10 Best 1-month courses after 12th (Science, Arts, Commerce)

Whenever high scholars complete their high school education, they are always in a frenzy to enroll in courses that would keep them busy during their wait for entry into college. I would be curating the best 1-month courses after 12th that these students can enroll in and learn at a very fast pace.

It is common for high school graduates to enroll in some science, arts, or commerce courses after getting their high school diploma. Some enroll in computer science classes to hone their skills in some Microsoft offices.

Some of them that can’t afford the luxury of enrolling in a college decide to learn some trade subjects or learn some vocational skills such as welding and cosmetology online in the comfort of their homes.

Now, for high school graduates, the kind of educational institution to enroll in is mostly not the problem but the course to pursue. This is usually where there is a lot of confusion for these 12th-standard graduates.

While the student’s dream could be to pursue a career in the arts their parents may advise them to go for commercials or they may come to online platforms like Alison, Coursera, edX, and other platforms and see that the science field is the most lucrative. All these make these 12th graders confused about the particular field to pursue.

This article is written to clear these concerns and confusions that they have and give them a focus as to the right courses to choose, and which they will learn at a very fast pace of 1 month. I will be talking about these courses soon. Meanwhile, you can check out this article on the best job-oriented courses after high school graduation.

1-Month Courses after 12th

 1-Month Courses after 12th

The list of some well-known 1-month courses after 12th will be talked about here. It is worth of note that most of these courses offer high paying jobs when they are applied in the nearest future. The course is as follows;

  • Certificate in Video Editing
  • Certificate in MS Office
  • Computer Basic
  • Digital Marketing
  • Certificate in General Biology
  • Certificate in Programming
  • Certificate in App Development
  • Certificate Mobile Photography
  • Certificate in Graphic Design
  • Certificate in Speaking English

1.       Certificate in Video Editing

Video Editing is a coming-of-age skill that should be learned by high school graduates. Most of the things we learn online are in video formats and these videos go through a series of editions before they are compiled and posted on different platforms. It is the first on our list of 1-month courses after 12th.

Having this video editing skill will help to enhance learning and it can be done with devices such as mobile phones and laptops. Along with all the skills, video editing is such a skill that after learning you can easily earn money by doing freelancing work. Even if you have a mobile phone, you can learn video editing using free video editing mobile apps.

2.       Certificate in MS Office

Everyone that has a laptop must have seen the MS (Microsoft) Office Software in it. Now, not everyone that has a laptop knows how to make use of these Microsoft packages. This is the next on our list of 1-month courses after 12th.

MS Office is a combination of many software that comes in the Window Operating System. Word, Excel, Onedrive, Onenote, Powerpoint, Outlook, and Teams are some of the parts of MS Office. These are software that is used almost everywhere.

 So if you do not know how to use MS Office then you should give priority to learning this course as it enhances your skills and opens up future opportunities.

3.       Computer Basic

As a high school graduate, learning computer basics is very important. This is a course in which one can learn about computers, components of computers, the internet, operating system, software, hardware, and basic knowledge about computers. This is not a job or career-oriented course, it is a simple and more skill-based course. This is the next on our list of 1-month courses after 12th.

This course is perfect for those students after 12th who do not know much about computers as computers are used almost everywhere and in today’s era, it is quite necessary to use computers.

4.       Digital Marketing

Marketing of goods and services in recent times has gone digital. If you have an interest in content creation and selling then digital marketing is a great skill you go into.

With the growth of digital marketing, it has emerged as a new industry and people are looking at this industry as a career option. In the course of 1 month, you can easily learn the basics of digital marketing through free courses or paid digital marketing courses.

5.        Certificate in General Biology

Students that love biology while in high school can take up learning general biology after their high school education. Biology is a very vast aspect of science and will require time and patience to be learned and understood.

 The duration of 1 month will get you to learn just the basics of biology. So, to obtain deeper and more advanced knowledge in biology, you need more months or even years to accomplish that due to its vastness.

6.       Certificate in Programming

Basic coding is one of the 1month courses after 12th that you can enroll in and get certified. Programming may seem like a hard cut to crack, but with determination and consistency, you will be able to crack the code and become a professional in no time.

Coding is something you need to learn first to become a basic programmer. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are some of the basic and easy-to-practice languages that you can start with. The minimum you need is a mobile/laptop/desktop to learn/practice these languages. You can access programming languages on different online platforms for easy learning.

7.       Certificate in App Development

This 1-month course after 12th is a suitable course for students who have basic computer science knowledge. One needs to know programming languages to be able to learn app development.

App development is a highly sought-after course learned by interested individuals, as most of the mobile devices in use today make use of thousands of applications for smooth running.

However, as per the demand app development is mainly of two types or based on two operating systems one is Android app development or IOS app development.

8.       Certificate Mobile Photography

Photography is a field of passion for most people who do photography so they enjoy this work. The popularity of the photography domain among students is increasing by the day.

Photography is one aspect that almost everyone can do, but just very few people are professional photographers. Almost every mobile device in use has a camera that is used to take pictures of both life and inanimate objects.

Photography is basically the process of taking pictures or how do you depict any motion in an image. There are many techniques, angles, and lighting used in photography.

Professional photography is basically done by high megapixel cameras. Mobile photography is also one of such thing and it is trending in recent years as the quality of cameras in mobiles is better than ever

9.       Certificate in Graphic Design

Graphic design is very similar to photography as both are related to photographs/images. So, if one is interested in photography then he/she must be interested in graphic design.

Graphic design is the art of making visual images by combining pictures, text, and elements. Info graphic is one such branch of graphic design which contain information in the form of an image.

Graphic design can be learned on different online platforms like YouTube and others

10.   Certificate in Speaking English

The English language is one of the most spoken languages in the world today. Being fluent in English entails that you have to brush up on your English-speaking skills by enrolling in English-speaking classes to be certified. You can do this as a 1-month course after 12th.

As a high school graduate, when you know how to speak English fluently, it helps you communicate easily and better with people around you even when you are in a foreign country, because some countries have English language as their second spoken language.


Having seen these 1-month courses after 12th, you can decide to enroll in any one of them and learn, so as to be relevant in the nearest future.