspirations, they pride themselves on a conducive learning environment.

They have developed learning courses and engaging specialist learning experiences that will prepare you for a career in the business world. They also deliver high-quality teaching, learning, and outcomes for undergraduate students.

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2. Law University of Bolton

A Law degree at this university will teach you about the sources of the law, how it is made and developed, the institutions within which that law is administered, and the personnel who practice law.

The University offers programs at subsidized tuition fees which is half of the tuition fee to allow both local and international students to gain the best value. They offer accredited British Honors degrees from the University of Bolton, UK.

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3. Universidade Católica Portuguesa

The law degree program offers accurate training and allows students to choose from several professional careers. At the same time, the creation of distinct options at the end of the course guides the student to various specialized branches of legal science.

Their law degree is programmed in a way that motivates the student to learn, to think well, creating true legal minds and not just technical interpreters limited to a rigid knowledge of the law.

The objective of the Faculty of Law of Católica Porto is tradition and modernity. The Faculty is strongly committed to innovation and modernity. They have also formed a solid body of teachers, trained internationally at prestigious universities in Europe and North America.

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4. Tallinn University of Technology

Tallinn University (also called TalTech) is a business school that offers a bachelor’s degree in law as one of its programs. They are known for their strong value of cooperation with enterprises and businesses.

The students and entrepreneurs are offered enough resources to create and develop student start-ups and other innovative business ideas. TalTech is an academic opinion leader as well as the flagship of Estonian engineering and technology.

As a TalTech student, you will have the courage to change, the will to evolve, and the desire to have knowledge-based and academic discussions. We believe that a high level of research and academic studies, as well as academic freedom, are crucial.

5. Nova Southeastern University

Nova Southeastern University (NSU) is known to be an all-around university. They offer programs in art, science, and business.

They externally provide funds for interdisciplinary research projects to make discoveries and produce new knowledge in health care, biotechnology, life sciences, environment, and social sciences.

NSU offers grounded knowledge in all fields, hence, you are on the right path if you choose to earn a bachelor’s degree there.

It also brings cultural enrichment to the community through its experts in most fields. They try to offer the best learning practice to their students.

6. University of the South Pacific

This University offers programs through distance and flexible learning in a variety of modes and technologies throughout its campuses. Their advanced learning and communication technologies are used to reach distance and flexible students.

With a cooperative staff and student body, USP produces a conducive and favorable learning environment for its students. Graduates from USP are found in important executive positions throughout the public and private sectors in all member countries and numerous countries around the world. USP has set a high standard for quality in its research.

7. Universidade of Europeia

Universidade Europeia grants Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees, and Ph.D., as well as Executive Education programs in such diverse areas as Law, Management, Psychology, Human Resources, Marketing, Design, and communication.

The university is known to train and produce top entrepreneurs and professionals using innovative and practical methods in the academic development of programs and students and throughout the process of management.

They also offer diverse quality programs at different levels of higher education to prepare and produce professionals for a world without borders, encouraging and providing contact with other cultures.

They have a flexible and adaptable teaching method, offering current practicals, courses, and content to successfully prepare students.

8. University of Stirling

The University of Stirling is Scotland’s university recognized for its renowned practice in the education system.

The students enjoy a lot of benefits which run through cooperative learning, teamwork, extended learning, and first-hand experience and learning from professionals in several fields, including law.

They have world-leading academic experts in several fields whose teaching explores cutting-edge research to make an impact on society. That is why they are known for their research abilities.

They also collaborate with institutions across the world with teaching in research partnerships to help students become forward-thinking graduates with skills that are sought after by employers across the globe.

9. Slippery Rock University

The institution was purchased by the Commonwealth. The university was established in 1960 and for the first time could award undergraduate and graduate degrees in several programs and professions.

In recent times, the school has shown to be comprehensive by offering a broad array of undergraduate and select graduate programs, including law. The extended Learning practices you to access quality education through a variety of options such as course offerings through distance education.

Also, they offer learning opportunities for students through partnerships, scholarships, collaborations with businesses and industry, and alliances with corporations and non-profits.

10. Al Buraimi University College

Al Buraimi students and faculty are leading voices in the economic and cultural development of the nation, both locally and regionally. They provide graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to actively contribute to practical matters of life.

Their faculty of law and staff give the best needed in the advancement of the law, business, and non-profit sectors of society.

They teach their students to actively promote loyalty and belonging to the country, contributing to a democratic society and free economy. In addition, studying for a bachelor’s degree here will teach you transparency.

They are known to openly convey ideas, decisions, and outcomes. The staff and students also work together as one family to achieve a goal, cultivating a collective commitment, spirit, and pride in accomplishments.

Bachelor’s Degree in Law-FAQs

[sc_fs_faq html=”true” headline=”h3″ img=”” question=”What is The Salary For Bachelor of Law Degree?” img_alt=”” css_class=””] The salary for a bachelor of law degree ranges from $150,000 to $200,000 per year. [/sc_fs_faq]

All the facts mentioned above have been thoroughly researched, including the benefits and reasons why you should pursue a bachelor’s degree in law. Below are a few more recommendations.