Top 15 Alternative Careers For Mechanical Engineers

Here are some of the best alternative careers for mechanical engineers that are counted among the highest paying jobs for engineers in the mechanical field.

Do you have a degree in mechanical engineering or looking for other jobs that don’t really look like a mechanical engineering job but can accommodate your mechanical engineering certificate? Here, this article will help.

Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest and broadest branches of engineering. It involves the application of principles and problem-solving methods of engineering to design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems.

Practitioners in the field, otherwise known as mechanical engineers examine works using the principles of motion, energy, and force to make sure that designs work safely and efficiently. This helps in solving real-life problems and providing future solutions in health care, transportation, energy, space exploration, climate change, etc.

With this, you can see that mechanical engineers can take up other related jobs and perform very well because of their vast skill set and this is why it is cool to know exactly what career is best for you.

Can I do other related jobs as a mechanical engineer?

Yes, you can. Recall that mechanical engineering deals with the design, manufacturing, testing, and improvement of mechanical systems that are used in almost every industry.

Students choose to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering because of its versatility and there are many related jobs available to graduates in the field. Some of the alternative careers for mechanical engineers include construction, technical writing, project management, academics, etc.

What are the alternative careers for mechanical engineers?

As a graduate of mechanical engineering, you may decide never to practice in the field of mechanical engineering and seek practice in other related fields.

Some of the most lucrative alternative Careers for mechanical engineers include, Aerospace industry, Project Management, Chemical industry, Procurement and Purchase, Technical Writing, Construction industry, Academic faculty, Supply chain management, Operations Management, Logistics, Technical consulting, Technical training and Technical sales.

Skills such as numeracy, problem-solving, and logical thinking that mechanical engineers gain while pursuing their degrees open up different alternative jobs for them.

Alternative Careers For Mechanical Engineers

Hence, the best alternative careers for mechanical engineers include:

  • Aerospace industry
  • Project Management
  • Chemical industry
  • Procurement and Purchase
  • Technical Writing
  • Construction industry
  • Academic faculty
  • Supply chain management
  • Operations management
  • Logistics
  • Technical consulting
  • Technical training
  • Technical sales

Aerospace Industry

Mechanical engineers possess skills that can be applied in most fields of study thereby making professionals in the field to be sought after.

In the aerospace industry, mechanical engineers design, manufacture, and test aircraft and the products that the aerospace industry uses on daily basis.

In addition, mechanical engineers design and test spacecraft structures like the satellite. They ensure that satellites withstand the force of a rocket launch. Mechanical engineers also make sure that the satellite’s solar cells work well in orbit and its rocket engine is efficient with fuel use to reach orbit successfully.

They can also carry out projects such as mission systems, airframe structural analysis, and design, or flight tests.

Project Management

Project management deals with connecting individuals, teams, and various tasks between departments that are carrying out a project. As a project manager, you will be tasked with designing, developing, testing, conducting assessments, and planning work strategies for project completion.

Mechanical engineers can fill this leadership role by applying their communication and interpersonal skills when interacting with people.

This career is one of the best alternative careers for mechanical engineers at the entry-level.

Procurement and Purchase

This is the process of purchasing equipment and parts for various projects at the appropriate price and quality so that the equipment can be delivered at the right time.

If you are procurement personnel, you will make sure that products are delivered to customers or the project development team at the right time.

Your solid mechanical engineering background will help you to assess the product and technical specifications carefully before buying it. Similarly, the product could be worth millions of dollars, so your negotiation and communication skills as an engineer will help you interact with the sellers.

Technical Writing

Writing happens to be a very rewarding career. Mechanical engineers who wish to choose another career can go into writing technical materials.

According to reports, technical writers are very much in demand at the moment. So, mechanical engineers can apply their engineering knowledge to write well-researched technical articles covering different subjects.

Construction Industry

In the construction industry, mechanical engineers design, build, establish, and maintain all kinds of mechanical machinery, tools, and components.

Depending on the level of experience, mechanical engineers can work in the Planning Department, Material management, Construction Management, Site executive/supervisor, Sales, and Marketing team

The construction industry offers the most alternative careers for mechanical engineers.

Academic Faculty

Many students move ahead to acquire graduate degrees in Mechanical Engineering after the bachelor’s degree program. If they wish not to practice in the field, they can go ahead to train other students in educational students including colleges and universities.

While teaching engineering students, you will have the opportunity to help students develop problem-solving by looking at the creative aspects of engineering. You will apply real-world examples to bring technical and scientific theories to life.

Additionally, teaching students will enable you to specialize in a particular area of mechanical engineering. During your specialization, you will also carry out personal research.

Teaching and academics happen to be one of the prominent alternative careers for mechanical engineers.

Supply Chain Management

This role deals with handling raw materials, production lines, manufacturing processes, and logistics to ensure that customers receive quality products regularly.

In addition, supply chain management involves improving the chain of distribution by providing the best customer service and at the same time reducing cost as well as employee safety.

This role can be quite tasking if you work with a larger firm where you will work with business managers and technicians. So, you need sharp interpersonal and communication skills to thrive well in this role.

As a mechanical engineer working in this role, your analytical, technical, and research skills will help you to seek out new opportunities and recommend new schemes to make the business more profitable.

Supply chain management is one of the most rewarding alternative careers for mechanical engineers.

Chemical Industry

Chemical industries employ the services of mechanical engineers to work on the chemical processes. Here, mechanical engineers design the mechanical equipment and help with the materials that will be used for production.

The field of mechanical engineering is very interdisciplinary. Many mechanical engineers working in chemical industries find themselves doing similar work with specialists in the field.

Operations Management

This is an important link between all the productions and the marketing aspect of the manufacturing firm. It has a close relationship with the supply chain.

Mechanical engineers can fill the role of operation managers to buy raw materials and deliver products to customers. They also evaluate and improve the day-to-day running of a manufacturing firm.

You also need to plan ahead and put strategies in place for future development. In addition, your analytical skills as an engineer will help you to deal with problems that can limit work processes using the data you get.

Operations management is one of the best alternative careers for mechanical engineers.


Logistics deals with the physical movement of raw materials to industries, the distribution of products to customers, and all the financial transactions involved in the whole process. In addition, logistics cover processing and tracking orders, working with departments to check availability of products, forecasting to meet changes in the market, and shipping.

This field requires a lot of problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. As a mechanical engineer in logistics, you will have to apply your problem-solving and critical-thinking skills always because every situation needs a cost-benefit analysis. Additionally, your communication skills will help you relate with co-workers whenever there is a tough task to tackle.

Technical Consulting

The role of technical consultants is to help firms solve any business problems facing them. It could be anything that wants to pose a threat to the progress of that company.

As a mechanical engineer, you will have to use data analysis and statistical modeling in order to get creative solutions to such business problems. Keep in mind that you will have to back up the creative solutions with your technical knowledge and analytical skills.

Your technical knowledge and skills may also be needed to guide the implementation of specialist technology or equipment.

Technical Training

Manufacturing companies require their employees to use, install, and operate complex equipment and modern technological systems. This is where the services of mechanical engineers are employed.

With their technical expertise and communication skills, mechanical engineers train employees in manufacturing industries on technical standards, company-specific software packages, manufacturing equipment, and health and safety processes.

As a mechanical engineer who is offering technical training, you will have to create technical training courses and materials for all levels, starting from workers with the most basic technical knowledge to workers with high-level technical skills and engineering backgrounds.

Technical Sales

Mechanical engineers in technical sales apply their knowledge of engineering to present innovative ideas to clients so as to win business for an organization.

Your comprehensive knowledge of engineering will help you to stand-out in technical sales. The knowledge will help you to understand any technical issues and advise clients on how your organization can help them to solve the problems.

To be successful in this role, you will work across an organization with people in research, development, design, and purchasing.


The knowledge and skills gained from studying mechanical engineering can be applied in other sectors. This means that a mechanical engineer can fit into other related fields of study to gain job opportunities.

If you are a mechanical engineer who wishes to practice in another field, this article has listed for you the top alternative careers for mechanical engineers. So, you can select any of the careers and delve into it.


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