10 Best Universities For Economics In The World

Studying in one of the world’s best universities for economics equips you with many transferable skills such as strategic planning and IT literacy needed to thrive in the Labour market. I have put together the best colleges for economics in this article. Go through them carefully.

If you have a thing for numbers & analytics and would enjoy using investigation and model building to advise governmental bodies and private businesses on economic policies, then, getting a degree in economics can be recommended for you.

Economics is one of the easiest degrees that guarantee a job upon graduation. As a result, there is a high inflow of students into the schools offering the programs such as universities for economics in India and the ones in Canada.

However, you can still stand out by having many skills related to economics that can be applied to solve real-life problems. You can use so many online learning platforms to equip yourself with the necessary skills, and upon completion, you earn your certificate.

As an economist, you can fit into many job roles such as economist, investment analyst, financial risk analyst, data analyst, accountant, political campaign worker, market research analyst, public affairs coordinator, loan officer, entrepreneur, bank manager, and many others.

Before I go on, I know you understand fully what economics is, but for the benefit of emphasis, let me touch a little on it. Economics is a social science or discipline that studies the full scope of issues or decisions that bring about an impact on the financial state of a business or a country as a whole.

Let’s now see what it takes to enroll in a school offering programs in economics such as the cost and requirements for the programs. You can still take a look at this article on top business degrees if you are interested

Is A Degree In Economics Worth It?

Yes, it is totally worth it. If you have followed me from the beginning of this article to this point, you must have seen the reasons for my answer. As a matter of fact, economics is among the college degrees that pay well when you graduate.

Requirements To Study Economics

It is important to note that the requirements or criteria for studying economics differ from school to school, however, here are the general ones you must meet before enrolling.

  • You must have completed your high school education from an accredited institution.
  • You must write and submit your scores on the English proficiency test such as TOEFL and IELTS.
  • You must pass the minimum undergraduate scores for other related courses such as mathematics and computation if you are applying for a master’s degree.
  • You must possess a valid passport and study permit if you are studying as an international student.
  • You may be required to submit your GMAT or GRE results.
  • You must have your letters of recommendation and a well-written essay.
  • You must be ready for an interview with the school admission officers if required.

What Will It Cost Me To Study Economics Abroad?

Depending on the school and the level of degree pursued, the cost of study differs. However, with the range of 12,000 to 20,000 EUR annually, you can enroll in any of the European schools offering programs in economics.

best universities for economics

Best Universities For Economics

Without any further ado, let us delve properly into the best schools for economics all over the world. I will be listing and explaining them for you to get full insights about the schools. I expect you to read through it with keen attention.

Our data is gotten from a deep research on sources like study portals and individual school websites.

  • London School Of Economics
  • University Of Oxford
  • Harvard University
  • Princeton University
  • Stanford University
  • Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
  • University Of California Berkeley
  • University Of Chicago
  • New York University
  • Columbia University

1.      London School Of Economics

The first on our list of best colleges for economics in the world is the London School of Economics. This school aims at equipping students with the knowledge and practical skills needed to kickstart their careers as an economist or analysts.

It has expert instructors, a world-class infrastructure, and scholars from all walks of life. LSE ensures the students are given adequate educational experience, hence investing heavily in its campus. Aside from learning from qualified teachers, students of the London School of Economics are guaranteed of a lucrative future upon graduation.

2.      University Of Oxford

The next on our list is the University of Oxford located in the United Kingdom. The school’s origin is yet unknown but has its root as far as the 11th century. The school has one of the highest economics programs around the globe, taught by Noble and esteemed scholars.

Oxford University is among the top-tier universities in the world where researchers convene to discuss ideas, and cause creative disruption. The school is also a beauty to behold as it is rich with culture and littered with architectural wonders.

3.      Harvard University

Harvard University is another popular university that offers economics programs. The school is located in Cambridge, United States, and was established in 1636. It is regarded as one of the oldest institutions in the United States.

Harvard University aims at providing top-notch and advanced studies in economics to both national and international students with a faculty-student ratio of 1:5. The school ranks among the top five best colleges in the world, and has not only contributed to economics, but has gone far to produce Presidents, Olympians, Noble Prize Winners, and many others who are changing narratives in the world.

4.      Princeton University

Another best school for economics in the world is Princeton university which focuses on giving students in-depth skills and practical knowledge needed to kickstart their career in the field of economics. The school is regarded as the king of elite universities located in the USA.

Princeton University is very competitive to get into, hence you need to work hard to be selected. Graduates of economics from the school are sought after by world-class companies as the school does not teach, but promotes individual thinking and develops new economic models that can be applied to real-life issues.

5.      Stanford University

Stanford University is another top university to study economics. The school was established in 1885 and does not just focus on achieving academic excellence, but the overall development of the students. The programs are taught by experienced and qualified faculty who hold a high reputation in the subject matter of economics.

The school also has a recreational center where you can engage in your sport of interest. As an economics student at Stanford University, you will be equipped on how to combat real-life issues and proffer solutions to them, and also how to write papers that will be published in academic journals.

6.      Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is also one of the top schools for economics in the world. It was established in 1861 and is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, near Boston. The school help students acquire what it takes to thrive as an economist.

MIT is popularly known for its excellent records in research across artificial intelligence, climate adaptation, poverty alleviation, cancer, and many others. The school houses five faculties which are architecture & planning, humanities, arts & social sciences, engineering, science, and management.

7.      University Of California Berkeley

Here is another excellent institution that offers economics programs to both local and international students. The school is ranked 3rd in the ranking of best universities for economics and business.

The University of California Berkeley provides quality studies in economics which equips students with both theoretical and practical skills needed to solve real-life issues. The academic calendar of the school is semester based and the language of instruction is the English language.

It is important to note that the programs are taught by expert instructors who have gained enough experience over the years.

8.      University Of Chicago

The University of Chicago is a private institution established in 1890, and located in Chicago, Illinois. The school offers economic programs to both undergraduate and graduate students and ranks 5th in the global ranking of best universities for economics and business.

The University of Chicago has a well-structured curriculum with industry-needed courses and is taught by world-class teachers. It has a total number of about 14,895 students of which 4,975 are international students. It is also important to note that the language of instruction is English.

9.      New York University

New York University is also one of the best universities for economics all over the globe. It ranks 9th in the global ranking of best schools for economics and business.

It was founded in 1831 and focuses on providing quality educational experiences for students studying economics. The programs are taught by award winnings instructors, and upon graduation, students must have gotten all it takes to kickstart their career in the field of economics.

10.  Columbia University

Columbia University offers undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. degree programs in economics. Its department of economics ranks among the top institutions all over the globe and holds a strong reputation for studying, conducting research, and teaching in the field of economics.

You can visit the school website through this link


At this juncture, I can say that you have gotten enough details about the best schools offering economics programs around the world. I hope you make the most out of the information provided.

Best Universities For Economics- FAQs

Here is one of the frequently asked questions about the best institutions for economics in the world. I have selected and answered it to help you gain more insights.

[sc_fs_faq html=”true” headline=”h3″ img=”” question=”What Is The No. 1 School For Economics?” img_alt=”” css_class=””] The No. 1 school for Economics according to US news is Harvard University. [/sc_fs_faq]