8 Korean Language Schools In Seoul

This article was specially curated to show you the various Korean language schools in Seoul. If you have a thing for Korea and wish to get conversant with the language, I urge you to read this article to the last word as it will give you a good head start.

Most times, people think that Korea is not a good language-learning destination, but they are not well informed.  The Republic of Korea holds a high reputation for its amazing talents, modern cultures, and ancient traditions. The system of education is at a very high standard too, but affordable.

The country has scholarships that you can leverage to learn if you are not financially capable. You could see scholarships for international students in Korea, cheap Korean universities, and many others.

Now, learning the Korean language is very easy. You can use online free Korean classes or enroll in any of the language schools we will be exploring soon. The Korean language when it is to be written has about 14 consonants, and 10 vowels, carefully arranged in parallel and horizontal symbols which combine to form syllables and words.

So, whether you are planning to relocate to Korea or already residing there, maybe teaching English, but still want to broaden your Korean skills, this article will help you with the best schools you can enroll in.

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Korean language schools in Seoul

Korean Language Schools In Seoul

Here are the best Korean language schools you can find in Seoul. I will list and also explain to them for you to gain full insights. All you have to do is just to follow me closely with rapt attention.

It is important to note that our data is gotten from deep research about the topic on sources like language courses, go overseas, and individual school websites.

  • Easy Korean Academy
  • Green Korean Language School
  • Lexis Korea
  • EF International Language Center
  • Rolling Korea
  • Seoul Korean Language Academy
  • Metro Korean Academy
  • Korean Language Institute For Foreigners (KLIFF)

1.      Easy Korean Academy

Easy Korean Academy is the first on our list of Korean language schools found in Seoul. The language school is located in Apgujeong, in the heart of the Gangnam area.

Aside from teaching the Korean language, the school also provides students with conversation classes, private tuition, preparation for the TOPIK exam, and many others. Students have access to free WIFI, a student support desk for questions, and language learning software even after the day’s class is over.

It is important to know that the classrooms are very conducive to learning as they are equipped with air conditioners and heaters.

2.      Green Korean Language School

The next on our list is the Green Korean language school. The school holds an excellent record in academics, with top school facilities to enable the students to learn well. It is located in Jongno-gu borough of Seoul.

The school programs are taught by highly qualified teachers, and the students are also given TOPIK exam preparation. To know more or get enrolled, visit the school website through the link provided below

Click Here

3.      Lexis Korea

Lexis Korea is among the Korean language schools in Seoul. It is found in the south of Seoul, near the Hangang River in the seocho-gu district.

The school has students from diverse nationalities and holds regular meetings with the academic director to ponder on ways by which they improve their system of operation. Lexis Korea has personalized study plans to adequately meet the need of each student.

International students are taught both English and Korean, and the residential apartments are located at the school.

4.      EF International Language Center

Another one of the Korean language schools located in Seoul is the EF International Language Center. It is situated in the giant metropolis, the capital city of South Korea.

The school offers a wide range of programs ranging from business programs to internships and also part-time. It has a lounge area, cafeteria, student support desk, computer labs, and many others.

It is important to note that the classrooms are very conducive for learning as they are well equipped with air conditioning and heaters.

5.      Rolling Korea

Rolling Korea is also one of the Korean language schools situated in Seoul. The school has top-rated facilities with highly qualified staff. There are a lounge area, cafeteria, and also a student support desk in case of any questions or queries.

There is a wide range of courses offered, and the students can also be given TOPIK exam preparation. It is important to note that you will be given a welcome launch and a test to ascertain your level in the Korean language on the first day of the course.

6.      Seoul Korean Language Academy

Seoul Korean Language Academy focuses on equipping students with the knowledge of Korean. Here, the students have the opportunity to practice Korean, and also learn from a standard educational curriculum.

The courses are taught by world-class teachers, and there is the availability of classrooms for self-study, a lounge, and free internet services. Seoul Korean Language Academy is recognized by the ministry of education as a specialized Korean language institute.

7.      Metro Korean Academy

Metro Korean Academy is a private language institute located in Central Seoul. The school focuses on providing practical education services with small group courses which are taught by highly-qualified teachers.

The school also organizes some activities to help students practice their language skills and all they have learned about Korean culture.

8.      Korean Language Institute For Foreigners (KLIFF)

KLIFF is also among the Korean language schools located in Seoul. The school offers a variety of lessons to help students boost their Korean language skills. There are private lessons, and group classes, all tailored to meet your level in Korean.

The group classes normally have 3 to 5 students and are charged about 120,000 won per month.


The schools listed above are the best Korean language schools found in Seoul that you can enroll in and take your Korean language skills to another level. Do make the most out of the information provided.

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1. Meeting the application requirements of Korean universities

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