How to Obtain a Sports Analytics Degree Online

Mandela once said, “Sports has the power to change a nation,” not only can it positively change a country, but it can also unite the world. No wonder it is one of the richest industries in the world.

The sports market is a multibillion-dollar industry and Statista projected that the sports market is expected to be worth over 700 billion U.S. dollars by 2026. And, this sports market has birthed lots of subcategories that sports analytics is part of.

Sports analytics was not so popular until it was seen in “Moneyball,” a movie where former ball player Billy Beane (played by Brad Pitt) depends on statistical data to make a decision in his subsequent games. Now that data determines lots of our decisions, so does it in the sports world, a lot of sports companies now depend on it for their financial budget, to monitor their players, to buy players, and even to decide who will play the next game.

Moreover, even though this profession is exciting, not everyone has the opportunity to pass the 4-walls of college and grab their desired degree. Some people like you, due to one obligation or another, can’t just go on-campus for lectures, so we decided to provide these sports analytics degree online, so you can still further your education without compromising your other responsibilities.

What Can I Do With a Sports Analytics Degree?

There are lots of jobs out there for sports analysts, and during your degree, you will learn courses such as Sports Data Analysis, Statistics, Database & Programming, Economics, etc. You can even take jobs outside sports analytics.

Here are a few jobs/companies you can get with a sports analytics degree online;

  • Professional Sports Programs are huge employers
  • College Sports Programs
  • ESPN
  • Sports Illustrated
  • Sports Statistician
  • Coach
  • Sports Recruiter
  • Sports Sales Analyst
  • Sports Data Journalist
sports analytics degree online
sports analytics degree online

How to Obtain a sports analytics degree online

It is worth noting that it takes at least a bachelor’s degree to be considered a career in Sports Analytics, and as I said earlier, this is one of the newest degrees, so you shouldn’t expect lots of colleges to offer them. In fact, Syracuse University brags about becoming the first University in the United States to offer a bachelor of science degree in Sports Analytics, and this degree just started in 2017.

Also, when it has to do with obtaining a sports analytics degree online, you should even expect fewer schools to offer them.

Meanwhile, let’s see how you can acquire this degree without stepping foot on on-campus

1. Find the proper school

On-campus classes are different from online classes, so it is very important you choose the right school based on your interest and goals. You already know how your schedule is, you have to choose a school based on your plan, and you also need to make sure the courses they provide resonate with you.

2. Go for Established Colleges

It is better to focus on schools that are good at online Sports Analytics degrees, with this you don’t have to bother about accreditation. But even if the school is not so popular, make sure they are accredited and they offer most or all of the courses you need.

3. List Interesting Online Sports Analytics Schools

Since there are few schools offering sports analytics degrees online, you can list the ones you find interesting. Well, to save you the stress, we will list them in the next section.

4. Limit your Options

By now you must have had enough schools that probably interest you. So you can go ahead to make a short list of what excites you about each of them, and at the same time what you don’t like, also keep in mind their fees, their ability to transfer credits, testimonials from previous students, qualities of the lectures, etc.

5. Enroll in the School

Now you have narrowed down these schools to that special one, it is time to enroll as a student. Also one of the beauties of these online sports analytics degrees is that you don’t need to worry about the number of admitted students, they mostly have enough room for lots of students.

6. Submit the Necessary Documents

Of course, you should expect to submit relevant documents like transcripts from your previous school, a copy of your high school diploma or GED, Job history, a Recognized form of ID, etc.

7. Apply for Financial Aid

There are lots of financial aid options provided to Sports Analytics students – including schools that accept FAFSA – who may find it challenging to finance their academics. Observing financial aid or scholarships provided by these schools could also be one of your criteria for choosing the online sports analytics university.

Schools Offering Sports Analytics Degree Online

When compared with degrees that have been in existence for Decades like Mathematics, Software Engineering, and Architecture, you will know that sports analytics degree online are offered by just a handful of schools. Also, most of these schools focus on Online Masters in Sports Analytics.

Here is the list of them

  • Syracuse University – Sports Analytics M.S.
  • American University of Washington, DC – Online Master of Science in Sports Analytics and Management
  • The University of Mississippi – Master of Science in Sport Analytics
  • Michigan Online – Sports Performance Analytics
  • PennWest Global Online – Online Sports Management Master’s Degree
  • University of Missouri-Columbia – Sports Analytics Graduate certificate
  • Miami University – Master of Sport Analytics
  • Michigan State University – Graduate Certificate in Sport Analytics
  • Missouri Online – Sports Analytics Undergraduate Certificate
  • The University of Louisville – Online Bachelor of Science in Sport Administration
  • Temple University – MASTER OF SCIENCE IN SPORT BUSINESS (Sport Analytics)
  • Wilmington University – Undergraduate Certificate in Sport Analytics
  • IUPUI – Master of Science in Applied Data Science with a specialization in Sports Analytics
  • Boston College – Graduate Certificate in Sports Analytics
  • California Baptist University – Sports Analytics BACHELOR OF SCIENCE


As you can see, the chances of getting a sports analytics degree online are huge, especially if you are pursuing Masters in the programme.

Sports Analytics Degree Online – FAQs

How much will it cost to obtain a sports analytics degree online?

The cost of getting an online sports analytics degree differs by school, but the obvious thing is that it is quite cheaper than the cost of an on-campus degree.

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