6 Best Law Schools in Nigeria

I’ll start by saying, studying law in Nigeria is not so easy, but the reward is promising, especially knowing that they are one of the highest-paid professions in Nigeria. 

Lawyers tend to earn a median salary of ₦150,000 per month, and they could still earn an additional extra pay of ₦350,000 in a year, as time goes on, and as they climb in position, they will start to earn more.

The only thing with law schools in Nigeria is that they have a strict rule for dressing, which, if you love changing to different kinds of clothes, hair, and different colors of shoes, then these schools might not be your best choice. Also, if you love reading, whether through free online law libraries or hardcopy textbooks, then you are welcome.

You can even prepare yourself during your free period through some free online law courses, which will help you to become a better student, and even graduate with better grades. The workload in these schools can be much, you will be having lectures as early as 9 am, closing by 2 pm or more, you’ll have group meetings, and you also need to read. Of which, if you’re not careful, you might not manage your time well.

Furthermore, most of these Nigeria’s best law schools also offer 3 compulsory school dinners, where you have to dress professionally. You will enjoy a high-class dinner with your fellow students, and also learn eating etiquette (well, it’s best to learn it before you come to the dinner).

In addition, NLS also goes for a few months of Externship, where you gather some experiential knowledge that will help you in your career as a lawyer and bar examination. Staying in the midst of these top chambers can give you invaluable knowledge that will last for your lifetime, you might even be paid a stipend that can cater for some things.

Let’s get down to learn what it might cost you to study in these law schools.

Cost of Law Schools in Nigeria

Studying law in Nigeria is not so cheap (depending on where you are coming from), but when compared with other degrees in Nigeria, you’ll understand what I mean. Well, their tuition could be as cheap as little as ₦10,000, but when you add things like accommodation (₦30,000) and library development (₦30,000). Bar examination (₦25,000), facilities maintenance (₦33,000), and many other things, you’ll be paying almost ₦300,000.

So you see why I said it’s not that cheap to study law in Nigeria.

How to Get into Law School in Nigeria

Now that you have completed your baccalaureate degree (congratulations by the way), the next move is to go to law school, whether in Nigeria, in Spain, France, or any other country. I know of this feeling of completing your bachelor’s degree, but imagine the greater feeling when you finally graduate from any Nigerian law school.

But, the question is, how do I get admitted? What do I need to be considered for admission into these schools?

You should know that the admission requirements are the same for all law schools in Nigeria, whether in Abuja, Lagos, Enugu, or others. That said, here are some entry requirements to study in any of these schools.

  • Graduation from an accredited university in any country
  • Law bachelor’s degree (or any equivalent) from an accredited university
  • Submission of Bachelor’s degree official transcript

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Law Schools in Nigeria

1. Nigerian Law School Lagos

This is one of the law schools that have a high rate of graduation, with at least 90% of students graduating per year, they have more than 3,000 students. Also, they have more than 20 majors in law, with core courses like;

  • Criminal litigation
  • Civil litigation
  • Corporate law practice
  • Property Law Practice
  • Professional Ethics and Skills

Since its inception in 1962, the school has successfully graduated over 70,000 students, of whom have successfully become reputable lawyers and judges in Nigeria and other parts of the world. 

Located at: Ozumba Mbadiwe Street, Victoria Island, P.M.B. 12610, Lagos, Nigeria.

Learn More

2. Abuja Law School

Abuja Law School is located in the federal capital territory of Nigeria. It is one of the prestigious law schools in Nigeria alongside so many others.

It is also known to be in an area (located at Bwari) where the environment is serene, which helps students to learn well, and there is still enough security and good facilities. Also, outside the school, and studies, they have an amazing soccer field, basketball court, market, and nice gym house

Furthermore, if you intend to live inside their campus, they have comfortable 2-bedded and 4-bedded rooms.

Located at: Nigerian Law School, Bwari, P.M.B 170, Garki, Abuja

3. Bayelsa Law School

This is one of the law schools that begin their lectures by 9 am and end by 2 pm, but like we all know what happens in Nigeria lectures, they sometimes extend the time, and I’m talking about up to 1hr or 2hrs, and this school is not excluded. You’ll mostly be having both overview and group presentations in your lectures.

Outside their serious academic life, they also have on-campus accommodation where they accept up to 5 people in a room. Some rooms accommodate 4 people, and there are those that accommodate only 2 people (exclusively for guys, with extra payment). 

They also participate in the 3 compulsory law school dinners, where you have to be on your best (dress, eating etiquette, etc).

Located at: Kano Campus, PMB 3568, Jos Road, Kano

4. Enugu Law School

Just like Bayelsa law school, Enugu also lectures from 9 am to 2 pm, but with a little break by 11 am. During this period, you can have time to accomplish some important things before attending lectures, such as reading, cooking, washing, etc.

Like some universities in the Eastern part of Nigeria, there is no restriction for printed handouts, you just have to be careful with the one you choose. Enugu law school also welcomes people from different spheres of life, you’ll see students that have other degrees outside the law, and those with a high reputation, so this also gives you the opportunity to build strong career relationships.

5. Yola Law School

Yola law school is one of the law schools that will surprise you with quality education. Some students underestimate this law school, they would prefer the likes of Lagos and Abuja, but Yola has more than it’s been said.

They have one of the fastest, and most stress-free means of registration, which you can complete within a few hours, unlike other law schools in Nigeria. Their classes are also not that long, it starts earlier, by 8 am, and ends by 12:30 pm and might still extend till 2 pm.

located at Lamido Zubairu Way, Wuro Hausa 640230, Yola

6. Kano Law School

This school also has a quick registration process, but you should watch out for accommodation, if you’re not fast enough within the first or second week of resumption, you won’t get good accommodation. Within these first few weeks of resumption, you will luckily have rooms that accommodate only 3 students but moving forward, you might be staying up to 10 in a room.

Also, this law school has very long-hour lectures, you can start lectures by 9 am and end by 4 pm sometimes it even exceeds this time. They also have group meetings like most other law schools, very affordable meals, and an NLS externship. 


As you can see, Nigeria doesn’t have so many Law schools, but the few they have, have been able to produce prestigious students that have graduated and are worthy of serving in Nigeria and other countries.

Law Schools in Nigeria – FAQs

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”Do law schools in Nigeria accept international students?” answer-0=”Yes, they accept international students.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”Is Nigeria a good place to study law?” answer-1=”It is not a very good place to study law, out of 10, I’ll give them 7. So, they are trying.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”How many law schools are in Nigeria?” answer-2=”There are currently only 6 recognized law schools in Nigeria, there are still more that are being established.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”How many years does it take to study law in Nigeria?” answer-3=”It can take you up to 7 years to study law in Nigeria (if there won’t be any interruption like ASUU, especially in the federal institution)” image-3=”” count=”4″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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