10 Spanish Language Schools in Spain

Do you want to be able to learn and speak the Spanish Language fluently and with confidence? If yes, then you just bumped across an article that has tons of information to share on Spanish Language Schools in Spain that you can enroll in and achieve! Stays glued to this space and get the information you need!

Spain is known as one of the countries in the world the majority of the residents are Spanish Language speakers. Very few of the population are fluent in English, and as such, a Spanish Language School is the best school to enroll in if you want to be able to speak Spanish fluently without mincing words.

Spanish is an ideal destination to study/learn the Spanish language. Not only because you will get exposed to the language daily, but also because Spain’s culture, cuisine, climate, sandy beaches, and vibrant cities offer so many opportunities to thrive and have fun (all while learning the language). The cost of studying Spanish in Spain is affordable and reasonable, and its educational institutions are internationally renowned.

Spanish has always been a go-to language for English speakers to learn due to its practicality and wide reach. Well, it’s also one of the easiest languages to learn for English speakers. Being one of the top easiest languages to learn, it helps Spanish learners to reach fluency in a short period.

Thanks to the internet, learning a new language doesn’t seem so hard anymore. With the proper online learning tools and utmost commitment, you can learn a new language in 6 months or less depending on your learning capabilities

There are other Language Schools in other countries such as Japanese Language Schools in Japan that one can enroll in and learn the language.  Apart from language Schools, there are English Universities in Spain that one can also attend to learn how to speak English fluently and confidently.

While in Spain, you have the opportunity to study Spanish or take online Spanish courses from the comfort of your home, the second most spoken and influential language in the world. Whether a newbie or want to enhance your present level, Spain is the place to immerse yourself in the language, culture, and courses offered.

Without further ado, let’s answer some important questions about Spanish Language Schools in Spain.

How Much Does It Cost To Study Spanish In Spain?

The cost of studying the Spanish language in Spain costs €600 ($724) per week, including accommodation, school supplies, and meals. The cost depends on various factors, such as the duration of the course or the number of hours per week.

Best Places To Study Spanish n Spain

Listed below are the best places and cities where to can go to in Spain to learn the Spanish Language fluently. They are as follows;

  • Salamanca
  • Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • Bilbao
  • Cadiz
  • Seville
  • Granada
  • Valencia
  • Malaga

Now that we have answered these relevant questions on Spanish language schools, let’s delve properly into the language schools and discuss them.

Spanish Language Schools in Spain

Spanish Language Schools in Spain

There are numerous Spanish language Schools in Spain. But in the course of this article, I will be listing out and explaining in detail a number of them. They are as follows;

  • El Rincón del Tándem, Valencia
  • Elcano School, Alicante( Escuela de Español Elcano Alicante)
  • TLCdénia Languages, Denia
  • AIL, Madrid
  • Camino Spanish School, Barcelona
  • World Class Language School, Barcelona
  • Malaca Instituto in Malaga
  • Expanish Language School, Barcelona
  • Instituto de Idiomas in Ibiza
  • TANDEM Escuela Internacional Madrid

1.       El Rincón del Tándem, Valencia

This is the first on our list of Spanish Language Schools in Spain. The school was born from the idea of having a more personalized Spanish school, aimed at those looking to have contact with the language or improve their previous knowledge. They want to help their students, not only learn Spanish, but also Spanish culture. Because learning Spanish is more than just studying Spanish. It is a way of life that they want their students to learn.

The school offers the following language courses; Standard course, part-time course, online lessons, intensive course, photo conversation course, Dele course, Experience course, and private lessons.

Spanish courses are ideal for students of any age whose goal is to learn the Spanish language and culture. The classes are designed to reach the main objective: improving language and communication, listening, and writing skills. Besides grammar exercises, classes include different activities:

  • Discussion on different topics (current issues and Hispanic culture).
  • Projection and didactical use of short movies, documentary films, and movies in Spanish.
  • Spanish conversation sessions for all levels.
  • Reading, analyzing, and discussing newspaper and journal articles.

Their study program has a communicative and dynamic approach. Spanish is the only language spoken in the class.

2.       Elcano School, Alicante ( Escuela de Español Elcano Alicante)

This Spanish language school in Spain is the next on our list. This Language academy is dedicated to teaching Spanish as a foreign language. Their students will be able to learn Spanish through their language courses and programs with total immersion in the Spanish language. They adapt to the needs of our students.

Their most popular courses are; Intensive Spanish Courses, Semi-intensive Spanish Courses, Online Spanish Courses, Dele Courses, and Private Spanish Classes. Their programs include; Summer Camp,  Internship Program, and Group Program.

During the Spanish lessons, they will guide you within the four skills (writing, speaking, reading, and listening) of each level (from beginner to advanced). The most important mission of their courses is real communication in Spanish from the beginning.

If you speak little or nothing, it will not be a problem, their team of teachers will be in charge of creating a personalized plan adapted to the environment. When you don’t realize it and naturally and immediately you can start communicating with native speakers in Spanish.

3.       TLCdénia Languages, Denia

This is the next Spanish Language School in Spain on the list. The school was founded by Mari Carmen Timor who started teaching English lessons in 1984 in a small language school in Pedreguer, 12 km from Denia. 10 years later, in 1994,  she decided to start her business in her hometown, Denia.

TLCdénia started teaching different languages: English, French, Spanish and German, in addition to training for companies, and little by little it developed in the local language sector.

The following  Spanish language courses are offered by the school; Intensive Courses, Spanish For Adults, Spanish For Beginners, Spanish For Families, Summer Junior Courses, Spanish Online Lessons, and Spanish Private Lessons. They also form School Groups and conduct Official Exams for their students.

4.       AIL, Madrid

This is the next Spanish Language School on our list. The school offers numerous features that help students adapt to the virtual environment such as;

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Video Conference Calls
  • Chat Rooms
  • Visual aids to prompt discussion between students
  • Study materials are available both during and after the class so that students can continue to practice their Spanish.
  • Online tests, written and oral with their virtual Classroom teachers to evaluate progress
  • Small classes to maximize interactions

They focus on four main skills: Speaking and Oral Comprehension, plus Reading and Writing Comprehension. They always take into consideration, the content Recommended by the Common European Framework of Reference for languages.

Some of the most popular Spanish language courses are; Intensive Spanish Courses, Evening Spanish Courses, Intensive Online Spanish Courses, and Semi-Intensive Online Spanish Courses.

5.       Camino Spanish School, Barcelona

This is the next on our list of Spanish language Schools in Spain. The school consistently received the highest tier of Cervantes accreditation, reserved for the best Spanish schools in Spain, for their dynamic Spanish lessons, highly educated and enthusiastic native Spanish teachers, and their uniquely efficient and enjoyable study program.

They also offer 7 cultural and fun activity events per week, always with a Spanish teacher: every afternoon after their Spanish classes and every day at the weekends.

The school offers numerous Spanish Language courses, and it is categorized into three sections namely;

  •  Morning Group Course
  • Afternoon Group Course
  • Special Course
  • Other Courses

6.       World-Class Language School, Barcelona

This is the next on our list of Spanish Language Schools in Spain. The School offers Spanish courses such as Intensive, Semi-Intensive, Extensive, and Romance language speakers. They also offer workshops for; Business, Dele Preparation, and Conversation Classes. They also offer Spanish online classes, Private Classes, and Job interview Practice.

7.       Malaca Instituto in Malaga

This is the next on our list of Spanish Language Schools in Spain.  This school had been teaching Spanish since 1971 and it offers Intensive & Super intensive Spanish courses and DELE Exam Preparation

The school offers Intensive Spanish classes at all levels for everyone from complete beginners to those wanting the most advanced Spanish course. It covers all areas of the Spanish language: the 4 skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening as well as grammar and syntax and vocabulary development.

The level test on the first day ensures that you are placed in a class at your specific level. There are a minimum of 6 main levels and often 15 or more.

The DELE Exams are the officially recognized examinations in Spanish as a Foreign Language organized by the Instituto Cervantes. The exams are structured to examine the content of each of the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) – A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.

The most frequently requested level is the B2 (similar to the Cambridge First Certificate in English) as this is the level generally accepted as the minimum level required to study in Spanish at the university level or work effectively in a Spanish-speaking environment.

8.       Expanish Language School, Barcelona

This is the next on our list of Spanish Language Schools in Spain. The school offers Spanish Language courses like; Long-Term Courses, Evening Group Courses, Private Lessons, Group Courses – 20 Lessons, Group Courses – 30 Lessons, and Combined Courses: Group + Private. They also offer Online Spanish Courses and Exam Preparation.

The organization of the Intensive Spanish course is influenced by the Cervantes Institute guidelines, while the teaching plans are based upon the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Their professors and native Spanish speakers use this framework as well as the communicative method, which encourages students to communicate in Spanish during the lessons.

In this way, the student will be able to develop the four essential language skills: reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Through this intensive Spanish course in Barcelona, you will gain all the skills you need to achieve your language-learning goals!

9.       Instituto de Idiomas in Ibiza

This is the next on our list of Spanish Language Schools in Spain and the school has been in existence since 2008. The school is accredited officially by the Spanish state by Instituto Cervantes with highly qualified native-speaking teachers, modern classrooms, and an efficient teaching methodology of language immersion.

Group courses and private classes are taken on the island of Ibiza. In Ibiza Town, in San Antonio, or online wherever in the world you are.

10.   TANDEM Escuela Internacional Madrid

This is the last on our list of Spanish Language Schools in Spain. The school has been accredited by Instituto Cervantes, which means it meets the conditions set by Instituto Cervantes Accreditation System for Centers, the only International accreditation exclusively focused on the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language.

TANDEM Madrid is a unique and independent Spanish school, expert and innovative in the teaching of the Spanish language, and managed by qualified specialists in the field of education.  The school offers four categories of Spanish Courses

  •  Intensive Spanish Courses
  • Summer Courses
  • Spanish for Professionals
  • Extensive Spanish Courses


These Spanish language Schools in Spain that I have talked about are ever-ready to admit students who are interested in working on their Spanish fluency. All you need to do is to enroll in any one of them and start learning Spanish!

Let me conclude this article by answering some frequently asked questions about Spanish Language Schools in Spain.

Spanish Language Schools in Spain – FAQs

How long does it take to learn Spanish?

It can take between 8-12 months to become fluent in Spanish language

Can I learn Spanish in Spain for free?

Yes, you can learn Spanish in Spain for free but only through a scholarship