3 Months Certificate Courses In UK For International Students

This blog post provides information on various 3 months of certificate courses in UK for international students who are seeking to gain new skills or advance their knowledge. The courses cover fields like business, computer science, and arts so you to find your preference.

3 months certification courses are short courses designed to help working professionals gain new expertise, polish and advance their existing skills and knowledge, or explore a new career path. The courses are designed to be flexible so that they can fit into the busy schedule of learners. Upon completion of that course, students get a certificate they can attach to their resumes or CV.

Certifications from short courses help to boost one’s CV and give a competitive edge when applying for a position within an organization. Even if you are already working in that company and want a higher role, enrolling in a short course will give you the skills and knowledge, as well as the qualification necessary to get promoted which comes with higher pay and earning more respect within your workplace.

These are just some of the benefits of short courses. The courses are typically offered online by prestigious universities around the world across online learning platforms so that it doesn’t clash with your daily activities like your work, personal life, etc. and to make learning convenient.

Now that you have a basic understanding of short courses and some of their benefits, we can now go on to discuss the 3 months certificate courses in UK for international students. These are also short courses designed to equip international students with the relevant skills they need to excel in their careers or in a new career.

This blog post is quite similar to a previous article I published on the best 6 months courses in UK for international students but the difference is the duration, the ones listed here are faster to complete since they take only 3 months to finish.

The 3 months courses discussed here are offered by reputable universities and colleges in the UK. While some of the programs require your physical presence others are offered online but we’d never know which is offered offline or online until we get into the main topic which we will in a moment.

Before we get into that, it’d be worthy of note to mention that there are over 35 short courses that lead to good jobs and also there are more than 20 short-term courses in the UK with job guarantees which you can explore to find varieties of explore you might like to get into. Having said that, let’s dive into the main topic.

3 months certificate courses in UK for international students

3 Months Certificate Courses In UK For International Students

Here, I have listed more than fifteen 3 months certificate courses in UK for international students to find the one that suits them best to strengthen their skills and turn their careers around.

1.     Finance for the Non-Financial Manager

This is a short course offered by City University London of London that takes less than 3 months to complete and provides certification. The program is best for those who want to become entrepreneurs or working professionals who want to switch careers to finance. The course teaches students how to best manage business finances even if they have no foundational knowledge of finance.

The course is held online, thus, you do not need to travel to the UK to take the course. It is an online live session and the fee is £460. Requirements for the program include basic calculation and Microsoft Excel knowledge as well as fluency in the English language.

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2.     Nutrition in Emergencies

This is a short course offered online and on-campus by the University of Westminster, UK. The course is aimed at training staff of UN agencies, NGOs, and national ministries of health whose countries are constantly affected by emergencies. You may also enroll in this course if you are inclined to help others and promote health through nutrition.

Even practicing nutritionists and dieticians can also take this course to learn new techniques and prepare them in case of an emergency.

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3.     Advanced Professional Certificate in Global Tourism and Hospitality

If you are in the tourism and hospitality business whether as a manager or CEO, there is a need for you to keep developing your skill by taking advanced courses that will equip you with advanced knowledge on how to move your business forwards and strengthen your role in your workplace. This advanced professional certificate in global tourism and hospitality is a course you should consider enrolling in if you want to take your career to the next level.

It is held online to provide flexibility, thus won’t disrupt your existing responsibilities, and will fit into your busy schedule with ease. Also, it takes as little as 4 weeks to complete and you obtain a certification that is accredited and recognized by employers in the UK and anywhere in the world. The cost of the program is £80.

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4.      Introduction to Programming with Python

Programmers are one of the most in-demand professions in the digital space and you too can get into the field through this 3 month course. Python is one of the top and most versatile programming languages in the world, it is used in data analysis, web development, machine learning, and game development.

This course will introduce you to the basics of python programming through practical exercises and examples helping you gain a foundational understanding. At the end of this course, you can build basic python projects and advance from there with other online python courses. The course is held online and takes 10 weeks to complete. Classes are held in the evenings and the fee is £560.

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5.     Introduction to Health Economics

Introduction to health economics is a professional 3-month course offered by the prestigious University of London to international students. The course is aimed at public health workers who want to add more skills to their portfolio and catapult their careers to the next level.

Students in this course explore the various economic approaches used in public health and the scope and contribution of health economics.

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6.     Human Rights Law

If you are already working in a different branch of law and want to switch to human rights law or you simply want to be grounded in human rights law, then consider enrolling for this course. It is an online short course that takes as little as 10 weeks to complete and equips you with relevant knowledge of the field.

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7.     Advanced Professional Certificate in International Marketing

Marketing managers, supervisors, and brand managers looking to advance their skills and knowledge to turn their career around or take it to the next level may consider enrolling in this course. The short course takes 1 month to complete and offers advanced marketing education that prepares you for senior marketing roles in top companies.

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8.     Spanish Language

Are you looking to learn Spanish? Maybe for travel or academic purposes, this course right here will give you want you need to become a fluent Spanish speaker in no time. The course is offered by the City University of London and takes 10 weeks to complete.

The course is split into three different parts ranging from total beginners who have no knowledge of the Spanish language to experienced beginners who have formally studied the language for more than 40 hours in total. You get to join a class based on your experience level.

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9.     Introduction to Branding

This is one of the cheapest and fastest 3 month certificate courses in the UK for international students to complete. It costs only £120 and takes as little as 3 weeks to complete. The course introduces business owners to branding where they learn how to identify and reach their audience using different techniques.

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10.  Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is a short course offered online by the University of London. The course is designed for veterinarians, farmers, and researchers. The program consists of 3 sections and 14 units of study that you can complete on your own time (self-paced).

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11.  Introduction to Counseling Skills

Here is another 3 months course in the UK for international students in the psychology or therapy field to consider going for. Doesn’t matter whether you are already practicing for many years, there is always something new to learn when you take these professional courses and the skills and knowledge you will amass will help bring your job as a counselor into a new light.

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12.  Creating Mobile Apps with Android

If you are a programmer and want to add to your skills by becoming an android developer or you are just entering the coding field for the first time and your interest lies in mobile development, then you may want to consider taking this course. It is a 10-week practical course that will take you through the hands-on process of developing mobile apps with android.

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13.  Climate Change and Environmental Hazards

Climate change is one of the hottest topics in this age, it is a matter of top priority across nations and sectors. If you want to help save the earth from climate change whether through research or policy changes then you have to gain mastery of the topic itself.

This course will equip interested students with expert knowledge of climate change as well as equip them with techniques to fight the issues on the local, national, and international stage.

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14.  Advanced Professional Certificate in Strategic Leadership

Doesn’t matter what field you work in but if you want to get promoted to a leadership, managerial, or senior role then you need to show that you have what it takes to lead. This short course not only grants you the skill but also provides certification for you to show proof of your leadership skills.

The course is held online and takes as little as 4 weeks to complete, it is self-paced, so, you can complete it in an even shorter time and apply for that promotion in your workplace.

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15.  Bank Financial Management

This 3-month short course is offered by the University of London and is targeted at bank managers and financial analysts who want to gain an understanding of bank financial management. The course explores the principles of bank management of assets and liabilities. Students will gain knowledge of the principles of bank balance sheet management and money market operations.

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This concludes the list of 3 months certificate courses in UK for international students. Most of the courses are offered online to establish flexibility and save you the cost of moving around.