10 Best 6 Months Courses In UK For International Students

If you are looking to strengthen your resume and advance your career at the same time, here are the best 6 months courses in UK for international students that you can consider going for.

6 months courses or short-term courses are accelerated programs designed to offer you professional skills in a short time and prepare you either for a new role or an advanced one. Working professionals looking to get promoted usually attend a short course as well as those seeking new roles or switching careers.

Even those who have earned a bachelor’s degree or any qualification for that matter can take a short course. This helps to strengthen your CV or resume and make you look even more professional. So basically, if you have a certification from a short-term course attached to your degree you will have an edge over competitors in the workforce.

There is a wide range of 6 months courses one can go for ranging from business and health care fields to engineering and art disciplines. However, if you don’t know which one to go for then stay glued to this post or check out my previous articles on the easy certifications to get online that pay well and short courses that lead to good jobs should help you find the best one for you as they offer a long list of short-term courses.

Although going for one of the 6 months courses in UK for international students will earn you a much bigger reputation and that is because of the reputation of the UK when it comes to education. The nation offers one of the best higher education in the world and its universities are among the world’s best and one of the top study hubs among international students.

Attending a 6 months course in the UK as an international student will give you a glimpse of what UK education is all about, interact with like minds which can enhance your personality and confidence, and give you the opportunity to explore the UK. The certification from the 6 months course will help boost your profile

Some of these courses are not even up to 6 months they are lesser which gives you the opportunity to become a professional in no time. After completing the program, you may also consider applying for one of the internships in the UK for international students to further boost your CV and experience.

Having said that, let’s dive into the main topic.

6 months courses in UK for international students

Best 6 Months Courses In UK For International Students

The best 6 months courses in UK for international students are offered by top UK universities like Kings College London, the University of Edinburgh, University Arts London, Imperial College London, and many others. The courses span health and medicine, law, business & management, and marketing, languages, and journalism and media.

Let’s get into these courses and their details so you can find one that fits you best.

  • Hospitality Management
  • Child Nutrition
  • International Law
  • Digital Marketing Introduction
  • Graphic Media Design
  • Principles of Business and Management
  • Revolutions in Biomedicine
  • Human Rights Law
  • Communication for PR and Advertising
  • Journalism

1.     Hospitality Management

The hospitality business is a field that will forever be needed and a simple way to break into it is by taking a short course and becoming a professional in no time. With a certification in this field, you will master the tasks of managing hotels, events, and everything that has to do with entertainment. This course takes 3 months to complete and it is offered by the European School of Economics.

2.     Child Nutrition

You can become a child nutritionist through a 6-month course in the UK. This is best for those already in the medical field, nutrition discipline to be specific, and want to explore other aspects either for a new job or to set out on their own. It is best that one has some prior experience before taking this course.

The Child Nutrition course is offered by the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and takes only 14 days to complete. You may also take this course to learn ways to improve the nutritional needs of your children.

3.     International Law

International law is one of the many branches of law and if you are already in the legal field and want to advance your career, you may look into enrolling for a short course in this field. Having prior experience will make your learning process faster and easier. For those looking to explore other aspects of law or test the waters before choosing a law discipline, this is another course to look into.

If it interests you then go ahead to look at the best universities for international law and fully pursue the career. The University of Edinburgh is offering it as a short course to international students and it takes 1 month to complete.

4.     Digital Marketing Introduction

There are many digital marketing courses everywhere. From Alison to Coursera and other online learning platforms. This goes to show how much of important digital marketing is in today’s world and how much demand it is. There is even a Google digital marketing online course that is completely free and comes with a certification.

If you are looking to enhance your skill in the marketing niche, then you should go for a short course on digital marketing being offered by a UK university, the certification will have a higher reputation compared to others. The course is offered by Bournemouth University and takes 2 months to complete.

5.     Graphic Media Design

Graphic media design is another hot niche in the digital space. The course provides students with the skills and expertise in graphic design for screen-based and print media. Students develop problem-solving and design skills needed to apply principles of design, drawing, and visual communication.

You can break into the field through a short course even with no prior experience. It is much cheaper and you get equipped with professional skills in no time. The graphic media design short course is offered by the University of Arts London and takes 21 days to complete.

6.     Principles of Business and Management

If you are looking to break into the business field or if you want to apply for promotion or for a managerial role, then this is the course for you. This short course on principles of business and management will equip you with professional skills to handle business tasks efficiently.

This is also a good course for those looking to start a business, launch a startup, or work with one. The short course is offered by the University of Sussex and takes 19 days to complete.

7.     Revolutions in Biomedicine

Biomedicine is a branch of medicine that applies both biological and physiological principles to clinical practice. Imperial College London is offering a 1-month short course in biomedicine for those looking to break into the field or learn more. One of the perks of this course in such a school is that you get to connect with like minds and meet other geniuses already in the field.

8.     Human Rights Law

Human rights law is a field within international law. If you want to learn and better understand human rights law or work with organizations in the field, then take this course and complete it in under 20 days with the University of Sussex.

With an understanding of these laws, you will better know how to approach related problems and solve them efficiently.

9.     Communication for PR and Advertising

Individuals in the advertising niche looking to advance their careers or want to enter the field as professionals should consider taking a short course in communication for PR and advertising. The course takes 21 days to complete and it is offered by the University of Arts London. With a certification from such an esteemed school, you will earn a reputation from employers, clients, and colleagues.

It will also boost your resume and give you a competitive edge over others applying for a job or promotion without this certification.

10.  Journalism

This is one of the 6 months courses in the UK for international students offered by the University Arts London which takes less than 30 days to complete. The program is designed for those already in the field looking to gain professional experience and advance their career. It is also for those looking to break into the field or wants to switch careers and consider journalism.

These are the 10 best 6 months courses in UK for international students looking to advance their careers or break into a new field. Completing the courses can earn you a promotion in the workplace, respect among colleagues, and higher pay.

These courses are not offered online, they all require physical presence which means interested students must travel to the UK. For this to be possible, you must get a student visa which will grant you access to the country to study.