10 Best Courses For Girls After 12th

If you have been pondering on what to keep yourself busy with after high school graduation as a girl, you can choose to enroll in the best courses for girls after 12th

We may already know that 12th grade in most high schools is the last year in high school where students take their final exams and get a high school diploma. Now, when most high school graduates complete their high school education, they most times do not know what to take up to keep themselves busy within the time they wait to gain entry into college.

Some of them opt to learn some trade subjects by enrolling in different trade schools, so as to get hands-on skills such as welding, cosmetology, or culinary skills.

Those that are not able to enroll in trade schools can also decide to enroll in some relevant online courses or programs in different online platforms like Alison, Coursera,  Udemy, edX, and other popular platforms. They can take up some short-term 3 months courses or can enroll in some vacation courses to enable them to make good use of their time.

Now, most of these short-term courses are readily available for the male folks who just concluded their high school education, and they are always the ones harnessing the various opportunities that these courses offer, and as a result, the female folks compete against the battle for opportunities and they most of the times lose hope of ever getting an opportunity to learn these short term courses.

But this article has been written to give hope to these ladies that have lost hope and given up, as I will be curating through this blog post the best courses after 12th for girls. Let’s get right into it.

Best Courses for Girls after 12th

 Best Courses for Girls after 12th

There are lots of best courses for girls after 12th to enroll in, but I will be talking about the ones that are most suited for them to enroll in after high school graduation. They are as follows.

  • Fashion Design
  • Interior Designing
  • SEO Specialist
  • Web Developer
  • Diploma in Hotel Management
  • Diploma in Tourism Management
  • Company Secretary
  • Digital Marketing
  • Mass Communication
  • Bachelor of Computer Application

1.       Fashion Design

For girls that just finished their high school education, learning fashion design is one of the easiest skills they can lay their hands on and learn. Women love looking fashionable naturally, and learning how to create and recreate the beauty women need in terms of fashion is not a bad idea at all for someone that just got their high school diploma.

Fashion Design is one of the best courses for girls after 12th to enroll in and learn about all that it entails. It guarantees very high pay if the skill is learned well and utilized.

2.       Interior Designing

Decorating and making a place look beautiful, cozy, and comfortable to stay in is the lifelong dream of some girls. You can make that dream a reality by applying for interior designing classes so you can learn and apply the skill at people’s homes, events, and other occasions like weddings and birthdays. Interior designing is one of the best courses for girls after 12th.

Interior design most times goes hand in glove with baking and pastry making, as most occasions like weddings and birthdays require the services of a pastry baker or chef and some of them go to pastry schools to become renowned professionals in pastry making. Having said this, you can opt to learn this as a girl once you complete your high school education.

3.       SEO Specialist

SEO is an acronym that stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. An SEO specialist is someone that uses digital analytics and marketing skills to transform a company’s online presence. From the meaning, you can tell that this is a coming-of-age skill that needs to be learned, because to be relevant online as a business enterprise, you most definitely need the services of an SEO specialist. It is one of the best courses for girls after 12th.

The good thing about being an SEO specialist is that it is not limited to a particular gender, and as such, anyone can learn the skill. So girls that just finished their 12th can enroll in good SEO specialist courses and learn. To become an SEO specialist, one must have, data skills, analytics skills, social skills, a sense of humor, and other soft skills.

4.       Web Developer

Do not think that web developers are only men. You can be a web developer too as a girl. All you need is passion, a computer system or smart device, and a good internet connection. A lot of businesses now are striving and surviving because of their online presence. This is made possible because these businesses have websites where their goods, products, and services are advertised daily, thereby generating income for them. Web development is one of the best courses for girls after 12th.

The person in charge of handling their website is a web developer. The person can handle either the front end, back end, or both ends of the website and update it regularly to ensure good advertisement. The individual would also learn different programming and coding languages to be a professional web developer.

Most web developers work remotely, so you can opt to enroll in some web development courses as a girl that just concluded high school and learn. The skill also guarantees good pay when applied.

5.       Diploma in Hotel Management

Every hotel has a manager. A hotel cannot work and function effectively if there is poor management of the hotel. So managing a hotel starts with the hospitality of the staff and how they welcome and treat their guests. Hotel managers make sure hotel facilities, such as accommodation, conference rooms, catering, and sports amenities, are operational and safe on a day-to-day basis.

They supervise hotel staff, set up systems to keep services running smoothly, and resolve problems. You can decide to enroll in some hotel management courses after your 12th as a girl and learn the basics of total management.

6.       Diploma in Tourism Management

Tourism management is the handling and supervising of activities related to the tourism industry. It is a multifaceted industry that provides people with the training, skills, and expertise necessary to obtain management positions in tourism and accommodation.

Tourism has a lot to do with accommodation, attractions, and accessibility. In terms of accommodation, living arrangements in the form of hotels, resorts, cabins, camping areas, homestays, and so on; in terms of attraction, tourist attractions such as historical sites, natural resources, or theme parks, and in terms of accessibility like transportation and travel arrangements like airplanes, cars, trains, public transit, buses and cruises. You can apply to learn this course after your 12th as a girl and make the most of it if trained well.

7.       Company Secretary

The work of a secretary is most of the time given to a female to handle in most companies and organizations. You can train to become a company secretary by enrolling in the required courses to learn, even as a high school graduate. You have the option to choose the organization to work for. As a secretary, you may be keeping a record of the finances and how it goes, and you should be someone that can be trusted and accountable to whomever you are working for.

8.       Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, also called online marketing, is the promotion of brands to connect with potential customers using the Internet and other forms of digital communication.

It includes modules such as; Website Planning & Designing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Management, Content Writing, Blogging, Email Marketing, and more.

As a high school graduate, you can look into this industry as a career option and easily learn the basics of digital marketing through free courses or paid digital marketing courses.

9.       Mass Communication

Mass communication is the process of sharing information with a large audience which is done through the media such as television, radio, internet, and other platforms where people will access the information. Mass communication goes hand in glove with journalism and can be taken up by females who are interested. Girls that just finished up their high school can pursue a career in mass communication by enrolling in some of the courses to learn.

10.   Bachelor of Computer Application

Anyone can be computer literate be it children, males, females, or adults. Learning the basics of computers and their applications is a good thing to start learning after high school graduation, especially as a girl. It makes you stand out amongst your peers and the skills you learn will bring up more opportunities for you to advance in your learning and eventually become a professional and start earning.


All these courses are available for girls to enroll in after high school graduation. So, feel free and enroll in anyone of your choice.