Dalhousie University Requirements | Fees, Scholarships, Programs, Rankings

Aspiring to study at Dalhousie University in Canada? Here is everything you need to know about this great citadel of learning; their application and tuition fees, scholarships, degree programs, academic activities, admission requirements & process, and lots more.


Dalhousie University, Canada

Dalhousie University is one of the first established universities in Canada, founded by George Ramsay in 1818 and located at vibrant Halifa, Nova Scotia Dallo.
It is one out of the top tertiary institutions in Canada. It is a member of the U15, (a group of intensive research universities in Canada)

Dalhousie increased its reach on 1 April 1997 when provincial legislation called for an amalgamation with the Technical University of Nova Scotia( a nearby institution) which brought about the; Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture and planning and the Faculty of Computer Science.

The vision of the University was to make a larger number of high school students gain more access to higher education and that was and is still being achieved currently.
It has 5 libraries

Dalhousie University accepts students from all over the globe as it is popularly known for its highly placed educational facilities as well as standard of education.
With over 400 clubs and societies, with a budget of 105 million USD, the rate of interaction and academic research is very elevated.

The University began degree courses in 1866 and it has been thriving beautifully since then, it now offers over 480 programs in over 4000 courses, 13 facilities, 120 undergraduate programs,180 graduate program.

Dalhousie University runs four campuses, the Sexton, Carelton, Study and Agricultural Campuses.
It can accommodate 2,600 students approximately. At the campus, there are single and double rooms.

Studley Campus is the biggest campus of Dalhousie University.
It is situated in Halifax and contains a lot of important buildings and resources for study in the Halifax downtown
The campus is restricted to just students in the Faculty of Engineering, and the Faculty of Architecture and Planning.

Carleton Campus, situated in Halifax, houses the faculties of Medicine and Dentistry.
Carleton campus is close to the IWK Health Centre and the Queen Elizabeth II hospitals.

Agricultural Campus is located close to Truro, and it houses the Faculty of Agriculture.

Resulting from the high education standard and innovative research, high school students all over the globe yearn to gain admission into Dalhousie University. Not just that but in line with the mission of the institution, there are so many scholarship opportunities for newly admitted students and undergraduates.

The affordable tuition fee ranging from 9,901 USD to 34,308 USD is also a vantage to so many students.

The university offers 147 undergraduate degrees and diploma, 84 graduate programs, and 7 professional programs.

It also has three branches of MBA; MBA in learning, Financial Services, and Corporate Residency.

These MBAs are splashed into programs where students are not only taught the theory but the practical aspects. Online learning has been of help immensely to the academic section of the school.
Over 2500 students are involved in its programs.

There are also (about 250) clubs for interaction and recreational activities for students

Dalhousie University Rankings

As one of the top institutions in Canada, Dalhousie University is ranked peak not only in Canada but also worldwide.

Dalhousie because of its high ranking has ensured that the employment of its graduates are placed in a number of rankings that evaluated the employment prospects of its graduates.

  • The 2020 Academic Ranking of World Universities ranked Dalhousie University 201–300 worldwide and 10–12 in Canada.
  • The 2021 QS World University Rankings ranked the university 291 in the world and 12th in Canada.
  • In 2021, U.S. News & World Report Best Global University Ranking, the university is placed 322nd worldwide, and 14th in Canada.
  • In national rankings, Maclean’s ranked Dalhousie 7th in their 2021 Medical Doctoral university rankings.
  • In the TimesHigher Education’s 2018 global employability ranking, Dalhousie placed 200-250 worldwide and ranked 8th in Canada.
  • In QS’s 2019 graduate employability ranking, the university ranked 301-500 worldwide, and 9–17 in Canada.

The University is ranked 85th and 50th in the list and rankings of Impact Rankings. Good health and well-being by Times Higher Education in 2020.

Dalhousie University Acceptance Rate

On receiving an overall 5-star rating by QS Stars, the university has been rated as one of the best universities to study in Canada.

Considering the reputation of the university, it has a moderately difficult acceptance rate of 43%, and thus, getting admission into Dalhousie University is no joke.

The minimum average grades of first-year students is 87.6% which is a template for the fact that entering into this university is a bigger task and candidates need to work harder than their prior educational level.

Dalhousie University Application Fees

Alongside the documents that are to be uploaded to the school, a non-refundable fee known as application is to be paid. Dalhousie University application fees for all programs and all students range from 70 – 115 CAD.

Dalhousie University Faculties

The faculties includes :

  • Faculty Of Agriculture
  • Faculty Of Architecture and Planning
  • Faculty Of Arts and Social sciences
  • College Of Continuing Education
  • Faculty Of Engineering
  • Faculty Of Graduate Studies
  • Faculty Of Health Sciences
  • Faculty Of Law
  • Faculty Of Management
  • Faculty Of Medicine

Dalhousie University Tuition Fees

The tuition fees for all courses are paid annually. The cost of living in Canada varies according to the needs and requirements of students.

However, international students should research for an approximate estimate of the amount of money they will have to pay to study at Dalhousie University.

Below is the breakdown of expenses for students studying both graduate and undergraduate courses

Dalhousie University undergraduate tuition fee ranges from $4,000 – $9,000 termly.


  • Books: $200–60
  • Insurance (health): $636
  • Accommodations: $8,400
  • Utilities: $200-300
  • Meals: $3,000–$4,800
  • Pin Money: $2,400–$4,000
  • Miscellaneous : $2,500

International students also pay more, (an International Differential Fee) which is not close to $6,000 on more than 9 hours amount billed.

Dalhousie University Master’s tuition-fee ranges from $9,000 – $18,000 per annum.

Its PhD tuition fee also ranges from $5,000 – $11,000 which is dependent on the course of study.

See fees estimate by programs for both undergraduate and graduate students

How To Apply For Admission Into Dalhousie University

Admission into Dalhousie University is directly based on merit. Aspiring candidates must meet the institution’s as well as the program’s requirements as stated by the University.
Aspirants can apply for admissions at Dalhousie University by visiting its admission portal

International students must submit their applications online, such that they get sufficient time and information.

Every candidate is expected to deposit an application fee (depending on the choice of program).

Dalhousie University Admission Requirements

As a highly sought after university, the following are the necessary documents and other requirements to be uploaded and provided by national applicants :

  1. Completion of secondary school (Grade 12)
  2. A minimum overall of 70% average in the five academic Grade 12 courses.
  3. Final grade of 70% in Grade 12 academic English(and any other subject required by the faculty applied).

Admissions Requirements For International Students

International students whose first language is not English must prove that they are competent in the English Language. They must sit for an English language proficiency examination of which they are required to score certain marks to clear the exams.

The language competency test may be neglected if the applicant has passed gotten a degree at a renowned university where the language of instruction is English or in a country where English is one of the national languages.

The proof must be verified by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Test scores are valid for 2 years from the date it was written. The varieties of test scores Dalhousie accepts are :

  • TOEFL (Academic iBT) 92
  • MELAB 85
  • IELTS. 4.5
  • CAEL. 70
  • PTE 65

Dalhousie University Scholarships

As earlier stated, one of the reasons the Dalhousie University is highly sought-after is as a result of its affordable tuition fee, not just that, there are also many scholarship opportunities for students who cannot afford the expenses fully or partially.

The University grants scholarships to International students as well as to domestic students. These students receive scholarship amounts ranging from 380 USD to 30, 400 USD.

BURSARIES: They give out small amounts of money ranging from 152 USD to 456 USD.

LOANS: An excessive options of loans are available for domestic and international students to help them cater for themselves at school.

LINE OF CREDIT: Students get access to an amount agreed upon that can suit their needs and requirements. However, students have to pay back with interest.

Dalhousie University International Students Scholarships


This scholarship has a value of 15,000 USD, it is awarded to international undergraduates taking the Bachelor of Commerce program who demonstrate diligence towards their academics.

Application is done through the General Entrance Award application


This is open to international Jamaican students who studying Bachelor of Engineering program, who are strong academically and in need of financial help. It has a value of 22,000 CAD to 88,000 CAD and it is renewed for four years.

Application passes through the General Entrance Award application.


Students who score 80% admission average or 26 predicted IB Diploma points. The exact scholarship amount is not stated, but the amount varies and the scholarship is applied for when applying for admission.


These are diverse scholarships with different amounts, characteristics, terms, and conditions and they are mostly FGS-managed scholarships.

Submission for this scholarship is done through the Online Scholarship Platform.

See more prestigious scholarships and awards available at Dalhousie university

Dalhousie University Notable Alumni

  • George Laurence (nuclear physicist)
  • Ronald St. John Macdonald (law professor and international law expert)
  • Sir Graham Day (former chairman of Cadbury Schweppes plc, Hydro One, as well as CEO of British Shipbuilders and the Rover Group)
  • Sir James Hamet Dunn (major Canadian financier and industrialist)
  • Hugh MacLennan (author and professor)
  • H. R. Milner (lawyer, businessman, and former Chancellor of
    University of King’s College)
  • Moses Morgan ( former president of Memorial University of Newfoundland)
  • Joseph Phillip Kennedy (Chief Justice of the
    Supreme Court of Nova Scotia)
    Charles Peter McColough (CEO of Xerox)
  • Hon. Edmund Leslie Newcombe (Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada)
  • Alvin Shrier (professor of physiology and Hosmer Chair in Physiology at McGill University)
  • Purdy Crawford (corporate director, former CEO of Imasco)
  • Frank Manning Covert (lawyer and businessperson)
  • Lorne Clarke (former Chief Justice of the
    Supreme Court of Nova Scotia)
  • Donald L. Clancy (former Justice of the
    Supreme Court of British Columbia and member of the British Columbia Review Board)
    Ian Hanomansing (television journalist)
  • Sean Durfy (B.Comm 1989) (President and CEO of WestJet)
  • Fred Fountain (lawyer, businessman, philanthropist, and Member of the Order of Canada)
    The MacNeil/Lehrer Report on PBS)
  • Marjorie Willison (CBC radio personality)
  • Andrew Kam ( former CEO of Hong Kong Disneyland)
  • Constance Glube (former Chief Justice of Nova Scotia, first female Chief Justice of Canada)
  • Cary Kaplan (founder of Cosmos Sports, president/general manager Brampton Beast (ECHL) former Hamilton Bulldogs president)
  • Denis Stairs (Canadian engineer and businessman)
  • Maury Van Vliet (president and CEO of the 1978 Commonwealth Games)
  • Sir Joseph Andrew Chisholm ( former Mayor of Halifax and Chief Justice of the
    Supreme Court of Nova Scotia)
  • John Keiller MacKay (former judge of Supreme Court of Ontario and
    Lieutenant Governor of Ontario)


From fostering innovative research to having a commendable acceptance rate and equipping its students with first-hand knowledge in the various programs offered, Dalhousie University is a great institution that’ll meet your academic dreams, depending on your choice of program.

The university has all it takes to make you succeed. You’ll have a remarkable experience in the Dalhousie campus and get to meet and network with exceptional minds in cooperative projects.

On this note, we hope this article has been able to commensurate your research on Dalhousie University. Good luck with your application.


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