7 Best 2 Months Courses after 12th (Science, Arts, Commerce)

Students who have completed their 12th grade in secondary education can opt to enroll in the best 2 months courses after 12th in the sciences, arts, and commerce category at a fast pace.

The 12th grade is the 12th school year after kindergarten. It is the last year of secondary education or high school. Countries like Australia refer to their 12th grade as Year 12. Some countries have 13th grade, while others don’t. The age grade for 12th graders is usually between the ages of 16 to 18 and varies according to country.

Once a student completes their secondary school education, the graduation certificate or qualification is called the High School Diploma. With this, the student can enroll in some courses to acquire more knowledge in any field of science, arts or commerce.

High school students have a lot to learn and imbibe, and that is why secondary education is a very important aspect of education. There are high schools for students interested in the performing arts. Lots of exchange programs are available for high school students. There are also paramedic requirements a high scholar needs to have if interested in learning all about paramedics, as well, as free online books that will catch the interest of the bookworms amongst them.

Scholarship opportunities are also available for high school students. Some of them are poetry scholarships for lovers of poetry and literature as well as scholarships for high school seniors.

Now, In spite of all these benefits and opportunities gain in high school learning, once you get the qualifications, there would still be a need to lay your hands on some courses related to either the sciences, arts, or commerce, depending on your interest.

Some of the benefits of learning a short course after your 12th grade is to gain experience in various multidisciplinary fields immediately after schooling has ended, providing a practical foundation. It also helps you to stand out amongst your peers. You can earn and profit from your knowledge of a particular course.  

The good thing is that these courses can be enrolled into and learned in a space of just two months. I will be talking about them shortly in this article. You can check out this article on the worst high schools in Canada to attend in the meantime.

2 Months Courses after 12th

2 Months Courses after 12th

Some of these 2 months courses after 12th are offered by different online platforms such as Coursera, Udemy, edX, and others. I will be discussing them as follows;

  • Certificate in Digital Marketing
  • Certificate in Tally 
  • Certificate in MS Excel
  • IT Security
  • Health
  • Introduction to Digital Transformation
  • Certificate in Police Administration

1.       Certificate in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the first on our list of 2 months courses after 12th, and it is the process of advertising products and services through the use of an internet connection. It is also known as online marketing and is usually done using smartphones, laptops, and other devices. Subjects like marketing fundamentals, email marketing, and search engine optimization are part of the course curriculum.

Duration of Completion – 1 to 6 months

2.       Certificate in Tally

Tally is a robust accounting system used by small and medium-sized businesses for doing calculations. It is generally an acronym for “Transactions Allowed in Linear Line Yards”.  

Through the certificate in Tally, an individual will learn how to use the software as well as topics such as inventory management, GST and TDS computation, and updating business information. Tally’s accounting capabilities make it possible to record company transactions quickly and simply.

Duration of Completion – 2 to 6 months

3.       Certificate in MS Excel

MS Excel is one of the most essential Microsoft Office software that is used in the world today for lots of calculations and analysis. Many organizations are looking to recruit individuals who are proficient in Excel because of the rise of globalization and the e-commerce sector. it is the next on our list of 2 months courses after 12th.

This course is highly beneficial for Commerce students, as they have the opportunity to learn to develop and conduct different business and financial calculations using Excel such as:

  • Cash register or cash log with transaction information
  • Budgeting and chart visualization
  • To compute and display assets, liabilities, capital, cash in hand credits, and debits in the balance sheet.
  • Financial statements

Duration of Completion – 2 weeks to 8 months

4.       IT Security

This course covers a wide variety of concepts tools and practices relating to IT security. The course tackles threats and attacks in any form they come. The course also covers network security solutions, ranging from firewalls to Wi-Fi encryption options.

The course is rounded out by putting all these elements together into a multi-layered, in-depth security architecture, followed by recommendations on how to integrate a culture of security into an organization or team

Duration of Completion – 1 to 3 Months

5.       Digital Health

The course introduces learners to the role and application of digital health technologies in public health and healthcare globally and the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of digital health interventions. this is the next on our list of 2 months courses after 12th.

IThe course also introduces students to the emerging and multidisciplinary field of digital health and the role and application of digital health technologies including mobile applications, wearable technologies, health information systems, telehealth, telemedicine, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data.

Duration of Completion – 1 to 3 Months

6.       Introduction to Digital Transformation

This course is majorly for college students and advanced high school students who are interested in working in the digital sector of transformation by integrating automation, software, and cutting-edge technologies.

 This course focuses on how technology can be used as a competitive advantage in today‚Äôs business environment. First, current trends in computing, visual, connectivity, and artificial intelligence are outlined with an emphasis on their impact on businesses. The course is instructed by Siemens and is offered with a 3 hours weekly duration.

Duration of Completion – 1 to 3 Months

Certificate in Police Administration

Police Administration is the process of maintaining law and order done by law enforcement agencies and the subsequent discharge of policies that keep the peace, increase public safety, and prevent crime.  You can opt for undergoing training as a police administrator and finish up in no time. this is the last on our list of 2 months courses after 12th.

Duration of Completion – 2 Months


These courses are all offered by various online platforms, and you are free to enroll into any of them and make good use of your high school graduate days.