Top 8 MBA Scholarships in Canada

Canada is one of the top education hubs in the world with very expensive tuition but they provide generous scholarship opportunities to assist students to enjoy an affordable education. In this post, I have provided a list of the top MBA scholarships in Canada that you can apply for your MBA studies in Canada.

Canada is one of the popular education hubs in the world among international students. The universities in Canada are recognized among the best in the world, as well as, the degree programs they offer. Just like the US, any degree you get from Canada holds national and global recognition and this alone can put you far above your competition with degrees from other countries.

This is just one of the many reasons why hundreds of foreign students from different parts of the world are applying to study in Canada. If you are one of them then you should quickly read up on the guide to studying in Canada to learn some helpful tips before applying. Another helpful guide is our post on how to apply for university in Canada.

The universities in Canada are top-tier among the world’s universities and therefore offer a wide range of academic programs that cut across various disciplines such as healthcare, business, and engineering. The chances of not seeing your preferred degree program in Canada are very slim. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is one of the most sought-after degrees in Canada.

While we are getting to the list of MBA scholarships in Canada, this may be a good time to show you the best universities in Canada for MBA, to help you find a suitable university in Canada for your MBA studies. It is common knowledge that an MBA degree is among the most expensive degrees in the world, especially in places like the US and Canada.

Don’t get discouraged from pursuing your MBA in Canada because there are ways to cut down the tuition fee and make you enjoy an affordable MBA in Canada. Aside from being known as one of the top education hubs in the world, Canada is also known for its generous admittance of international students and offering of scholarships to help them enjoy an affordable education in the country.

The scholarships are either fully-funded or partially funded and are offered in various degree programs including the MBA which are listed below. You can find medical scholarships in Canada for international students and business schools with scholarships.

These scholarships are offered by the Canadian government like the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships and other fully-funded Canadian government scholarships, they are also offered by alumni, wealthy individuals, and charity organizations in Canada.

With this, you should already know that there is a high chance of you getting a scholarship in Canada for your MBA whether you are an international or domestic student. The MBA scholarships in Canada are fused with various universities, so, you must be applying for the MBA in that specific university and meet other eligibility criteria to be a scholarship recipient.

The criteria for admission may vary depending on the scholarship but the general requirement is to have an excellent academic record and outstanding professional achievement, that is, your work experience should be a significant one. Work experience is one of the many requirements to enroll in an MBA in Canada.

Before I begin discussing the MBA scholarships in Canada, let us see how much an MBA cost in Canada.

Average Cost of MBA in Canada

The average cost of an MBA in Canada is around $30,000 to $40,000 per year, this is an average cost while the range should be between $16,000 to $90,000.

Now, let us get into the MBA scholarships in Canada and how it can offset such a high tuition fee for you.

MBA scholarships in Canada

Top MBA Scholarships in Canada

The expensive tuition for MBA in Canada should not discourage or stop you from achieving your goals. Thanks to these MBA scholarships in Canada, you can achieve your dreams without paying high tuition fees or falling into school debt when you graduate. You can apply to these scholarships almost immediately but pay attention to the eligibility criteria of each of them.

Without any further ado, let us get into the top MBA scholarships in Canada…

1.     The University of Canada West (UCW) Awards & Scholarships

I just had to put this on my number one list of top MBA scholarships in Canada because of its wide array of scholarships, grants, and awards. There are more than 15 in number with generous funds that can greatly offset the tuition for your MBA studies.

There are the Entrance Awards open to all students coming to study at UCW for the first time and there are others specifically for MBA students like the European Grant, Americas Grant, UAP Grant, MBA Foundation Study Grant, and many more.

Each of these scholarships has different values and various criteria. Some, like the Americas Grant and UAP Grant, are only available for students from some specific countries.

With the link provided below, you can get access to more information on all the MBA scholarships offered by UCW and apply almost instantly.

Apply Here

2.     The University of Toronto MBA Scholarships

The University of Toronto is one of the top universities in Canada for international students and takes extra care of them by offering series of scholarships and other funding opportunities to reduce tuition.

There are government scholarships, like the Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship and the Government of Canada Awards Program that you can apply for through the University of Toronto and apply towards your MBA studies.

Other MBA scholarships at the University of Toronto are Study in Canada Scholarships, Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarships, and the International Peace Scholarship Fund for Women.

All of these scholarships are for international students only and you can apply them towards your MBA studies to reduce your tuition fee. As usual, they all have different criteria check them out in the link below.

Apply Here

3.     Saint Mary’s University (SMU) MBA Scholarships, Awards, and Bursaries

Saint Mary’s University is on my third list of top MBA scholarships in Canada due to its wide array of funding opportunities like scholarships, awards, and bursaries. There are just so many to choose from, available for international and domestic students to apply for towards their MBA studies. There are the Entrance Scholarships for domestic students which is worth up to $30,000.

There are also others like the Robert Shaw MBA Scholarship for part-time students worth $1,100, the SMU MBA Scholarship for full-time students worth $900, and the Ronald C. MacDonald MBA Scholarship for students with academic excellence and worth $400.

There are also two Fellowships which are the Kenneth WJ Butler MBA Fellowship worth $2,000 offered to a first or second-year MBA student with financial need and the Ronald Wong Fellowship worth $1,100 to a full-time MBA student with an average GPA or 3.5 or higher in their previous degree. There are also other Bursaries and Awards to apply for, see their deadline via the link below.

Apply Here

4.     Alberta School of Business MBA Scholarships

The Alberta School of Business is the business school of the University of Alberta. The business school offers a host of entrance awards, scholarships, and bursaries annually to international and domestic students who are coming to pursue an MBA degree. This puts it on our list of top MBA scholarships in Canada due to its wide generous scholarship offerings.

The Entrance Awards is worth $15,000 and you will be automatically considered once you are applying to the Alberta School of Business MBA. The scholarships, it is awarded to students during the MBA program and they have different criteria and application deadline.

Apply Here

5.     McGill MBA Full-Time Scholarships and Awards

McGill University is a prestigious higher institution in Canada that offers about $2 million in scholarships giving MBA students a wide variety of funding options. There are merit-based scholarships and awards for students coming into the MBA program and they are all considered without application unless stated.

Some of the scholarships are the Laurentian Bank MBA Leadership Award worth $4,000 and renewable for up to 2 years, the Linda H & Robert J. Goldberg Fellowships worth $20,000, the Tullio Cedrashi MBA Leadership Award worth $10,000, and many more. There are over 20 funding options for your MBA at McGill University.

Apply Here

6.     Haskayne School of Business MBA Scholarships

Haskayne School of Business is the business school of the University of Calgary and offers one of the most generous MBA scholarships in Canada. The scholarships are for Daytime MBA students and there are four in number but with really high value.

The Academic Achievement Scholarship, one of the MBA scholarships offered by the Haskayne School of Business, is worth a total of $36,000 and split as $23,000 for the first year and $13,000 for the second year. The number of students that can receive this scholarship is not provided.

Other scholarships are the Haskayne Entrance Scholarships worth between $1,500 to $20,000 per student, the Continuing Scholarships valued between $600 and $15,000 per student, and the Donor-funded Scholarships valued between $1,100 to $17,200 per award.

Each of these scholarships comes with different criteria and deadline, take note of them when applying.

Apply Here

7.     Smith School of Business MBA Scholarships

If you are a woman looking to get an MBA degree in Canada, the Smith School of Business of Queen’s University just might be the best for you. The business school is a leader and advocate for women in business education. The school is designed to support you better as a woman through academics, connections, and funding.

Smith School of Business has four (4) different MBA scholarships only for women. You need to possess excellent academic performance and leadership potential to be a recipient of one of the awards.

Apply Here

8.     Cape Breton University MBA Scholarships and Bursaries

On our final list of top MBA scholarships in Canada are Cape Breton University MBA scholarships and bursaries that include a wide variety of scholarships, awards, grants, and bursaries for international and domestic MBA studies.

Entrance Scholarships are offered to students who submit official transcripts and financial need applications in addition to their admission applications.

There are seven different scholarships under the category of Major Entrance Scholarships and they have high worth that can cover your MBA tuition for one year.

Then there are over 10 scholarships in the Other Entrance Scholarships category. Each of these scholarships come with different criteria and application deadline that you must know of before applying, see them in the link below.

Apply Here

And with this, I wrap up the post on top MBA scholarships in Canada and I hope they will become helpful to you. Good luck with your applications.

MBA Scholarships in Canada – FAQs

[sc_fs_faq html=”true” headline=”h3″ img=”” question=”Can I do MBA in Canada for free?” img_alt=”” css_class=””] No, you cannot find a tuition-free MBA program in Canada because they are not free, they are all paid for. Rather, you can apply for scholarships to reduce the tuition load. [/sc_fs_faq]


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