10 Best Accredited Online Colleges in Virginia

If you have always wanted to earn a college degree online, the online colleges in Virginia are a good place to look. The colleges offer 100% online programs that you can enroll in irrespective of your location and earn an accredited degree with both national and international recognition.

Virginia is home to over 130 degree-granting colleges and universities which including community colleges. These colleges offer a wide range of academic degree programs that cover most, if not all, study fields. It is, after all, a state in the US that is known for its second-to-none excellence in academics. The postsecondary institutions in Virginia confer degrees in associates, bachelors, masters, and PhDs. You are sure to find your academic needs at any of the colleges in Virginia.

Thanks to the innovation in education that brought forth interactive tools for the online learning you can earn a degree online from the comfort of your home wherever you are in the world. Although this is no longer news it is still amazing to know that you can stay at home and earn an IT degree online or get a free honorary doctorate online.

I used to think that the courses you can learn online are the easy ones like marketing or online project management courses and, of course, computer science online courses. But I recently found out you can get a civil engineering degree online and a structural engineering degree online. When I found these, I knew that in no time, online nursing courses and online pharmacy courses will start popping up.

And just like I guessed, they are now being offered alongside online veterinary courses and free online courses in business administration.

This shows just how far online education has gone and now there are online colleges. Online colleges, just like the ones in Virginia, offer the same academic quality as the ones offered on campus. The degree conferred is also the same, that is if they are accredited to offer a specific program online.

The online colleges in Virginia for example don’t offer all their programs online. Some need your physical appearance while others can completely be taken online whether you are in Virginia, any of the U.S states, or anywhere in the world. I would advise you to enroll in an online college in your state, makes it easier just in case your physical presence is required.

You can find online colleges in Pennsylvania and online colleges in Ohio which are also accredited to offer online programs in the US. Aside from these, there are cheap online colleges that offer affordable and quality online education. And one I find recently that I think is interesting is the online colleges that pay you to attend.

In this post, I won’t just give discuss the online colleges in Virginia but the accredited ones for you to earn a recognized degree. All the online colleges in Virginia accept students from Virginia and anywhere in the US as long you are a resident or citizen but not all accept students from other parts of the world. I will shed more light on this when discussing the online colleges in Virginia, so, stay tuned.

Now, before you get all excited about enrolling in one of the online colleges in Virginia, you should know the cost and see if it is something you can afford. I have given an average cost of the online colleges in Virginia below.

Average Cost of Online Colleges in Virginia

There are many online colleges in Virginia with different tuition. The different programs they offer also come with varying costs and the location of the student. In-state students or residents of Virginia will typically pay lesser tuition compared to students from other parts of the US and students from outside the US will pay even higher.

The average cost of online colleges in Virginia for in-state students is $12,500 per year. While the average for out-of-state students is $35,800 per year.

Aside from knowing what online colleges in Virginia can cost, you also have to know what will be required of you when you want to start applying. The requirements are what will be used to consider you for admission into the online program. I have given a basic requirement of the online colleges in Virginia below.

Requirements for Online Colleges in Virginia

The application process for online colleges in Virginia is also the same for the traditional colleges in Virginia which means that the requirements are the same. However, the academic entry requirements usually vary depending on the program. An individual applying for an online business program won’t have the same academic requirements as an individual applying for an online computer science program.

But there are usually general requirements that cut across all disciplines and they are:

  • You must have a high school diploma, GED, or its equivalent if you are applying for an undergraduate program.
  • You must have completed and earned a bachelor’s degree if you are applying for a graduate program
  • Take the standardized tests like MCAT, GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, etc. if you are required to
  • Prepare documents like letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, essay, CV or resume, and an ID.
  • Have your original high school transcripts and transcripts from previously attended institutions
  • Complete application form
  • Application fee (cost is set by the host institution)
  • Meet the required CGPA for your degree program

The easy way to get the complete requirements is to contact the admissions office of your host institution.

Benefits of Online Colleges in Virginia

The following are the things you stand to gain when you enroll in one of the online colleges in Virginia:

  • You can earn your degree completely at home at your convenience
  • The online colleges in Virginia provide flexible programs that make it easy to fit into your schedule.
  • The tuition is cheaper
  • It is faster to complete
  • Learning is self-paced
  • It is less stressful and less expensive since you won’t be going to a classroom and won’t spend money on dorms or transit
  • You can be earning money while working and studying at the same time
  • You get to connect to other experts in your field and create a network of connections with other learners from different parts of the world.
  • Easy access to the instructor

If you’ve never thought of online education as a good idea, these benefits could help change your mind. With that, let’s dive into the main part of the post you’ve been waiting for.

online colleges in Virginia

Accredited Online Colleges in Virginia

Here, I have curated a list of the best and most accredited online colleges in Virginia which are recognized for providing quality academic programs and are ranked by various educational ranking platforms including the US News & World Report. Without any further ado, let us get into the online colleges in Virginia.

1.     Mason George University (Mason Online)

Mason Online is the online learning and distance education platform of George Mason University. Through this digital service, the university can offer a wide range of online programs to students in Virginia, the United States, and anywhere in the world. The university is ranked among the top three (3) public universities for online master’s programs.

Here, you can choose from over 50 fully and hybrid online programs in fields such as health, science and math, social sciences, business and management, engineering and technology, and education. For this to work, you simply need a PC and a stable Wi-Fi connection to have access to the online classes and learning materials.

Mason Online is one of the best online colleges in Virginia that you may want to add to your list of prospective online colleges.

Visit Mason Online

2.     Liberty University (LU Online)

LU Online is one of the best online colleges in Virginia and the online learning platform of Liberty University. It is a Christian university in Virginia that offers a wide range of online programs leading to bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. Its academic quality is recognized by SR Educational Group as one of the best online colleges and is accredited by ACBSP, CACREP, NCATE, CSWE, and CCNE.

Here, you can earn and complete your degree at home, at your own pace, in a flexible virtual classroom environment. You can get an estimate of your tuition cost on the website and apply for financial aid options.

Visit LU Online

3.     Old Dominion University (ODU Online)

ODU Online is one of the self-paced online colleges in Virginia. This college will tailor your busy life to fit into your education and make it convenient for you irrespective of your location.

One of the perks of ODU Online is how it has over a hundred programs that are offered online. These online programs are spread across bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate & ed specialist, certificates, and endorsement.

ODU Online admits students from Virginia, other US states, and anywhere in the world. Wherever you are and whenever you want, you can start an online program at ODU Online and complete it at your own pace. There is reduced tuition for military students on active duty.

Visit ODU Online

4.     Regent University (Regent Online)

Regent University is one of the top Christian universities in the US. Its online learning platform, Regent Online, is ranked No.1 best online bachelor’s program in Virginia by the US News & World Report and also among the top ten (10) military-friendly schools.

One of the perks of Regent Online is that they provide millions of dollars in scholarships annually to residents of Virginia, US citizens, and students from other countries.

Regent Online offers a wide range of academic programs to students irrespective of their location. You can find a wide variety of online programs in bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, associate’s, and certificates.

All of these present more than 150 areas of study, a generous transfer policy, military, and corporate partnership benefits, and hands-on advisors and faculty mentors.

Visit Regent Online

5.     The University of Virginia (UVA Online)

The University of Virginia is one of the prestigious higher institutions in Virginia and the US. In a bid to extend its academic excellence to students in other part of the US and in the world, the university offers a wide variety of online programs through UVA Online, its online learning, and distance education platform.

At UVA Online, you will find online courses, certificates, and degrees in various areas of study including business, arts and humanities, engineering and science, and medicine and health sciences.

Visit UVA Online

6.     Hampton University (Hampton U Online)

Hampton University provides a wide range of online academic programs through Hampton U Online, its online learning platform. Hampton U Online is one of the best online colleges in Virginia with its broad online program offering.

You can find online programs such as systems specialists, security analysts, nuclear reactor technicians, doctor of philosophy, an associate of arts, human resources, etc. on Hampton U Online.

Online bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, education specialist, associate, and certificate programs are all available on Hampton U Online. And some of its online programs like human resources are recognized as one of the best online programs in the US.

In 2019, it also ranked as the most affordable online college which means its tuition will be cheap, and financial aid options will be made available for all students.

Visit Hampton U Online

7.     James Madison University (JMU Online)

Interested in pursuing an online program from James Madison University? JMU Online had got you covered. You will do everything from admission application and interview to taking classes, and tests, and submitting assignments online at your convenience from the comfort of anywhere good enough for you to learn.

Whether it is undergraduate or graduate programs they are all offered online and you can decide to blend both online and on-campus to fit your learning style and schedule. JMU Online is offering you an affordable education at your convenience.

Visit JMU Online

8.     Virginia Tech (VT Online)

Virginia Tech is a popular institution in Virginia and the US. The US News & World Report ranked Virginia Tech as the 75th best university in the US. The university’s academic quality is a known fact and if you can’t come down to get it, you can do that from the comfort of your home through its online learning platform VT Online.

With VT Online, you can achieve your academic goals irrespective of your location. You will find a wide range of online degrees and certificate programs designed to be flexible and affordable to fit your schedule and meet your learning needs.

Visit VT Online

9.     Radford University

Radford University offers a wide range of online programs to meet the need of a diverse population of students. The school easily passes for one of the online colleges in Virginia with its abundance of online undergraduate and graduate degree and certificate programs that are offered entirely online.

The programs accept students from Virginia, other US states, and other parts of the world.

You can find online programs in nursing, economics, public health, crime analysis, cybersecurity, business analytics, educational leadership, MBA, etc. that are completed fully online.

Visit school website

10.  Averett University

On our final list of online colleges in Virginia is Averett University. The institution offers most, if not all, of its graduate and professional studies programs online to meet the academic needs of professionals who want to continue their education. This online college doesn’t offer many undergraduate online programs, its focus is on graduate programs.

If you already have a bachelor’s degree and want to earn a graduate degree most conveniently, then Averett University Online is for you. You will find professional programs in business, nursing, data analytics, leadership, psychology, and education.

Visit school website

So, this brings a wrap to the top 10 online colleges in Virginia and from here you can decide on an online college in Virginia to apply to, if you have any confusion, the FAQs below should offer some insight.

Online Colleges in Virginia – FAQs

Are there free online colleges in Virginia?

Yes, few online colleges in Virginia offer tuition-free education. The colleges are Northern Virginia Community College and Southwest Virginia College.

What is the cheapest online college in Virginia?

The cheapest online college in Virginia is Virginia Commonwealth University.