8 Vocational Schools in Germany for International Students

Germany is popular for being one of Europe’s most successful and stable vocational training systems. Here, I have curated vocational schools in Germany for international students looking for where to acquire quality technical skills and be ready for success in the job market.

Vocational schools in Germany are one of the best in Europe, offering a wide range of trade skills to make graduates job-ready. They take between two and three and a half years to complete. Students spend one or two days a week, or several weeks at once, at vocational school.

Vocational schools in Germany are described as a dual system because training is carried out in two places of learning which are at the workplace and in a vocational school. The age limit for vocational programs in Germany ranges from 18 to 24 years old.

If you are an international student, note that most of the programs are taught in German, there are just a few that are taught in English. So, you may either choose to learn the German language or take the available English courses. Another option you could consider is to check the vocational schools in Finland that teach in English, there are more English-taught programs here.

However, there are some amazing benefits of studying a vocational program in Germany as an international student. The benefits include:

  • You get to learn and earn an income
  • There is a high chance of getting a permanent job when you graduate
  • They offer good career prospects
  • They equip young talents with high-demand knowledge and skills

Vocational schools in Germany for international students offer a variety of programs. Still, some of the best courses are business and management, IT and computer science, sales and retail, mechatronics, healthcare and nursing, hospitality and tourism, automotive technology, and engineering.

To enroll in a vocational school in Germany, international students must get a study permit to enable them to enter the country.

Requirements for Vocational Training in Germany

To enroll in a vocational training program in Germany as an international student, the following requirements you must meet:

  • Have a school leaving certificate recognized by your host institution
  • German at a C1 (advanced) level. Most vocational training in Germany takes place entirely in German. Your German must already be at this level upon applying.
  • Proof of sufficient funds for your stay.

There may be other requirements but these are the general ones.

vocational schools in Germany for international students

Vocational Schools in Germany for International Students

The following are vocational schools in Germany for international students:

  • Untertaunus Vocational Schools
  • ProGenius Private Vocational Schools
  • Sabine Blindow Schools
  • Vocational School for Technology Bremerhaven
  • Berufsbildende Schulen Soltau Europaschule
  • Technik Design Service
  • Wittelsbacher Land Vocational School

1.     Untertaunus Vocational Schools

Untertaunus Vocational Schools is a technical college in Pestalozzistrasse 5, 65232 Taunusstein that builds on the intermediate qualification and imparts knowledge and skills for higher-level tasks in business, administration, and industry. The college offers 5 different subjects in the following areas:

  • Electrical engineering
  • Economy and administration
  • Informational technology
  • Business informatics
  • Mechanical engineering

To register, you will be required to submit a CV with a picture, an intern contract, the last two school reports, a residence permit, a certificate of career advice, a registration form, and a declaration of time already completed at a technical college.

School Website

2.     GELUTEC

GELUTEC offers vocational programs in health, aviation, and manufacturing technology to international and domestic students who want to get vocational training and enter the workforce quickly. The college is located at Ernst Mittelbach Brekelbaums Park 10 20537 Hamburg and offers all programs on-site.

School Website

3.     ProGenius Private Vocational Schools

ProGenius Private Vocational Schools guide students toward their career path by developing their potential and personality and equipping them with skills to prepare them for career success. The school has 13 different locations across Germany and international students can apply to any of them.

School Website

4.     Sabine Blindow Schools

Sabine Blindow Schools have been offering vocational training programs for 33 years and are still ongoing. Programs offered include biological technical assistance, informational technical assistance, tourism and event management assistance, chemical technical assistance, and many more. This trade school in Germany provides high-quality equipment and competent lecturers to create an inspiring learning environment.

School Website

5.     Vocational School for Technology Bremerhaven

If you are interested in pursuing a technical skill in Germany, the Vocational School for Technology Bremerhaven can be a great place for you to spread your wings and explore. The vocational school is known for offering top-notch technology programs to students from home and abroad. Vocational School for Technology Bremerhaven is located at Georg-Büchner-Str. 7 27574 Bremerhaven.

The school offers vocational school subjects in three areas:

  • Vocational school for electrical engineering
  • Vocational school for metal technology
  • Vocational school for metal technology M2 (incl. vehicle technology)

To apply, applicants are required to take part in a consultation, submit a detailed letter of application in their chosen field of study, a secondary school leaving certificate, and proof of participation in an internship that is at least, 2 weeks.

School Website

6.     Berufsbildende Schulen Soltau Europaschule

This school houses a career entry school, vocational school, technical colleges, vocational high schools, and professional school. They offer courses in IT & computer science, automotive & metal technology, cosmetics & hairdressing techniques, health & care, construction & wood technology, etc.

The school offers high school diplomas, secondary school diplomas, adult secondary school diplomas, and university entrance qualifications. If you need a physical visit, the location is Winsener Straße 57 29614 Soltau.

School Website

7.     Technik Design Service

This is a vocational school in Germany for international students located at Stüvestrasse 35 49076 Osnabrück and offering courses in various technical trade careers to develop students for jobs in the workforce. Programs offered include wood technology, personal hygiene, dental technology, gastronomy, nutrition, media design/media technology, color technique, and textile technology.

School Website

8.     Wittelsbacher Land Vocational School

Wittelsbacher Land Vocational School is a vocational school in Germany for international students offering programs in mechanical engineering, wood technology, economics and administration, metal technology, and English. To apply, applicants are required to provide a CV with a picture, birth certificate, and proof of professional activity for at least 1 year.

The Technical School for Mechanical Engineering is offering a full-time 2-year training course without registration fees, school fees, and examination fees. This is a financial aid to attract students to pursue a career path in mechanical engineering.

School Website


Vocational schools in Germany for international students offer a valuable opportunity for foreign students to gain the skills and training they need to succeed in Germany’s workforce. With a focus on hands-on learning and practical experience, these schools are a great option for those who want to gain a career-specific education.