Universitè de Sherbrooke Requirements | Fees, Programs, Faculties, Rankings

As an international or domestic student hoping to work towards studying in Canada, here is everything you need to know about the University of Sherbrooke which is one of the international universities in Canada approved as a designated learning institute.

In this article, you will find everything you need to know about University of Sherbrooke degree programs, admission requirements, scholarships, rankings, awards and more.


University de Sherbrooke, Canada

Tons of the universities in North America where Canada is located are highly celebrated for their prestigious establishment. The various universities also receive global applause for providing quality education and internationally recognized programs. Among the top-rated center of higher learning in Canada, University de Sherbrooke is spotted.

UdeS, as it is fondly called is a French-speaking open university, established in 1954 and situated in the vibrant and dignified city of Québec, Canada. The university is recognized as the largest center of higher learning in the province of Estere and Monterey.

University de Sherbrooke operates its classes, lectures and programs in the French language and its pedagogical approach to education has been compared to that obtainable from the European Institutes of higher education.

Considered as the most appreciated institution in Canada, the university has a mantra to succinctly train competent individuals and researchers who will be highly sought after by tons of employers.

It is also worthwhile to know that UdeS enhance cultural and economic development by partnering with various government and agencies to foster cooperating research and innovation.

It champions innovative research activities, technology transfer and entrepreneurship enablement. UdeS is also notable for the cutting-edge research carried out by its faculty members.

Many of the experimental research and innovation coming from its research centers, has led to celebrated discoveries in a variety of fields.

As a result of its pedagogical model of education, backed by intensified research, University de Sherbrooke offers about 396 programs for undergraduates, graduates and doctoral degree students which is tailored to a sustainable based knowledge.

The university obtains an annual enrollment of over 31,000 students of which 7% are international students coming from about 100 countries. It runs three campuses;

  • The main campus is located in west Sherbrooke and it is composed of seven faculties surrounded by thirty administrative buildings. Support services,as well as other academic activities, are carried out here.
  • The Sherbrooke Health campus, located in east Sherbrooke. It has the faculty of medicine as well as other health faculties.
  • Finally, the Longueuil campus addressed at the Montreal south shore is the centre for part-time graduate studies.

Other Notable Facts about UdeS include;

  • Over $195 in research revenue
  • 5 recognized research institute
  • Holds 79 research chair in Canada
  • 46 undergraduate programs
  • 7,200 staff strengths
  • 8 Faculties
  • 1,600 international student enrollment
  • 3,400 professors

Universitè de Sherbrooke Rankings

Universitè de Sherbrooke demonstrates remarkable prowess in the nature of its academic standings. The university is spotlighted on the radar of many national and international ranking bodies and it has received a lot of academic recognition.

  • The 2020 Academic World Ranking of world universities, ranked UdeS 601-700 in the world and 21-24 in Canada.
  • 2021 analysis from QS World University ranked UdeS 701-750 in the world and 23-24 in Canada
  • U.S. News & World Report in its 2021 global rankings report, ranked UdeS 763rd in the world and 24th in Canada.

The medical school at UdeS is highly distinguished in its research and practice. Hence the Maclean’s ranked the department 13th place in the medical category at the doctoral category.

University de Sherbrooke Acceptance Rate

Now that you have an overview of UdeS, let’s take a look at its acceptance rate which is currently about 55%. This shows that it has a moderately high intake rate as the school is highly competitive. Despite this, you can still be given admission if you meet up to the university requirement.

Univeritè de Sherbrooke Faculties

UdeS have notable faculties that are involved in outstanding research and discoveries. The university, however, is well recognized for excelling greatly in medicine. It offers over 396 programs taught in its 8 faculties.

The faculties are:

  • Faculty of law
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Sports & Physical Education
  • Faculty of Theology, Ethics & Philosophy

Universitè de Sherbrooke Tuition Fees

As a prospective student who intends to study abroad, it is expected you have a good budget that’ll cover your tuition fee and other expenditure. Luckily, the tuition at UdeS is very affordable and it varies for the different programs of studies.

Tuition Fee For Quebec Undergraduate Students

Fees vary depending on several factors such as seasons of study, study regime and type of enrollment. Also, fees are calculated based on credit per hour registration.

  • Registration fee : $35.37
  • Tuition fees : $1,311.45
  • Related fees : $300.95
  • Student association : $40
  • Campaign : $17

Estimated total : $1,705

Tuition Fees For Québec Graduate Students

For a 15 credit registration

  • Registration fee : $35.37
  • Tuition fee : $1,311.45
  • Related fee : $300.95
  • Student association : $40
  • Campaign : $17
  • Thesis writing : $359.74

Estimated total : $2,064.64

International Undergraduate Tuition Fees

The fees are moderately higher compared to that of the Canadian students. For a full-time student offering a 15 credit hour course, the estimated fee ranges from $9,385 – $10,425 CAD and it differs for the various area of study.

Below is an estimate of the fee expected from the faculty of Medicine, Arts, Pure and applied sciences.

  • Registration fee : $35.37
  • Tuition fee : $10,031.10
  • Related fee : $300.95
  • Student assoc. : $40
  • UdeS Campaign: $17

Estimated total : $10,425

Again, below is the estimate of fees expected for all area of study;

Tuition fee: $8,980.65

Reg. fee: $35.37

Estimated total: $9,375

International Graduate Tuition Fees

The estimated cost for a Master’s student (research-based) on a full-time basis is stated below. However, students in this category must be enrolled for a thesis writing quarter program.

  • Registration fee : $35.37
  • Tuition fee : $8,980.65
  • Quarter thesis writing : $566
  • Related fee : $300.95
  • UdeS Campaign : $17

Estimated total : $9,941

See estimate of undergraduate and graduate tuition

University de Sherbrooke Admission Requirements

Now that you have prior knowledge about the low tuition fees, and an overview of UdeS, as well as its acceptance rate, you might probably be so excited to begin your application to the university. The admission requirements into the different program varies. However, we have provided below, the general documents required.

General Requirements For Admission

  • Transcripts documenting complete studies
  • Letters of recommendations
  • Birth certificate/International passport
  • French Language Proficiency
  • UdeS is a French language institution. All of its courses,teachings, writings and communication are carried out in the French language.Hence all applicants are expected to be proficient in the language so as to meet up other requirements of the university.

Undergraduate Admission Requirements

To be eligible for admissions in Bachelor’s degree, applicants have to fulfill the stated criteria below:

  1. Thirteen years of post-high school certificate
  2. French proficiency test scores
  3. Application fee of 90 CAD

Graduate Admission Requirements

  1. Application fee of 90 CAD
  2. French language proficiency
  3. Relevant bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution
  4. Letter of acceptance: this must get to the faculty under consideration directly.

Check further requirements

Universitè de Sherbrooke Application Process

  • Visit the school online
  • Choose your program of study and upload the required application documents
  • If you are selected, you’ll receive an official admission offer email from the office of the registrar
  • Pay the stipulated fees using the payment option of bank transfer, money order and check. You can use your visa or master card.
  • Obtain a Quebec acceptance certificate (CAQ) and the Canada study permit.

Universitè de Sherbrooke Scholarships

UdeS awards scholarship worth about $100,000 annually to meritious students on its campus. Although there are a limited amount of scholarships, the following scholarships are available for undergraduate students.

  • Loran Award

Value : $25,000

  • Alberta Sheerson Scholarships

Value : $2,000

  • Wells Fargo Indigenous Student Award
  • Margaret Mansion Scholarship

Value : $2,000

Universitè de Sherbrooke Alumni

The university has produced over 100,000 students since inception and its alumni network comprises of celebrated and remarkable scientists, researchers and innovators in diverse fields and industries serving the world with their breakthrough discoveries.

Some well-known alumni

  • Louis Taillefer ( Canada research chair in Quantum materials )
  • Pierre Deslongchamps ( leading organic chemist )
  • Charles Sirais ( Canadian businessman )
  • Liu Chao Shiuan ( prime minister of Taiwan )
  • Sylvain Charlesbos ( research director )
  • Aziz Alchannonch ( Canadian minister of Agriculture & Fisheries )
  • Esteban Chornet ( Professor of Chemical Engineering )
  • Andre Lusser ( pioneer of clinical rheumatology )
  • Pierre Marc Johnson ( for premiere of Québec )


At UdeS, you’ll be exposed to practical knowledge about your program option and you’ll learn from top tier professors and faculty members who are exceptionally experienced in their field. So, you are expecting to receive a top-notch education and a recognized degree.

Having provided this detailed information about the university de Sherbrooke in Canada, we hope it has been able to meet up your expectations from the university. Do you have questions? Please comment below and good luck on your application process.