University Of Guelph Requirements | Scholarships, Programs, Tuition Fees, Rankings

As a prospective student, here is everything you need to know about the University Of Guelph in Canada as regards its degree programs, admission requirements, scholarships, tuition fees and other expenses.


University Of Guelph

University of Guelph is a respected institution of higher learning situated in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. The University is well known for its involvement in exploring amazing scientific research in Agriculture and Veterinary sciences.

It’s foundation dates back to 1964 when it was formed as a merger between two important institutes; Ontario Agricultural College (established 1874 ) and Ontario Veterinary College ( Established 1862 ). Since then it has become one of Canada’s top Comprehensive Public University focused on innovative research that is tailored to producing flexible learning experience to its students.

The university is widely recognized for excelling greatly in the field of arts and the sciences and interestingly, its science complex is the largest equipped scientific edifice for advanced research, experimentation and teaching in Canada. It has to its credit, exceptional praise for providing experiential learning taught by highly distinguished and top-tier professors with a great reputation of excellence.

With a mantra to “improve life” as its vision, Guelph is totally committed to supporting the society by sponsoring researches on agriculture, Food and the veterinarian sciences. So, if you have the ambition to combat world hunger and food insecurity, Guelph will help nurture your vision into reality.

U.G thrives in giving its students the necessary tools and skills to make memorable impacts on changing the world. With this in view, Guelph ensures to prepare its students to achieve their ambition and career.

It offers a variety of amazing degree programs for its undergraduate and graduate students integrated into seven faculties with about 90 courses in disciplines ranging from Engineering, Human Sciences to Business and Economics.

It awards a program that leads to a Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorates degrees. The faculties at Guelph holds about 28 Canadian research chair positions and awards about $23 million

At Guelph, research knows no boundary. Its students and researchers are actively involved in a variety of researches to discover innovative breakthroughs and knowledge transfer.

As a student-focused institution, Guelph makes its students presence to be fulfilling, noble and astonishingly memorable. Gryphon, which is the term used in describing successful applicants to the university is strongly bonded in the activities of the school and they are highly satisfied with the academic model of the school. You will be satisfied also.

The University through its Gradpathway strives to provide professional skill development and academic counseling for ultimate success in a career path which assists in sharpening employability readiness. The employment rate from Glueph is 90.20%.

Graduates are widely accepted and sought after by multinationals and government institutions. In addition, the university remains the largest employer of academic staff in North America.

Building a community that is tailored to students, Guelph has over 29,507 students enrolled in its program every year. It welcomes more than 1,400 international students from more than 120 countries. Application to Guelph increases yearly by 50%.

It operates three academic calendar session; Summer, Fall, and Winter and has also attracted over $146 million in annual research from various bodies and institutions more than any other university in Canada without operating a medical school.

The Campus of Guelph is a delightful place to stay. It however operates two external campuses in addition to its main campus in Guelph. The Ontario Agricultural College Campuses ( OAC ) is located in Ontario.

It delivers a technology transfer diploma program with a specialty’s in agriculture, horticulture, veterinary technology and environmental technology, with a one-year degree program in horse handling. It also runs a campus in Humber, known as the University Of Guelph-Humber located in Ontario, Toronto. It has seven academic programs that run for a period of four years which upon completion, leads to an honours degree from the University of Guelph and it operates both full and part-time.

The main campus, however, extends across 1,017 acres of land that blends historical and modern architecture with cutting edge technological buildings, lecture halls and theatres. There are state-of-the-art interconnected pathways with rich evergreen trees that are arranged beautifully beside the walkways.

The campus features a quiet learning environment and encourages exploration. The campus also houses a central library that consists of rich journals, millions of books and research documents. It also has an e-learning platform for providing career-related advice.

Since its inception, the university has produced over 173,000 Alumni with networks in more than 163 countries. You’ll experience a plausible academic time at Guelph which will help to drive your ambition to a successful career.

University of Guelph Ranking

Guelph is a citadel for experiential learning listed among the top comprehensive universities in Northern America. The university consistently strives to offer quality education which will remain memorable to its students.

To enhance this vision, it provides excellent teaching facilities, brilliant and innovative faculty members that delivers a world-class teaching style. This has made it possible for lots of national and international ranking bodies and institutions to place its name among other high ranking universities both in the world and in Canada.

The recognition comes from its unwavering commitment to supporting advanced learning in various disciplines for the benefits of society, as well as its interest in innovative research programs with exciting and commendable campus experiences for its students.

  • Times Higher Education ranks it 50th in its list of top 100 universities under 50 years
  • Academic Ranking Of World University ranked it 76th-100 in the world in the life science category.
  • The Globe and Mail gave the university a top mark for providing excellent student satisfaction amidst other universities in Canada in its comprehensive category.
  • Maclean’s rank Guelph 4th place in Canada in its top university ranking category in 2018.

The faculties and schools at Guelph also have credits to the contribution of the school’s excellence. Its Hospitality and Tourism Management program was given the highest research rating in Canada by the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research. The faculty holds 28 Canada research chair in the fields of engineering, health science to social sciences.

Faculties at University of Guelph

The programs taken at Guelph are very flexible and robust, having high recommendations from professionals and other academic bodies. The university boast of a faculty strength of about 1,590 and 3,870 Academic and Administrative staff respectively.

The run about 90 courses enshrined in 13 different degree programs in its seven faculties that cuts across the discipline of veterinary engineering, Scottish history, Environmental studies to the Gordon S.Lang school of Business and Economics.

The faculties are;

  1. College Of Engineering and Physical Sciences
  2. College Of Biological Sciences
  3. College Of Social and Applied Human Sciences
  4. Ontario Agricultural College
  5. Gordon S.Lang School Of Business and Economics
  6. College Of Arts
  7. Ontario Veterinary College

University of Guelph Schools

  • School Of Fine Arts and Music
  • School Of Languages and Literature
  • School Of Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • School Of Environmental Sciences
  • Open Learning and Educational Support
  • School Of Environmental Design and Rural Development

University of Guelph Tuitions Fees

As a student who desires to study abroad, you must have a good budget to cover all of your expenses, tuition and other expenses inclusive. While a good budget gives quality education, there are, however, scholarship opportunities that you can apply.

The tuition fee at University of Guelph is very affordable and it varies for the different programs of consideration. The university makes it easier for applicants to pay tuition fees in batches. The estimated range of fee for national students is between $6,091 – $11,286 per year while international students ranges from $24,300 – $33,551 per year.

The fees are estimated accordingly to the academic calendar for a given program by the university authority.

Here is a partial estimate of cost for both national and international undergraduate students

University of Guelph International Students Full School Fees

  • Fulltime: $26,730 – $37,906
  • Residence Permit: $6,644 – $8,632
  • Meal Plan: $4,250 – $6,350
  • Average Personal Expenses: $2,250
  • Optional Fees: $220 – $350
  • Comopulsry Fees: $1,432
  • Health Insurance: $720
  • Total Average: $43,488 – $57,949

University of Guelph Canadian Students Full School Fees

  • Fulltime: $6,091
  • Residence Room: $6,644
  • Meal Plan: $6,550
  • Personal Budget: $2,300
  • Compulsory Fees: $1,432
  • Total: $23,017

How to Pay University of Guelph Tuition Fees

The primary method of payment for the University of Guelph tuition fee is online banking. Payment for your tuition, fees, residence and meal plan should be made through online banking services. The amount you owe for the Fall semester is available to view through the Account View option on WebAdvisor.

When creating the vendor/payee in your bank’s online bill payment system, be sure to choose the “University of Guelph Students Fees” option and confirm you have entered your student ID number as the account number.

Otherwise, your payments will be misdirected and will not be credited against your student account. (Depending on your banking institution, the University of Guelph may be listed in a variety of ways.

You can follow link here to find out more about University of Guelph fees and fundings.

University of Guelph School of Veterinary Medicine

The University of Guelph School of Veterinary Medicine is special and highly celebrated. The graduates learn to diagnose and treat diseases for large and small animals. The tuition fee for a Doctor of medicine degree ranges from $28,000 – $54,000 per year for domestic students and $41,000 – $66,000 per year for international students.

University of Guelph Application Fee

The application fee for all undergraduate and graduate programs is a non-refundable fee of US $90.

University of Guelph Admission Requirements

The admission requirements at Guelph for the different degree programs vary. All the undergraduate and graduate students for each program are expected to meet specific prerequisites and minimum entrance requirements for consideration for admission.

Admission Requirements for International Students

  • Internationally recognized secondary school graduation certificate (WASSCE -for West Africans)
  • Test scores in IELTS, TOEFL, MELAB, CAEL, PET are required.
  • Academic transcripts
  • Copy of passport
  • Letter of recommendations

Here are the overall requirements for international students applying to Canada institutions.

Admission Requirements for Canadian Students

Applicants with a permanent Canadian residential address and of Canada origin are expected to possess the following

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)
  • A minimum of 4U or 4m courses
  • Specific requirements of the degree program of interest

How to Apply to the University of Guelph

  1. You can apply via the online application form
  2. You can also apply through its 105 application available into the Ontario campus.
  3. International students can apply using the common app

University of Guelph Scholarships

University of Guelph awards generous scholarships to its meritorious students. In 2018, the school offered scholarships worth $23 million to about 7,950 students. International scholarships worth about US $8,500 are available and offered annually on the basis of academic performance.

University of Guelph does not require students to apply for some of the automatic scholarships like entrance scholarships but most of other scholarships require an application.

A limited number of renewable international scholarships are available that range in total worth from $17,500 – $20,500 CAD.

The scholarship requirements for different awards vary. However, it is expected that applicants must be a registered student of Guelph and applicants must be in possession of valid school documents.

University of Guelph Undergraduate Scholarships

Here are some scholarships available for undergraduate students

  • Entrance Scholarship
    Value: $2,000 – $3,000
  • Lincoln Alexander Chancellor’s Scholarship
    Value: $42,000
  • President’s Scholarship
    Value: $42,000
  • Spitzig Entrance Scholarship in Economics
    Value: $4,500
  • ROI-Land Farms Scholarship
    Value: $2,000
  • Registrar’s Entrance Bursaries
    Value: $4000
  • P.A.J Clarke Family Scholarship
    Value: $12,000
  • Honours Physics Scholarship
    Value: $4,000
  • Harold A.Kopas Memorial Entrance Award
    Value: $7,500
  • Gary Knechtel Memorial Scholarship
    Value: $10,000
  • Clara E.Elliot Education Scholarship
    Value: $10,000

University of Guelph Graduate Scholarships

  • Canada Graduate Scholarship- Masters
    Value: $17,500 for 12 months
  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships
    Value: $50,000
  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC)
    Value: $21,000 – $35,000
  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council
    Value: $20,000 – $35,000
  • Canadian Institutes For Health Research (CIHR)
    Value: $35,000
  • Ontario Trillium Scholarship Program
  • Ontario Graduate Graduate Fellowship Program

University of Guelph Notable Alumni

There are over 173,000 Alumni of the University of Guelph scattered in over 163 countries of the world. Some are celebrities, Authors, Politicians, Scientists, producers and more. The network through its Alumni Affairs and development builds lifelong relationships with staff, faculty and friends of the University of Guelph. The Alumni also raise funds to support the university and advance its mission to improve life.

Below are some of the notable Alumni of the University of Guelph

  • Kelly Thornton ( Theatre director )
  • Harry Nixon ( Thirteenth Premier of Ontario )
  • John Kenneth Galbraith ( Economists )
  • Edgar Archibald ( Agricultural Scientists )
  • Jiyuan Yu ( Philosopher )
  • Mike Wallace ( Politician )
  • Jane Siberry ( Songwriter )
  • Tim Bray ( Software Developer )
  • Karen Beanchemin ( Research Scientists
  • Chris Banks ( poet )
  • Denis Ellis Bechard ( Novelist )
  • Laura Bertram ( Actress )
  • Anne Croy ( Reproductive immunologist )
  • Laura Thompson ( Producer )
  • Jane Wright ( Entomologist )
  • Stanley Thompson ( Golf course architect )
  • George Atkins ( Broadcaster )
  • Laural Schafer ( Canada’s Chair in Catalyst Development )
  • Mark Bourrier ( Lawyer and Journalist )
  • Ernest Charles Drury ( Eight premier of Ontario )


Now, you have in your hands the key that’ll make your journey into U of G extremely successful. U.G is first among many institutions that’ll offer you a unique campus experience. Guelph ensures to give its students maximum attention so as to help you achieve your academic dream. Guelph, you’ll get to network and meet wonderful and bright professors, staff and other international students that’ll inspire you to make a remarkable impact in your field of pursuit.