Top 11 Accredited Online High Schools in Arizona

The beauty of online high schools in Arizona is that most of them are tuition-free. That means you or your kids can complete their high school with little or no money, without interruption, especially during this uncertainty in education because of the Pandemic.

The opening and closing of schools, force students to stay at home, leads to learning loss. And most parents don’t want to send their kids to any physical classes during these uncertain times.

In fact, a recent survey shows that more than 60% of parents don’t want to send their kids to school due to fear of COVID-19, or even the rise of Delta Variant. So one of the best ways to eradicate this challenge is through online high schools in Arizona, where students get to learn from anywhere.

Moreover, the curriculum in these classes is approved by the United States and the State of Arizona, so they are well prepared in a way that your kids can easily graduate and begin their college life. Your kids can even choose to enroll in some of the best community colleges in Arizona where they will take their career journey to another level.

If your kid is even interested in cooking and you are feeling that he/she would be the next Thomas Keller or Alice Waters, then after their high school, you can enroll them in one of the best culinary schools in Arizona. Also, there are other accredited free online high school diplomas that are not necessarily in Arizona but can be beneficial to you or your kids.

There are lots of high schools in Arizona, there are 1,003 high schools, 926 of them are public, whereas, 77 of them are private. But these high schools have a poor graduation rate, they are ranked #48 in the country’s graduation rate, and poorly have 78% of High School students graduating annually.

So, these online high schools in Arizona are helping to improve the graduation rate of students in Arizona, their classes are self-paced, and taught by Arizona State Certified Teachers. Their teachers are highly-qualified, even though most of them already have their master’s or higher degrees, and they are friendly to interact with.

In addition, most students that attend these online high schools in Arizona said they prefer them to brick and mortar classes in Arizona. The same testimony is coming from students attending online high schools in Texas, this proves that there is hope to improve the graduation rate of these kids.

Also, these schools are structured in a way that students are disciplined and can complete their classes and graduate at the appropriate time. They have student “success coaches” that guide you through, they are there to listen to your issues, give advice, counsel you, and help you with your career decisions.

There are free online courses that will be of great importance to you, and you can learn them anywhere and whenever you want.

Before we show you these accredited online high schools in Arizona, let’s see what it may cost to study online. 

Cost of Online High Schools in Arizona

Public online high schools in Arizona are tuition-free, which means you can enroll your kids without paying a dime. They are sponsored by government funding.

However, the average tuition fee of private schools in the US is approximately $14,500.

Requirements for Online High Schools in Arizona

Resides in Arizona

Most of these online high schools in Arizona will require you to reside in Arizona, especially for any physical classes (not necessary for 100% fully online schools), meetings, or participation.


Discipline and self-motivation are one of the best tools you need to succeed in any online classes, because it takes more effort to get out of bed, finish your activities, then go to your online school. Nobody is there to reprimand you (except you’re the parent of the kid), even though you’re the parent, you now have more work to do, you need to make sure your kids go to class and are doing the right thing with the internet.

The good side is that most of these best online high schools in Arizona try to follow up and make sure their students are disciplined to maintain consistent academics.

Time Management 

Self-paced is very interesting, but the bad side of it is that you might misuse it. You might find out you are involved in postponing your classes till it becomes packed up, that you don’t have any other option but to hurriedly finish them (which is not a good way to learn).

Therefore, you or your kids need to learn to manage time properly.

Access to Computer

There should be consistent access to a computer and stable internet.

Doesn’t Give Up Easily

It is easy to start online high schools in Arizona and it is also easy to quit. You might not get to meet those physical students that can encourage you to continue pushing even when it seems hard, especially when it is a 100% online school.

Benefits of Online High Schools in Arizona


I can’t fail to mention the fact that it is convenient for you to learn from online high schools in Arizona. You can choose to stay anywhere and dress anyhow while attending your classes.

Self Paced

You are not in a hurry to finish your classes, you can choose to come to class after work, before soccer, after your launch, or even after your game. (But try to discipline yourself to have a constant time of coming to class).

Mostly Free

Most of the classes are free, especially from public online high schools in Arizona.

online high schools in Arizona 

Online High Schools in Arizona

1. Primavera Online School

Primavera is one of the online high schools in Arizona that gives its students a high level of flexibility, personal support, and amazing coursework. Their education is programmed such that it can fit any of your lifestyles, whether you’re a part-time worker, you have a family to take care of, you have a special medical need, or you’re a sports athlete.

Their teachers are not just there to teach, but their caring act makes the classes more personalized. Whereas, their guidance counselors will help you with any personal support you will need, whether it’s to help with your enrollment, your academics, your path to college, or even a complicated academic issue.

Due to the level of support Primavera gives, most students say they feel a lot more supported in Primavera than in their traditional schools. One of the students, who is learning to be a fashion designer, had to say that Primavera’s teachers are very interactive,  and even though the classes can be challenging, he loves it because he gets to push himself the most.

And through Primavera’s teachings, he has been able to draw and produce some clothes.

Speaking of teachers, Primavera is one of the online high schools in Arizona that has State Certified, well-educated teachers (more than 85% of their teachers hold a master’s degree or higher). Not just that, their teachers are always improving with current professional training, and they are highly qualified.

They offer 

  • full-time enrollment
  • Part-time enrollment
  • Special Education
  • Dual Credit / ACE
  • Vocational Schools

All of their courses are accredited, NCAA approved, and their curriculum is well designed for today’s teen learners. Moreover, when you’re done with your senior year, they do physical graduation.

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2. Stride K12

Stride K12 is one of the online high schools in Arizona that allows its students to learn at their own pace, and from anywhere. Seeing the uncertainty of COVID-19 and our kid’s traditional education, we can’t continue waiting for the complete eradication of COVID-19 or any other pandemic such as this.

Open today, close tomorrow,” is not good for our kids at all, your kids need continuous learning, especially to avoid learning loss. That’s why Stride K12 answered the call of critical continuous learning, their online classes make it possible that there will not be any interruption of Education again.

And, by their consistent teaching method, they have helped to avoid learning loss in students and they will do the same for your kids. Also, Stride K12 structured their classes to make sure your kids are always in class.

Most importantly, when statistics of Stride K12-Powered Students were taken, they found out that their students performed 27% and 12% higher than national averages in Math and Reading respectively.

More than 80% of parents are satisfied with Stride K12-Powered Schools and its curriculum, and many parents find their course materials more effective than other online high schools in Arizona.

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3. ASU Prep Digital

This is one of the online high schools in Arizona that was ranked at top of the 2022 best school lists, and all their K-12 online schools are accredited. Also, they brought the college experience home, where you will be opportune to take some university courses in the school, in an easy-to-understand manner.

Even if you’re a middle-school student, the school will encourage you to take some high school credits. Their courses are self-paced and well-personalized for easy and consistent learning. 

Due to their competence, the school has been able to produce students that are successful in both Math and English. Their students’ math and English percentage proficiency are 52% and 61% respectively, and the statistics show that they are a lot better than most online high schools in Arizona. 

Further, they have “success coaches” who are ever-ready to provide valuable advice and mentorship, they are also there to support and assist students with their college choices and career life.

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4. ThrivePoint High School

ThrivePoint is one of the online high schools in Arizona that does two brilliant things to maintain learning consistency. They use their 100% online platform to teach your kids, and they also have 6 physical campuses that offer one-on-one learning to your kids.

ThrivePoint is easy and flexible to control, and your teachers will be personalized to you. Also, they offer different kinds of free classes which can give you a headstart for your career or your college life. 

With their 20 years of experience in online high school, they already know what you need. In fact, they have never believed in the traditional way of teaching, with teachers that have more than 40 students to teach in a class.

Most importantly, ThrivePoint is one of the online high schools in Arizona their program is %100 tuition-free, and they feel it’s their responsibility to prepare students for their careers or college. You’ll also have a “student success coach,” whose goal is to encourage, push, communicate, guide, lift, and celebrate their students.

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5. Excel High School

With only 78% of students graduating from high school in Arizona, there is a need to reduce this gap, and there is no better time for online high schools in Arizona. Excel High was built for online learning, and they know how to satisfy your kids’ academic pursuits on their platform.

When other schools are still struggling to gain their feet on the online teaching platform, Excel High School has already gathered enough experience in online learning. Their courses and programs are fully accredited, and a lot of students that graduated from their high school are able to enter college immediately.

In addition, Excel High School allows students to take college courses that can be transferred directly to their college, and this helps these students to go to college with some secured credits in their backpacks. 

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6. PXU Digital Academy

This is one of the online high schools in Arizona where students have access to lots of course catalog, which includes Honors, Dual Enrollment, and Advanced Placement Courses. These can give you a headstart for a college.

All their courses are self-paced, so you’ll have access to your coursework 24/7/365 and you can go through them anywhere you are.

You can also decide to come to their campus to have some physical fun experiences, like sports, clubs, and other activities. It welcomes all Arizona students from grades 9 – 12, your kids can enroll full-time, or concurrently.

Moreover, your teachers are highly-qualified, and they can teach you one-on-one. Even though you’re a full-time worker, or you want to maintain your safety at home during the pandemic, with their self-paced classes you can finish your high school when you want.

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7. CGUHSD Online Academy

This is one of the online high schools in Arizona where students will be able to participate in the same high-level learning they are used to in in-person learning using Edgenuity Courseware. Their curriculum is backed up with strong research and it is in together with Arizona State standards.

If you’re a student in Grades 9 – 12, you can enroll in their classes, their classes are not self-paced, you have to show up in classes 5 hours per day. But this method also helps you to finish your classes on time, and you’ll be more disciplined.

Your virtual teachers are highly qualified and well-trained Arizona Certified teachers. 

However, students might be required to complete their course final in person, or the assessments might be taken in a Proctored environment through Microsoft teams. And, if you don’t attend a necessary state test you might be withdrawn from your program, parents are usually notified of any upcoming tests.

Also, it is necessary to attend classes daily, at least 5 times a week (5 hours per day), there would be individual and team cohort meetings and research.

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8. College Online High School

This is one of the online high schools in Arizona that offers adults the opportunity to finish high school. Tuition waivers are also available where you have the opportunity not to pay your tuition fee or pay little.

And it’s made available through support from The Steele Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative, Phoenix Public Library Foundation, Freeport-McMoRan, and Dollar General Literacy Foundation. When you’ve completed your online self-assessment and a 2-week necessary course with COHS, you’ll be invited for an in-person interview.

To be eligible for this adult high school, you have to be 

  • At least 21 years old
  • Completed at least the 8th Grade
  • Live within Phoenix city or a city of Phoenix employee.

These classes are 8-10 hours per week for 5-18 months.

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9. Almentia Academy

Almentia Academy is one of the online high schools in Arizona that teaches students from Pre-k through Grades 12 with a fully accredited STEM curriculum. There are more than 250 courses which include courses that can get you ready for college, and online tutoring.

Moreover, their classes are self-paced, the teachers are interactive and you are welcome to ask them any question. There are always live sessions, and whichever method the student learns best is what they apply.

Their teachers are certified by the Arizona State, most of them have advanced degrees in Early Childhood Education, Single Subject, and they are Nationally Board Certified Teachers (NBCT) with more than 20 years of teaching. They also offer free online courses.

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10. Valor Preparatory Academy of Arizona

This is one of the online high schools in Arizona that has 20 years of experience in online charter school leadership, and since these years, they have helped their students to learn flexibly, and they also offer their support. Valor’s academic structure will help you to manage your time efficiently, you will be able to work on other areas of your life and still complete your high school.

Their school hours are not long, and you can run your activities, whether it is playing baseball, going to work, attending to your family, before coming back to your classes. Moreover, it’s as if the teachers are always happy which makes the students feel comfortable and able to learn easily and ask questions.

The school is partly online, partly in school, and the ratio of teacher to student in a class is 1:25 

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11. Aspire – Deer Valley Unified School

DVUSD is one of the online high schools in Arizona that has a very high graduation and attendance rate, their graduation rate is 94.5% whereas their attendance rate is 94%. Moreover, they have moved to their new home where they can serve their students better.

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Online High Schools In Arizona – FAQs

How many online high schools are in Arizona?

According to, there are 52 online high schools in Arizona

Can adults enroll in online high schools in Arizona?

Yes, adults can enroll in online high schools in Arizona. In fact, College Online High School has Adult-only high schools, where they admit adults from 21 years old.

Are there free online high schools in Arizona?

Yes, these online high schools in Arizona are free;

  • Hope high school online
  • Stride K12-Powered online high school
  • Primavera Online High School
  • Thrive Point High School
  • Pinnacle Charter Schools