10 Online Colleges with Open Enrollment and no Application Fee 

Some of us didn’t really have the best of high school days, and even if we did (depending on your definition of “best”) most of us, our academic results are preventing us from pursuing the career we desire to get. Some of us are wishing we can just focus on our dream career without passing through the four walls of the college.

Also, some people might have completed their associate’s or bachelor’s degree, but so many responsibilities are hindering them to acquire their master’s or even doctorate degree. So, if you are among one of these categories, online colleges with open enrollment and no application fee could be your best option.

Moreover, the price of college is not reducing anytime, so it is wise to find ways to reduce expenses, even if it means not paying that few bucks on the application fee.

And one of the beauties of these programs is that you don’t need to stop working to attend classes, and neither do you need to reduce your obligation to your family, with proper scheduling you can acquire that degree or certificate. Also, a degree you acquire online is not different from that on on-campus, so there is nothing to worry about, except having the right online tools for the study

Without further ado, let’s list these colleges.

online colleges with open enrollment and no application fee
online colleges with open enrollment and no application fee

Online Colleges with Open Enrollment and no Application Fee

1. Maryville University 

This is one of the online colleges with open enrollment and no application fee that is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and was recognized by Forbes as one of America’s Top Colleges in 2019. Also, you don’t need to write any entrance exams, you can easily transfer credits, and all coursework is 100% online.

Moreover, the school is very quick to adapt to tech and is very innovative, no wonder they have been recognized as an Apple Distinguished School for 2021-2024. This recognition is granted to schools and universities that have a track record of technological leadership in education.

Maryville University provides a wide range of online academic programs in Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate, Nursing, and various online short certificate courses.

2. University of Dayton

This is another online college with open admission and no application fee that offers 39 online degrees, licensures, CEU opportunities, plus so many other online certifications. Their online degrees are also well-recognized, in the “Best Online Programs” list from U.S. News & World Report, Udayton’s online programs in education, engineering, and business were included on the list.

3. Tulane University

This University has been providing online learning for more than a decade, and its coursework is a mixture of both synchronous and asynchronous. This means you won’t be getting only 100% online classes, their aim is to make sure students get both flexible classes, and also have access to both offline and online materials.

They provide the vast majority of online programs which include

  • Cybersecurity Management
  • Cyber Defense
  • Cyber Technology Fundamentals
  • Health & Wellness Management
  • Information Technology
  • Labor & Employment Law
  • Occupational and Environmental Health
  • Public Administration
  • Security Management
  • Sport Administration
  • Sport Studies
  • Technology Architecture
  • Community Health Sciences

And many others

4. Saint Louis University

This is one of the online colleges with open enrollment and no application fee that provide online bachelor’s degrees, graduate degrees, and certificate programs. One of the unique things about their online program is that it has numerous start dates which give you the opportunity to start your course or program when it is convenient for you.

Moreover, they are widely recognized for lots of accomplishments such as Top-60 in U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Value Schools,” Top-10 in Princeton Review’s “Best Private Schools for Making an Impact,” etc. To spice it up, 90% of their students receive financial aid.

5. Ashworth College

Ashworth College doesn’t only provide free application fees, they also made their online college tuition to be very affordable. The average tuition for their associate degree for the entire 4 semesters (2 years) is $4,197, and the average tuition for an online bachelor’s degree for the entire 8 semesters (4 years) is $11,192.

Also, this is one of the few online colleges that allows you to make monthly tuition payments which can be as low as $59 per month, depending on a few factors.

The school also gives you the opportunity to transfer credits you gained from previous college and university courses, which makes it faster, easier, and cost-effective to graduate.

6. Brescia University

Brescia University is recognized for both free acceptance fees and being the 2nd best Online College in Kentucky for 2016-17 by Affordable Colleges Online. The school provides a handful of programs and courses which include;

  • Associate of Science in Business
  • Associate of Science in Psychology
  • Associate of Arts or Science in Integrated Studies
  • Associate of Arts in Human Services
  • Bachelor of Science in Business
  • Bachelor of Science in Business with an Emphasis in Human Resource Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting
  • Bachelor of Arts or Science in Integrated Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in Theology with Emphasis in Pastoral Studies
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology
  • Certificate in Accounting Program – Post Baccalaureate
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Science in Clinical Psychology
  • Master of Science (M.S.) in Speech-Language Pathology

And many others.

7. American Public University

The American Public University is one of the online colleges with open enrollment and no application fee that doesn’t demand stringent requirements, with your high school diploma or its equivalent, you can apply for their online program. They provide more than 50 online bachelor’s degrees which encompass different areas such as;

  • Information Technology
  • Homeland Security
  • Engineering
  • Education
  • Business & Management
  • Arts & Humanities
  • Science & Math
  • Nursing & Health Sciences
  • Intelligence
  • Public Safety
  • Security & Global Studies


8.  The University of Scranton Online

This is another university that is not just recognized for its open admission and no application fee, they are also named a Best College for 2023 (ranked No. 5) by U.S. News & World Report and has been among the 10 top master’s universities in the North for 29 consecutive years. 

The school has various online Master’s programs such as;

  • Dual MBA – MHA
  • MAcc: Accounting Analytics
  • MBA: Business Analytics
  • MHA: Global Health

And many others

They also offer online certificate courses such as;

  • Business Analytics certificate
  • Supply Chain Management Certificate


9. Colorado Technical University

CTU Online provides lots of degrees and courses that can be taken both online and as part of a hybrid program. They provide more than 80 undergraduate and graduate online degree programs, whether you’re interested in an online associate degree, bachelor’s degree, or even doctorate degree.

CTU Online also gives you the privilege to transfer up to 75% of your program credits from your previous college or university. The school is also recognized for its excellence in online academics, U.S. News & World Report named its degree programs to nine of its 2022 Best Online Programs lists.

10. Post University

For the past 27 years, Post University has been offering online programs, and they currently don’t demand an application fee, and they provide open enrollment for simple admission requirements. Their online bachelor’s program is also recognized as one of the best by U.S. News & World Report.

They also provide associate’s and master’s degrees.


We believe this list of online colleges with open enrollment and no application fee has helped you to see those schools you can enroll in without strict requirements and still not pay a dime for an application fee.

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