Everything You Should Know About Transcripts for Scholarship Applications

Transcripts for Scholarship Applications—Boost Your Scholarship Game

If you are a university student, you should definitely apply for a scholarship. However, this process requires gathering a bundle of documents. Although different educational establishments have different requirements for a scholarship, most likely, you will need to have the same documents at hand.

A scholarship application, personal statement, test scores, university transcription — these are just a few documents you should prepare in advance. A scholarship can make the education of every student more attainable. That is why you should properly apply for it. Keep reading to learn about the types of transcripts and why it is important to provide them for a scholarship.  

Types of Transcripts

A lot of universities require a transcript to confirm your GPA. So, what do transcripts refer to? These are text transcriptions of all your academic achievements. They include information about every class you have completed and grades you have achieved.

Keep in mind that some universities may require official transcripts while others will ask you to provide unofficial transcripts. Although it may seem that these documents are identical, they have substantial differences.

Official Transcripts

Official transcripts are stamped by the administration of your high school. Also, they should include an official signature. They are sent to the university in sealed envelopes after your official request. There is no need to apply to transcription experts since all information is stored in the institution you have studied before.

Unofficial Transcripts

Nowadays, it is possible to apply for a transcript online. For this purpose, it is necessary to provide your identification document and your student number.

You will need to head over to your high school website to get more info. In this case, your transcript will be considered unofficial. Keep in mind that not all scholarships may adopt unofficial transcripts. Carefully read a scholarship application to prepare expertly what your university requires.

How to Prepare a Transcript?

When choosing the type of transcript you need to submit, it is important to consider the level of study and requirements of the university you are applying to.

School Transcript

The school transcript is needed for admission to the undergraduate program of almost all educational institutions. The classic school transcript is a record that lists your classes and the grades you’ve got. Note that some universities require a transcript only for the last academic year.

In addition to the grades obtained, it is also recommended displaying the GPA at the end of the semester, which will more clearly show your overall academic level.

The original transcript should include a high-quality transcription in English. Also, the document should be certified by the school’s seal. If you’ve graduated from school in another country, you will need to provide an original document that is accompanied by an English translation.

It is usually signed by the translator and also certified by the school’s seal. In addition, in both cases, it is recommended to provide the contact details of the school representatives who certified the transcript. At the request of the host university, you may also need to certify one or both (original and translated copies) of the transcript with a notary.

University Transcript

A university transcript is usually required for admission to a master’s or doctoral program if you previously studied at a university in your country. The standard type of university transcript is similar to the school transcript.

It includes the courses you’ve completed and the grades for them. However, there is one difference. A university transcript includes the number of academic hours for each subject, a list of credits, coursework, and other projects. Depending on the educational institution, the university transcript is certified by the dean’s office or the student office of the university.

How to Get a Transcript for Scholarship?

Follow these stages to get a transcript without any hassles.

  •         Visit the Registrar’s office in your high school or college and claim for an official transcript. There is no human transcript service that will deal with the document. You can get it only from the educational institution you have studied in before.
  •         Log in to your college student account online and apply for an official transcript. Your high school administration will send it directly to your university.

It is also possible to request electronic PDF transcripts. However, not all educational establishments provide this service. Keep in mind that electronic PDF transcripts will be approved by universities only if they are sent by electronic delivery service from your high-school right to your university.

A Transcript Approval and Rejection

Your document will be approved by the university if you provide a secure transcription of your academic record. Moreover, it should be delivered directly from your registrar’s office to your educational institution.

A statement of your academic record may be rejected in case:

  •         You provide a scan of your official transcript.
  •         You’ve sent a copy of an official transcript.
  •         You’ve copied and pasted the records from your unofficial statement.
  •         You’ve provided screens of electronic PDF transcripts.
  •         The transcript isn’t stamped by your school.
  •         The transcript doesn’t have an official signature.
  •         You’ve sent prints of your unofficial statement.
  •         The Registrar’s office emailed an unofficial statement of your academic success.

Keep in mind that it is prohibited to open an envelope with your transcript since it may be considered invalid and the educational institution may reject it.

Final Word

Knowing how to properly request a transcript for a scholarship can make a big difference if it comes to your financial situation during your university years. There are different types of transcripts, so you will need to know which one works for you. Having the information below at hand, you can make your application process hassle-free.