University of Lethbridge Requirements | Fees, Programs, Rankings, Scholarships

Here’s is everything you need to know about the University of Lethbridge in Canada as an aspiring student whether from within Canada or outside the region.

This article conveys information about the university’s tuition fees, application fees and process, faculties, academic rankings, and more.


University of Lethbridge, Canada

If you have chosen to become an international student in Canada, there are thousands of university’s that’ll get your attention. A lot of the institutions offers astonishing programs and degrees that are widely recognized.

Also, many of the Canadian institution have an appealing academic excellence, leads in research, innovation and thrilling discoveries.

However, of the tons of institution available, a delightful place you should consider, is the university of Lethbridge.

Ulethbridge is one of Canada’s top ranked university and leading research institutes. It is located in the heart of southern Alberta, Lethbridge, which is a city that thrives in industrial, commercial and technological hub.

Historically, ulethbridge was formed as a liberal education and established in 1967 as a public comprehensive university.

Today, Ulethbridge produces outstanding research and academic outputs. Its system of education is tailored to experiential learning, interdisciplinary research and co-op programs.

Furthermore, it trains its students to actively learn new ways of approaching the world and embracing knowledge across diverse disciplines and develop critical thinking skills.

The university has a sophisticated science and academic building, which is considered the most advanced facility in Canada and it has enable the university to lead in cutting edge research and innovation in its programs.

In addition, the university is home to leading research institutes and it is the first academic body to house the “Canada’s Centre For Behavioural Neuroscience”. Also, the university is well known for its addiction counseling programs.

Considered as a research-intensive university, it won the ” Research University Of The Year” in 2012 and it shows strong emphasis in sciences and other field of study. The university also leads in scholarly publication and translational faculty research and innovation.

Academically, ulethbridge offers about 150 programs in a broad spectrun of disciplines that cut across sciences, mathematics, social sciences, medicine, law, nutrition, optometry, social work and up to business.

Currently, the university has about 8,155 undergraduates, 640 graduate students and it has added 50 master and PhD programs. Its courses are structured to yield industry standardized skills.

The university’s campus lies in an area of 460 acres and within it, are world class architectures and facilities like halls, sports & wellness centre, library, community stadium etc.

In addition, the university has a satellite campus in Calgary which offers weekend and evening courses in health science and management.

Why You Should Study In University of Lethbridge

Basically, the university of Lethbridge offer programs that meets industry demands and standard. In its half century of operations, it has train well over 100,000 students who are competent and leading in diverse industries.

Each year, application into ulethbridge increases exponentially and more than 576 international students from 94 countries enrolls into its programs.

In addition, the university is fully accredited by “Alberta Postsecondary Learning” and it is associated with the “International Association Of Universities”, ” Canada University Press and the Association Of Commonwealth Universities.

Notably, the university is considered a “Comprehensive Academic and Research University” ( CARU ), which implies that it provides professional and academic programs with a globally recognized degree.

In awards and recognition, the university is not left out. It has about 60 research chairs, 8 fellow of the royal society of Canada. Hence, here are some reasons for a consideration into ulethbridge;

Firstly, the university is a home to leading research institutes. Its programs are tied to comparative studies that transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries. In this regard, there’s the centre for oral history and tradition, institute for child and youth studies, Canadian centre for socially responsible marketing etc.

Secondly, ulethbridge has an advance scientific and information technology infrastructure for undergraduate and postgraduate research studies.

Thirdly, the university through its tecconnect and rinsa program, connects its graduate students to its numerous partnered industries for employment acceptance.

Also, ulethbridge provides academic support and guidance to help its student achieve their academic and educational goals. It has financial support in form of scholarships and bursaries.

Lastly, the university operates three seasons of academic section: fall, spring and summer. Each of the seasons begins from September, January and may respectively.

University Of Lethbridge Ranking

The university of Lethbridge is recognized for its high performance academic indicators which ranges from its employment rate, academic excellence, research excellence, reputation, to funding and endowment. Let us now see how some reputable bodies have its performances.

For the U.S News & World report, ulethbridge is ranked the 1470th position as best global university in the world and 36th position in Canada.

  • ARWU ranked ulethbridge 1000th in the world
  • Webometrics ranked ulethbridge the 1034th place in the reputation category
  • Maclean’s, in its 2020 uni ranking, ranked ulethbridge the 27th place in its primary undergraduate category
  • TimesWorld ranked ulethbridge 1001st in the world and 30th in Canada.

University Of Lethbridge Acceptance Rate

Apparently, ulethbridge is a school that’s open to prospective candidates who’ll meet its requirements. The university enrolls more than 13,000 cohorts yearly.

However, in its recent intake, the university enrolled 8,155 undergraduates and 640 postgraduates out of the 13,000 applicants. In other words, it implies that the university’s acceptance rate is 85%.

University Of Lethbridge Faculties

For the record, ulethbridge programs are topnotch and outstandingly robust. The university administers more than 150 degree programs in its unique seven faculties.

Undergraduate and graduate students can take classes on fine arts, sciences, business etc. The faculties are;

  • Faculty Of Arts & Science
  • Faculty Of Education
  • Faculty Of Fine Arts
  • Faculty Of Health Sciences
  • Dhillion School Of Business
  • School Of Graduate Studies
  • School Of Liberal Education

Check programs and courses available in each faculties

University Of Lethbridge Tuition

Ulethbridge charges fees for the services it offers to its students and the amounts are calculated based on a typical course load for one year. Also five courses are offered per semester for each programs.

Basically, the average tuition for international undergraduate programs ranges from $17,526 – $19,101 CAD and it covers administrative fees, student health fees, student union fees, sport and recreation.

In addition, the average tuition for graduate students ranges from $7,386 – $20,642 CAD.

University of Lethbridge Domestic Undergraduate Tuition

  • Tuition : $4,974
  • Student Administrative fee : $418
  • Sport & Recreation Services fee : $181
  • Student Union Fee ( includes Health & Dental insurance and Upass ) : $896
  • Student Magazine : $10
  • Annual Total : $6,470

University Of Lethbridge International Undergraduate Tuition

  • Tuition : $17,526
  • Student Administrative Fees : $418
  • Sport & Recreation Services : $181
  • Student Union Fees : $896
  • International Health care Centre Fee : $73.50
  • Student Magazine : $10
  • Annual Total : $19,101

All intending applicants are to note that, the cost for each tuition is subjected to change and also, fee is mandatory.

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University Of Lethbridge Graduate Tuition

Are you applying as a graduate student?

Ulethbridge graduate program is consistently ranked best in leading research in Canada. Its programs spans across 75 disciplines. Fees are estimated based on the number of credit courses per hour. Actually, it ranges from 1.5 credit hour to 15.0 credit hours.

( For 1.5 credit per hour )

  • Tuition : $291.88 ( For Canadian Student )
  • $678.58 ( For International Students )
  • Student Administrative Fee : $20.88
  • Graduate Student Associated Fee : $145.86
  • KXU Radio Fee : $30
  • Total : $461.62

See more estimated tuition for each credit hour

University of Lethbridge Admission Requirements

Annually, the university of Lethbridge welcomes more than 8,750 undergraduate and graduate applicants. Best of all, its specialized programs are available to prospective international students.

All application into ulethbridge is done via the school’s online portal. In addition, an application fee of 140 CAD will also be made payable to the school account by international student, while domestic students pays 125 CAD.

University of Lethbridge General Admission Requirements

Find below, the expected requirements for all students

  1. Official School Transcripts
  2. English Language Proficiency Test Scores
  3. Letters Of Recommendation
  4. Statement Of Purpose or Personal Letter
  5. Proof Of Financial Support
  6. Copy Of International Passport

University of Lethbridge Undergraduate Admission Requirements

There are more than 75 undergraduate programs that cut across various fields like Engineering, mathematics, architecture, English, available in ulethbridge. Students applying as undergraduates, are to be in possession of the following supporting documents:

  1. Scores of SAT/ ACT
  2. English Language Proficiency Test Scores
  3. Proof Of Finance
  4. Copy Of Valid Passport
  5. Official High School Transcripts
  6. Application Fee Of 140 CAD

University of Lethbridge Graduate Admission Requirements

The admission requirements for graduate programs varies for each fields of study and it depends on the nature of the program ( either research based or course based ).

Some of the program of study requires a minimum Grade Point Average of 3.0. However, students are to note that a minimum qualification will not guarantee admission.

How to Apply to University of Lethbridge

All application is made online through the official school portal. Before application, applicants are to

Familiarize themselves with the kind of course to study, know the admission requirements, and application procedures.

  • Have the application fee available
  • Know the relevant application deadline
  • Be in possession of supporting documents
  • Read through the school’s terms and services

If those step listed above is taken, kindly follow this procedures for your application

  • Visit the official application portal of the ulethbridge
  • Upload supporting documents
  • Pay the application fee by using either your visa or MasterCard credit cards
  • Submit your application and wait for a confirmation email.

Start your application

University of Lethbridge Scholarships

Ulethbridge as a genorous school, awards more than $4.1 million in funding to meritorious students through internal and external scholarships, as well as bursaries. International students are also eligible for scholarships.

Undergraduate Scholarships

  • Alexander Barnhill Bursary For International Students
  • Alexander Rutherford Scholarship
    Value : $2,500
  • Sir James Longhead Award Of Distinction
    Value : $20,000
  • Alberta Award For Study Of Human Rights And Multiculturalism
    Value : $15,000

Graduate Scholarships

  • Parkison Canada Research Program
  • Board Of Governors Graduate Student Research Scholarships
  • Arthur J.E. Child Award
  • Canadian Northern Studies Trust Scholarships
  • CSA Group Graduate Scholarships
  • Dr. Malcom Greenshields European History Awards
  • F.W Hess & Family Award
  • IDRC Research Award

University of Lethbridge Alumni

Ulethbridge has graduated more than 150, 000 students since inception and it has a growing number of alumni network in more than 94 countries.

Some notable alumni are:

  • Wendy Shoboda ( fossil fuel scientist )
  • Andrew N Iwanick ( biologist )
  • David Hoffers ( contemporary artist )
  • Hans Boersman ( theologian )
  • Jim Anton ( politician )
  • Madeleine Dion Stout ( author )
  • Gavin Williams ( well known actor & writer )

University of Lethbridge


As you can see, this article has provided you with the detailed information you need to know about the university of Lethbridge. From its admission requirements, acceptance rate, tuition fees, programs available and its ranking you can now fully apply into ulethbridge.

In addition, the programs offered are fully accredited and tailored to satisfy your academic pursuit. Its tuition fee for international graduate students is $17,526 and ranges between $7,386 – $20,642 for graduate students. Also it’s acceptance rate is 85%, which implies that for every 100 applicants, about 85 are admitted. So you have to meet up the school’s basic requirements.

Lastly, at ulethbridge, you’ll have a competitive advantage as you’ll network, interact and learn from experts across all fields of robust transdisciplinary learning. As a member of the community, you won’t get lost in the crowd, as there is a superior student support.


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