11 Best Online High Schools in Ohio

If you want your child to learn under your eyes then consider enrolling them in one of the online high schools in Ohio. This post will be especially helpful to residents of Ohio who want their children to partake in online education.

High school is a big deal in the life of teenagers as it helps to shape them in various aspects of life. This is a time in their life when they get to make the most daring decisions concerning their academic path and their overall success in life. It is also at this point that high school students get to know what degree program they will pursue in a higher institution or if they will even further their studies at all.

The high school or secondary education system is practiced in every country and most countries make it compulsory that every citizen completes a high school education. In high school, students gain foundational knowledge in critical subjects and life skills that can still be able to set them up for life even if they decide not to further their studies in higher institutions.

In the US, for example, the law requires that every citizen must complete high school education. Of course, not everyone can abide by this law for some reason or the other and they end up taking a GED, which is another way to complete high school if you are already an adult. If you fall into this category or know anyone who does, direct them to take free GED classes online to refresh their memory on high school subjects and prepare better to take their GED.

Yes, there is an age limit for high school in the US and Ohio is no different. Once you are above the age limit, by law, you are to stop going to high school. The age limit for high school in Ohio is 18 years old, once you are above 18 years old and haven’t graduated you are to stop attending high school. Or if you dropped out earlier and want to continue but you are above 18 years old you won’t be accepted.

Don’t worry, you can still be able to complete your high school either by getting a GED or by enrolling in an accredited online high school for adults, completing your high school education, and getting your high school diploma. This age limit law for high school cut across both online and traditional learning formats even for the online high schools in Ohio and the online high schools in Texas.

Online high schools in Ohio just like the traditional high schools require prospective students to meet some criteria in order to be considered for acceptance. Below, I have given a list of basic requirements for online high schools in Ohio.

Requirements for Online High Schools in Ohio

The requirements for online high schools in Ohio are certain eligibility criteria that applicants must meet or satisfy in order to be accepted by that school. These requirements are usually your academic achievement and certain documents such as recommendation letters and essays, that is if you are coming from another school and want to enroll in one of the online high schools in Ohio.

There will also be an interview, which will be done via a video calling platform, and parents and children may be invited to take a physical tour of the school. The requirements for online high schools in Ohio are never tough.

To complete your enrollment into one of the online high schools in Ohio, you will also be required to have digital tools for online learning like a laptop and Wi-Fi connection.

Benefits of Online High Schools in Ohio

If you haven’t considered enrolling your child into one of the high schools in Ohio, here are reasons that may change your mind.

  1. Online learning is flexible, allowing the student to learn at a time that is best for them
  2. It is convenient. Since students can learn from home this brings them comfort and eliminates the stress of going to physical classes
  3. There is greater interaction between student and teacher
  4. Your child will start getting a hang of digital tools and be involved in e-learning at a young age. This could inspire innovation in them.
  5. There is greater focus and less distraction

online high schools in Ohio

Online High Schools in Ohio

Yes, there are online high schools in Ohio. They are high schools that teach students in an online setting rather than the traditional teaching format. And even in this digital age some people still doubt the authenticity of online education. I am here to clear your doubt and tell you that there is literally no difference in quality education between online teaching and traditional teaching.

The only true difference is that one is online which is convenient and flexible, while the other is offline. Students still get the same impact and an accredited diploma when they graduate. The instructors in the online high schools in Ohio are experienced Ohio-certified teachers who have been trained to use digital tools in education making them experts in delivering quality academic teachings online.

There are about 15 online high schools in Ohio, which one will your child be attending? Carefully go through the details of each of the online high schools in Ohio discussed below to find the school that best fits the academic needs of your child.

Without any further ado, the online high schools in Ohio are:

1.     The Ohio Virtual Academy (OHVA)

Ohio Virtual Academy is one of the online high schools in Ohio delivering quality virtual education to students from kindergarten up to the 12th grade (K-12). It is a full-time online public school which means that the tuition will be a low and high rate of enrollment annually. And a high rate of enrollment means the ratio of one teacher to students will be high.

Its last enrollment in 2019 was over 12,000 pupils and student to teacher ratio currently stands at 1 teacher to 25 students. OHVA is powered by Stride, a curriculum provider, and provides students with learning materials and a loaned computer from Stride for students to have access to their online lessons.

Why should you consider OHVA?

OHVA has a program known as the Stride Career Prep that gives pupils in 7th to 12th grade the opportunity to explore career options and gain an edge on the future. The pupils will start taking courses that relate to their career interests. Pupils will earn college credits, gain industry experience, and develop real-world skills to set them up for the future no matter the path they chose to take.

Visit OHVA and Apply

2.     Ohio Connections Academy

Looking for a tuition-free and high-quality online high school in Ohio for your child? Then Ohio Connections Academy is for your child. The school offers a tuition-free education to pupils from elementary to high school. Rather than paying that huge tuition or letting your child drop out of high school due to costly tuition fees or going into debt, you can just enroll your child into Ohio Connections Academy and not pay a dime while they get a high-quality education.

The reviews of parents make this academy one of the best online high schools in Ohio. 92% of parents are satisfied with the education quality of Ohio Connections Academy. The academy prepares pupils for the next phase of their life whether it is going up to college or entering the workforce, the curriculum is designed to help develop them and handle challenges efficiently.

Visit OCA and Apply

3.     Fairborn Digital Academy

Developed by the Fairborn City Schools and operating since November 2020, Fairborn Digital Academy has been in the online education industry for 20 years and has helped many high school students to meet their academic goals. This is one of the best online high schools in Ohio and offers classes to students in grades 9-12.

One of the perks of Fairborn Digital Academy is how it makes teaching as personal as possible. Two teachers handle small class sizes so that pupils can get more guidance. With fewer students per class, there is a higher amount of focus and teamwork to keep learners engaged.

Visit FDA and Apply

4.     Goal Digital Academy

On our fourth list of best online high schools in Ohio is Goal Digital Academy. This particular high school stands out from the rest because of how it blends both online learning and in-person learning formats to give its pupils the best. The academy serves K-12 students and the curriculum is aligned with Ohio’s Learning Standards.

You see, this online academy is really big on equipping its students with top skills and attributes therefore offers a blended model of learning where students receive in-person adult support to help them learn, set goals, and prepare for their futures. Anyways, students still have the option to work at home or in one of the designated labs.

Visit GDA and Apply

5.     Buckeye Online School for Success (BOSS)

Buckeye Online School for Success is a tuition-free, fully online high school in Ohio serving pupils from kindergarten to grade 12. It is a public school and also offers computers for every student to use throughout their duration enrolled in the school. All classes are online with state-accredited teachers with experience in teaching online.

This is the school for your child if you cannot afford tuition at a traditional school. Your child gets to learn from the comfort of home, with certified teachers, and gain skills that will help prepare them for the future.

Visit BOSS and Apply

6.     Ohio Digital Learning School

You know how I mentioned earlier that high schools in the US have an age limit which is set by law and that the age limit for high schools in Ohio is 18 but there is an exception now. Ohio Digital Learning School won my heart when I found out it offers quality education to students in grades 9-12 and ages 16-21.

This is why I have added it to one of the best online high schools in Ohio because this extended age bracket will help a lot of adults who want to go back to high school and complete their education.

Ohio Digital Learning School is a public school that offers full-time online education through its state-certified teachers and rigorous, interactive curriculum. This online school is also powered by Stride. Other perks of ODLS include flexible schedules, dual credit opportunities with college credit plus, and an option to earn OhioMeansJobs-Readiness Seal.

Visit ODLS and Apply

7.     Great River Connections Academy

Great River Connections Academy is another tuition-free online public school in Ohio with state-certified experienced teachers serving students in grades K-12. Aside from equipping pupils with high-quality academic knowledge, the academy will also build their social, emotional, and real-life skills that they would need to tackle upcoming challenges.

The online academy has a great review with 97% of parents expressing their overall satisfaction of the school.

Visit GRCA and Apply

8.     Greater Ohio Virtual School (GOVS)

One of the best online high schools in Ohio is Greater Ohio Virtual Schools. It is a tuition-free online public school with state-certified, experienced teachers and a rigorous curriculum to bring out the best in students and set them up for success in life no matter the career path they choose to take. It is accredited and organized under the laws of Ohio.

GOVS serves students in grades 7-12 living in Ohio. The teaching here is self-paced allowing you to learn and progress at your own speed. You can learn whenever you want even on Sundays.

Visit GOVS and Apply

9.     Quaker Digital Academy (QDA)

QDA is an online school in Ohio providing tuition-free, high-quality education to the residents of Ohio since 2003. With state-certified instructors, the academy ensures that the academic needs of students are tailored to meet their demands to prepare them for the next phase of their life after high school.

Each student is assigned an Instructional Supervisor (IS) who will guide the student and monitor their progress. They are different from teachers and will also communicate with students and their families bi-weekly.

Visit QDA and Apply

10.  TRECAoffer

TRECA is one of the best online high schools in Ohio. TRECA is not like the typical online high school, they both have full-time and part-time programs, test prep, summer school, and career technical education. The school serves pupils in grades K-12 and offers every student a wide range of learning options to choose the ones that fit their goals.

Visit TRECA and Apply

11.  The Ohio Distance & Electronic Learning Academy (OHDELA)

On our final list of best online high schools in Ohio is the OHDELA. The school offers a high-quality online education to students in grades K through 12. With its rigorous curriculum and certified teachers, students are developed with a solid foundation for academic success and a lifetime of learning.

It is also tuition-free here.

Visit OHDELA and Apply

This wraps up the list of best online high schools in Ohio, you should be able to pick an online school either for yourself or your child from the list above.

Online High Schools in Ohio – FAQs

How many online high schools are in Ohio?

There are about 15 online high schools in Ohio made of both private and public schools.

Are online high schools in Ohio accredited?

Yes, the online high schools are accredited

What is the cost of online high schools in Ohio?

Most online high schools in Ohio are tuition-free

Can adults enroll in online high schools in Ohio?

There are online high schools in Ohio that offers a special Adult HSD Program to adults over 22 years to help them earn their high school diploma.

Are there free online high schools in Ohio?

Yes, there are free online high schools in Ohio offering quality education at no cost.