Study abroad requirements for international students is a list of compulsory requirements demanded from international students to study abroad. There are different requirements for different countries but among all requirements there are some that are general for all countries and schools for international students so I will take my time to list those general ones here and then go ahead to list that of different countries and institutions in my next posts.


For  many international universities, students are expected to pass an English proficiency test like the IETLS or any other acceptable test.

As a student, leaving your country to another for educational purposes will require you get a passport and also student visa, these are just among the necessary things you cannot do without and is among the general study abroad requirements students are to meet before finalizing their travel.

Whether you are going to study abroad on scholarship or you are going to study abroad bearing your fee burden, you cannot do so without at least the two things above.

Studying abroad for any program require you provide certificates that confirm that you are qualified or eligible to be admitted into such program including the provision of your previous program certificates and results, this cannot be skipped in the study abroad requirements of any international university or college.

Among the study abroad requirements, most scholarship programs require that beneficiaries must return to their home country immediately after completion of study, so as you are applying for these scholarships, beware of their do’s and dont’s so you don`t end up doing what you hate or hating what you do.

List of Some Mandatory Study Abroad Requirements

  1. Student Visa (This may not be required during admission application but must be required before you can travel abroad)
  2. International Passport (This is always asked for during admission application but in a situation where your are sure you have applied for the passport but it isn’t ready befor the time of application you may be allowed to go ahead with application without it but you must provide it before the University will issue you an invitation letter)
  3. Scanned copy of your last completed educational level result and certificate.

These three above are needed to apply form admission abroad but if admission is granted, there would sure be other requirements that would be expected of you but they are usually things you must have put in place earlier.

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Scholarship programs are also cool and a very easy and sure way to study abroad for brilliant students who have no money to further their education, especially the fully sponsored scholarship programs.

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study abroad requirements for international students
study abroad requirements for international students



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