List of English Universities in Denmark

Studying in English universities in Denmark can be easier than you think, especially because 86% of Danes speak English as a second language. Denmark is one of the countries that generously accepts all races, cultures, and backgrounds.

The country portrays the art of “doing good” in high measure and it’s seen in the low-crime rate of the country. The country is one of the most liveable places and one of the safest places to study in the world

In addition, Denmark has been ranked as the second happiest country in the world in 2020, behind Finland, maybe that’s why Finland has one of the cheapest universities for international students. Denmark is also one of the least corrupt countries in the world, and a place where serious students would love to study.

Furthermore, Denmark is not the only English university, there are other universities in Europe that teaches in English

There are even European countries that don’t have English as their first or second language but they still have Universities that teach in English. Countries like France, Belgium, and Germany all have universities that teach the English language.

Even though English is widely spoken in Denmark, learning Danish, which is their first language, can help you learn a lot from their culture, and literature and easily rapport with everyone in the country. The Danish language is not hard to learn, if you can learn to pronounce their vowels, you will see how easy other aspects come in. 

Are there English universities in Denmark

Denmark is one of the countries in the world that has few Universities. They only have 8 public Universities, 8 colleges, and 8 academics.

The interesting thing is almost all their universities are ranked top in the world, and some of the students and Alumni from these universities have gone to win lots of Nobel Laureates Prizes. Also, these few schools are prestigious in the science and research industries, it’s as if the Danes said “let’s make it few, but let them all be worth it”

For instance, the Technical University of Denmark is ranked #2 in the world, #1 in Europe, and #1 in Nordic Region by World University Research Ranking.

Most importantly, most of these universities have lots of bachelor’s and master’s degree programs that are taught in English, so yes, there are English Universities in Denmark.

Before we show you the best list of English universities in Denmark, let’s give you some reasons you should consider studying in Denmark.

benefits of studying in Denmark

There is a handful of benefits you should study in Denmark, here are some of them.

Low-Crime Rate

If you want a peaceful place to study without a steady hearing of corrupt governance, kidnapping, bombing, robbing, and riots, then Denmark should be on your first list. This country has a high level of social trust, that is, the citizens trust their government a lot, and this kind of trust is something that is lacking in lots of countries even in the United States.


“Hygge,” known in Denmark as the mood of comfort and coziness, is one of the lives they preach and live in the country. Denmark is one of the countries where their people bring out time staying with their loved ones including friends.

They promote a balanced work-life, and they normally host a “Friday bar” at their places of work.

86% of Danes Speak English

The fact that most of the Danes speak English is one of the reasons you should consider English universities in Denmark. Let me put it this way at least 8 out of 10 people you’ll meet in Denmark can speak English, which means you can easily communicate with most people in the school and country.

Home to Global Companies

Denmark has some of the best companies in the world, which also makes it a place you can work after graduation. Companies like;

  • Novo Nordisk
  • Maersk
  • Carlsberg Group
  • Danske Bank
  • Vestas
  • DSV
  • Ørsted

Are all in Denmark

High Salaries

If you get to work in Denmark, get ready to be on a high salary because their government has increased the minimum wage of foreign nationals working in Denmark to €1,740 per month ($1,867.95). Whereas in the United States, the minimum wage is $1,160 per month.

However, the cost of living (Accommodation, Food, Transport, etc) in Denmark is also high when you compare it with other countries.

Flexible work-life

If you’re looking for a country where after school you can work in a company that will give you time to spend time on other areas of your life, then Denmark got you covered. Being named the country with the best work-life balance means a lot.

Their workers are mostly allowed to work from anywhere, but they have to keep to deadlines and attend meetings on time. Maybe that’s why it’s the 2nd happiest country in the world.

Now let’s see a list of the English universities in Denmark

English Universities in Denmark

English universities in Denmark 

1. University of Copenhagen

This is one of the English universities in Denmark that was established for the purpose of research and they have improved the world’s living with their over 5,000 researchers, and approximately 37,500 students. Copenhagen University is the oldest university in Denmark, it was established in 1479, and it is ranked #81 and #37 world’s best universities by QS World University Rankings, and US News Best & World Report.

Their international research work is highly-ranked, and they have produced 9 people that have won the Nobel Laureate. The university has 6 faculties, 36 departments, over 200 research centers, 4 campuses, 8 Museums, and research gardens.

The University of Copenhagen is one of the English universities in Denmark that offers 53 English-taught Master’s programs, but all their bachelor’s programs are offered in the Danish language. And in these Master’s programs, there are no Danish Language requirements, which makes foreign students from over 65 different countries come to Copenhagen to do their masters.

These master’s programs are in 10 areas of interest, which includes;

  • Society, Politics, and Economics
  • Psychology and Learning
  • Communication Media & IT
  • Art, Architecture, and Culture
  • Culture, History, and Society
  • Medicine and Biotechnology
  • Health
  • Physics, Mathematics, and Nanoscience
  • Biology, Chemistry, and Nature
  • Environment, Natural Resources, and Food Science

The University of Copenhagen is one of the English universities in Denmark that offers international scholarships to their students.

Admission to the University of Copenhagen is very competitive, in fact, even though you meet the minimum qualifications and requirements doesn’t mean you’ll be admitted to the school. But here are some minimum requirements to consider while applying for a master’s program.

Admission Requirements

  • Completion of a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university (it has to be the level equivalent to that of a Danish Bachelor’s Degree).
  • The University does not take supplementary courses into account when assessing entry qualifications for a Master’s program
  • There are more requirements based on the program or course you would choose.

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2. Technical University of Denmark

DTU is one of the English universities in Denmark that is ranked high, they are ranked #2 in the world, #1 in Europe, and #1 in Nordic Region by World University Research Ranking. That means DTU knows its work especially when it comes to research.

In fact, some of their researchers have won tremendous awards for their research projects. Recently (20th May 2022) “The Living Port Project,” a consortium in which the DTU researchers are involved, won the International Ports and Harbors Sustainability Award 2022 for Infrastructure.

Just like the University of Copenhagen, DTU is one of the world’s best research universities, and they have successfully produced technologies that are now used in the marketplace. 

DTU is one of the English universities in Denmark that has over 800 international students in the Master of Science Programs, and more than half of their Ph.D. students are from abroad. Even more, than one-third of their scientific staff are researchers of international background, and almost 2,000 students from more than 100 countries choose to start an education at DTU.

DTU offers only one English-taught BSc program in General Engineering, the rest of their undergraduate program is taught in Danish. Whereas, their 35 master’s programs are taught exclusively in English, which include;

  • Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
  • Cold Climate Engineering
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
  • Energy Conversion and Storage
  • Environmental Engineering
  • European Wind Energy Master (Erasmus Mundus)
  • Innovative Sustainable Energy Engineering (Nordic Five Tech)
  • Management 
  • Maritime Engineering
  • Nanoscience and Technology 
  • Polymer Technology 
  • Security and Cloud Computing (Erasmus Mundus)
  • Space and Geodesy
  • Sustainable Aquaculture
  • Sustainable Energy Technology

And many more

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3. University of Southern Denmark

SDU has 5 Faculties with over 27,000 students, of which approximately 20% of these students are from different countries. They have around 115 programs, and it is one of the few English universities in Denmark that has varieties of English-taught Bachelor’s programs, they include;

  • BEng in Electronics
  • BEng in Mechanical Engineering
  • BEng in Mechatronics
  • BSc in Engineering (Electronics)
  • BSc in Engineering (Engineering, Innovation, and Business)
  • BSc in Engineering (Mechanical)
  • BSc in Engineering (Mechatronics)
  • BSc in Engineering (Product Development & Innovation)
  • International Business Administration and Foreign Languages
  • Economics and Business Administration – Global Business Relationships
  • European Studies
  • Market and Management Anthropology

Furthermore, SDU is one of the English universities in Denmark that offer a handful of Master’s Programs in the field of;

  • Engineering
  • Humanities
  • Science
  • Business & Social Sciences
  • Health

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4. Via University College

VIA is one of the English universities in Denmark that has over 2,300 international students from different countries, over 15,000 Danish Students, and 7 research centers, and it was just established in 2008. The college has 42 bachelor’s degree programs, and 9 of them are taught in English, which are;

  • Architectural Technology and Construction Management
  • Character Animation
  • Climate and Supply Engineering
  • Computer Graphic Arts
  • Construction Technology
  • Design and Business
  • Design, Technology & Business
  • Graphic Storytelling
  • Software Technology Engineering

In addition, they offer 5 master’s degree programs, which are;

  • Occupational therapy
  • Nursing Practice
  • Gerontological Physiotherapy
  • Speech Pathology
  • Neurological Physiotherapy
  • General Master of Rehabilitation

They also offer 23 exchange programs.

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5. Aarhus University

Aarhus University is one of the English universities in Denmark that has achieved international prowess in research and education since its inception in 1928. Also, it has consistently been ranked as one of the top universities in the world, it’s amongst the world’s 100 best universities in 18 out of 48 subjects in the latest QS World University Rankings by Subject.

They have ranked #3 in the world in the fields of resources, environment, connectivity, and output. English is their second language and they offer over 50 Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs in the English language.

Out of these 50 programs, only 3 are bachelor’s programs, which are;

  • Bachelor’s Programme in Cognitive Science
  • Bachelor’s Programme in Economics and Business Administration, BSc
  • Bachelor’s Programme in Economics and Business Administration, BSc (Herning).

And the remaining 47 programs are master’s programs.

In addition, all their Ph.D. programs are taught in English, and around 12% of their 40,000 students are international students from over 120 countries. They also offer 6 special MSc in engineering programs.

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6. The Royal Danish of Academy of Music

RDAM is one of the English universities in Denmark that teaches only in the English language. Their students have won lots of awards including the recent International Johannes Brahms Chamber Music Competition. Where 3 students (Heathcliff Trio) from RDAM won the first prize.

RDAM offers 17 English-taught bachelor’s and master’s music programs, which include;

  • Aural Training
  • Music Teaching
  • Accordion
  • Brass: Horn, Trumpet, Euphonium, Trombone, And Tuba
  • Composition
  • Consort And Recorder
  • Guitar
  • harp
  • Orchestra Conducting And Ensemble/choir Conducting
  • Organ And Church Music
  • Percussion
  • Piano
  • Strings: Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass
  • The Opera Academy
  • Tonmeister
  • Woodwinds: Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Saxophone
  • Voice

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7. Copenhagen Business School

CBS is one of the English universities in Denmark that has over 3,800 International students out of their more than 21,000 students. It is one of the 8 Danish Universities that has more than 21,000 students and 1,500 employees.

In 2020, they are ranked #30 in European Business Schools, and QS Business Masters Ranking ranked them #5 in Masters in Management (Master’s in International Management). 

They offer 8 bachelor’s degree programs, which are;

  • BSc in Business, Asian Language and Culture – International Business in Asia
  • BSc in Business, Language and Culture
  • BSc in Business Administration and Digital Management
  • BSc in Business Administration and Service Management
  • BSc in Business Administration and Sociology
  • BSc in International Business
  • BSc in Business Administration and Sociology
  • BSc in Business Administration and Service Management

CBS is one of the English universities in Denmark that offers 30 English-taught master’s degree programs.

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8. University College Absalon

Absalon is one of the English universities in Denmark that has 12 professional bachelor’s degree programs, and 2 of them are taught in English. Which are;

  • Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology
  • International Honors Degree in Teaching

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