13 Best law Schools in France

Studying law in France comes with lots of advantages, whether it’s the salary that will be hitting your bank or the reputation you will gain in the eyes of the public, or the joy you’ll bring to that 55-year-old mom that her son was wrongly accused.

Law is very broad, there is one law or the other guiding whatever you’re doing now, and there is someone, right now, breaking a law whether intentionally or not. So lawyers are needed in numerous situations whether for private reasons or public, whether in the courtroom, at the hospital, in businesses, in the military, in homes, whatever you can think of, a lawyer is needed.

Though interesting, studying law is not so easy, whether you’re studying in any school in France, the UK, the US, Germany, etc. Lawyers have to read, the best of them are known as voracious readers, whether they are using the free online law library or any of the local or federal libraries.

But the difference is that some schools make their classes more learnable than others, and France has some of those schools.

France doesn’t just teach law, they are one of the countries that have had legal influence in the operation of the EU Parliament, so this country has very huge experience in the law industry. In addition, some of these colleges exclusively teach in English. This will help international students to pursue their degrees without forcing themselves to learn French, you can still master this French Language if it’s necessary.

Furthermore, their program is one of the most affordable in Europe. 

Requirements for law schools in France

Most of these France law schools don’t offer bachelor’s degree programs, they mostly focus on master’s and doctorate degrees. Here are the basic entry requirements you’ll see from these schools.

  • Completion of High School
  • Minimum of 2.1 at your undergraduate degree in law or any related degree
  • Transcript of bachelor’s degree program in an accredited college, and official transcript of master’s program (if any) in an accredited college.
  • Might require legal experience
  • If you’re an international student, you’ll need to submit an English language proficiency test result.
  • Letters of reference

There could be more requirements from different schools, we only submitted the general entry requirements from most of them.

The average cost of law schools in France

Studying in any of these law schools is not so expensive when compared with other popular countries in Europe. So, the average for studying Law in France is €9,260.

law schools in France

Law Schools in France

Like I said earlier, most of these law schools offer master’s and doctorate degrees, but few of them offer bachelor’s degrees. 

1. Sorbonne Law School

Sorbonne Law School aims to train students that will positively respond to legal issues, whether big or small and those that will support their community through their profession. It is the Best Law School in France, the 8th Best in Europe, and the 25th Best in the World according to QS Top Universities.

They have 4 departments in their training center which are:

  • License Department
  • Masters Department Public Law
  • Private Law Masters Department
  • Masters Department International, European and Comparative Law

They also have so many Law research centers and lots of Law Institutes and colleges.

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2. University Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas 

This is the First Law University in France and is well-recognized for its excellence in all fields of Law all over the World. The school welcomes lots of foreign students from different countries, they have approximately 2,500 foreign students.

The school offers an LL.M. (Legum Magister) in International Business Law, where you are extensively taught about complex financing, crossborder mergers, financial engineering, and much more. The program runs on 10 compulsory modules, most of these modules are practical and are 10 hours each, which sums up to 200 hours in all modules. 

They have additional 10 hours for academic classes, and another 10 hours for seminars, in which all their seminars are taught in the English language.

They also offer LL.M. AWARDS (Assas World Arbitration and Disputes Settlement), where Master’s Degree students can further their Law careers.

Their bachelor of Law programs are not offered in France, instead in their schools in Dubai and Mauritius.

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3. Sciences Po Law School

This is one of the law schools in France that offer lots of law programs such as

  • Master In Economic Law
  • LLM In Transnational Arbitration & Dispute Settlement
  • Pre-doctoral Initiation To Research Program (PIR)

They also offer a doctorate degree in Law where they only admit a few students each year, which helps these few students to focus on their research work with their supervisors. The candidates have several supervisors from the faculty that will teach them and they also will have other visiting professors from schools like Harvard Law School, McGill Law School Kyoto Law School, and many more.

These Ph.D. candidates will also experience financial support during their years of studies in this France Law School, and they teach in either French or English.

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4. University Of Montpellier

This is one of the law schools in France that has the oldest Law faculty, its establishment is as far as the 12th century, and since then, they have been consistent with its vision and mission. They have been able to educate and train generations of lawyers coming from lots of countries.

They offer Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s, and Doctorate Degree Programs.

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5. Université de Strasbourg – Faculty of Law

This school offers different Master’s degree programs in the Law Field. Their Cyberjustice program is one of the newest law programs, and it is the first in France and Europe, and many students are already enrolling in it.

It crosses across the Law world, to the cyber, digital, and technological world, and this program is best for those already practicing in law firms, such as lawyers, and magistrates. Their Master’s in Intellectual Property will be deeply teaching you national laws, regional laws, and International law in relationship with world intellectual properties.

They also have other Master’s programs such as 

  • Canon Law
  • Master – Environmental and Urban Planning Law
  • Master – Intellectual property law
  • Master – Business Law
  • Master – Right of freedoms
  • Master – Heritage Law
  • Master – European law
  • Master – International law
  • Private Law
  • Motorola Law

And many others. 

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6. Paris Sciences et Lettres – Law

PSL is one of the best law schools in France that offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Law. Their Bachelor’s program is structured to train students to have an excellent understanding of how private and public law operates, and also understand the fundamentals of “Common Law.”

Their bachelor’s program in Law is a 3-year degree, where in your 3rd year, you’ll be specializing in Law Management, and Law and Public Governance.

Their 2-year master’s program will go deeper into law. In your first year you can choose to specialize on; Business Law and Taxation, Public Law, or Asset Major, whereas in your second year, you can choose to focus on so many other areas.

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7. Catholic University of Lyon – Law School

This university offers two Master of Law programs which are;

  • LL.M. In International Business Law
  • LL.M. In European And International Trade And Investment Law

These programs are taught in English and it takes less than a year to complete each of them.

Furthermore, they offer online Masters of Law in Digital Law and Technology, which you can study from anywhere and part-time students can complete within 2 years. 

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8. Jean Moulin Lyon III University – Law School

This is one of the France Law Schools that has over 10,500 law students, and they offer diverse master’s degree programs. Their Master’s in Banking and Financial law will help you to understand Business, Financial, and Accounting Law, and it’s a 2-year master’s program

The same goes with most of other master’s in Law programs, such as;

  • Master of Judicial Culture
  • Advanced Master’s in Civil Law
  • Master’s in Energy Law
  • Master in Intellectual Property Law
  • Advanced Master’s in Business Law
  • Masters in Insurance Law

And more than 50 others. They also offer doctorate degrees in Law. Their doctorate degree ranges from 1 to 3 years.

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9. University of Paris-Saclay

Their faculty of Law Economics, and Management offer lots of programs, including several undergraduate and doctoral programs such as:

  • Criminal Law
  • Business & Financial law
  • Corporate law
  • Contract & Procurement law
  • Urban law
  • Cultural Heritage Law, Environmental law
  • Air, space & telecommunications law

And many others.

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10. Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) in Paris

QMUL allows you to meet lots of people from different backgrounds, countries, and cultures, you will meet bold lawyers and those a little bit timid. And they offer their classes in the English Language.

You can decide to specialize in any of their Master’s programs such as

  • Bank and Finance Law
  • Dispute resolution
  • Intellectual property or media and technology law.
  • Comparative and International Dispute Resolution
  • International Business Law 

This school is partnering with Parisian Law Firms and other legal institutions, which means they will provide evergreen lessons from law firms.

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11. EcoleHead Law School

EcoleHead is one of the law schools in France that opens its doors to students all over the world. Their LLM programs are taught either in English or French, and they are in partnership with several law firms and other reputable companies.

They are partnering with companies like Accor, Microsoft, Eurazeo, Nestle, Orange, Sanofi, and Veolia.

For you to understand better in their LLM programs, sometimes they teach in a team, that is, you’ll have more than 1 professor in a class, and they tend to make their classes more interactive. You don’t only learn law, they also help you to understand other areas such as business, technology, and so many others.

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12. Faculté De Droit

This school has lots of Master’s of Law programs, you can either choose from their Business Law field, which has so many courses such as;

  • Law And Business Ethics Course
  • Diploma Course In Legal Consultancy
  • Tax And Customs Law Course
  • Financial Criminal Law Course
  • Financing And Real Estate Investment Law Course
  • Consumer Law And Commercial Practices Course

Or you can choose their Health Law Program, Corporate Law, International Law Field, Public Law, Private Law, Social Law, or even one of their double degrees. They also offer internship opportunities.

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13. EDHEC Law School 

EDHEC don’t just teach their students, but they also go further to make sure their career is in order, and they do this by providing lots of career services to their students. This includes career counseling, career training and workshops, talent identification and career development, recruiting actions, and events.

In addition, they offer 2 law programs which are: 

  • LL.M. In Law & Tax Management
  • Business & Law Management Programme


You have seen some of the best law schools in France, you should know that most of them don’t offer bachelor’s degrees in Law, but they focus on Master’s and Doctorate Degrees. Now, it’s up to you to choose which school to go to.

Law Schools in France – FAQs

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