10 Top Universities in Hungary for International Students

With a bountiful array of options, many students are wondering which of the universities in Hungary for international students can be considered the finest?

This and so much more are answered by this post as we shift through separating what is a shaft from the wheat and then present you with what will be agreed by many as the 10 top universities in Hungary for international students, all these achieved with the unbiased mindset that is mine.

Hungary with its rich history, culture, and the medieval backdrop are considered an ideal location to study, the natural landscape that does not seem to be too far from human settlements has added to the improvement of both the mental and physical health of students admitted into the various universities in hungry for international students.

This is attested by the over 11,800 international students admitted into the various universities in Hungary for international students, and if you are nursing ambitions in such light as to join them, then it is well-advised that you hang on to this and endure to the end of this our wonderful journey.

Pressing questions that bother international students will be answered in this post such if there are universities in Hungary for international students, what are the requirements to be met by those in search of admission in any of the universities in Hungary for international students, and what is the cost implication on the pocket of those being admitted into any of the universities in Hungary for international students.

Hungary is Europe’s 18th most populous country and a popular study destination for international students. Hungary offers several high-quality Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, while not being as well-known as other European nations in terms of international studies.

Several institutions in Hungary have been recognized for their academic excellence, and they are consistently ranked among the top universities in the world.

Are there Universities in Hungary for International Students?

Yes, there are universities in Hungary that accept international students from different countries to study with them. There is a rich history of culture and tradition from the numerous universities in Hungary for international students such as Hungary’s finest university for overseas students Szeged University.

Because it participates in the Erasmus program, the institution is particularly welcoming to international students, and practically all of its programs are taught in English.

With an attractive array of top universities in Hungary for international students, the majority of its student base is from nations well away from the European continent. This is made possible by the numerous scholarships and grant opportunities such as those presented to international students from Nigeria.

Like those on offer by the universities in Hungary for international students, there are various other international universities from different other countries that have on offer brilliant scholarships and grants opportunities to qualified international students irrespective of the nation of origin, take for instance the Arabic Scholarship Programs that are on offer by the Mishkah International Academy.

Not to mention those that are with great cities themselves to attract more international students to share in its rich history, tradition, and culture, case in point is the scholarship programs that are presented to international students in New York City.

In line with their Corporate Social Responsibilities, major international conglomerates in the Nigerian private sector have taken to training the future generations and funding their dreams through scholarship programs, some of these programs like the ExxonMobil undergraduate and graduate scholarship programs for Nigerian students have granted many Nigerians the opportunity to become international students, having sharper minds brought about by the influence of having to study in a different nation and having different nationals as your lecturers and peers.

Not only are Nigerians recipients of generous scholarships and grants, but various other citizens also have available to them grants and scholarship programs such as the Scholarship programs for diploma students residing in Kenya, there are found in other nations programs that make students more improved and internationalized such as the scholarship programs to study abroad for Indian students.

Requirements to study in Hungary as an International Student

Hungary’s entry and admission requirements are based on the Bologna Process; this implies that to enroll in Master’s and Ph.D. programs, a Bachelor’s degree is required. You must have your language competence certifications, diploma, and other documentation necessary by the program to be eligible for a BA degree.

To apply for a Residence Permit for Study, you must first go to the local Embassy of Hungary in your country to obtain the necessary paperwork for entry into Hungary, since certain institutions may require some of these documents to approve your application. To prove your eligibility for higher education courses, you will require a copy of your high school diploma.

In general, you’ll need to provide the following documents:

  • A current CV a motivation letter a copy of your passport / ID
  • Evidence of language ability
  • Transcripts of records are translated into English.
  • Diplomas received in English translation.
  • Two letters of recommendation from academics.

Prospective students must have a high school certificate translated into Hungarian or English, as well as a transcript of courses and grades, to apply for a Bachelor’s degree (3 years). In addition to submitting these documents, certain courses may require an entrance exam.

Applicants for a Master’s degree (2 years) must submit a photocopy of their Bachelor’s diploma and may be required to take an admission exam.

A university degree comparable to a master’s degree is the minimal qualification for obtaining a Ph.D. (2+2 years). An MA/MSc degree or an equivalent to an MA/MSc degree is required to enroll in doctorate studies. Within four years of study, you must finish 240 credits in a Doctoral program.

A final test is required at the end of the fourth semester. Following a successful examination, the doctorate program’s final two years are spent conducting research and writing your dissertation, which can be extended by one year.

Universities in Hungary for international students rate applications based on the candidates’ past education and grade point average (GPA); some institutions may additionally demand employment and research experience.

Prospective students must demonstrate that they satisfy specific prerequisites to be accepted to any of the universities in Hungary for international students. Although there is a broad method for admission, specific higher education institutions may have different criteria, so carefully verify the regulations at each institution before applying.

How much does it Cost to Study in Hungary?

Tuition fees are charged in Hungarian universities; however, they are quite low in comparison to other European nations. You may anticipate spending between 2,500 and 3,000 euros per year depending on the university and the program; engineering programs might be more expensive, costing up to 5,000 euros per year. Tuition fees for medicine and dentistry typically range from 6,000 to 8,000 euros per year.

At the same time, student living in Hungary is quite inexpensive. In Budapest (the capital), you may live on less than 600 euros per month for housing, food, transportation, and other expenses, while in the smaller cities, you can live on less than 500 euros per month.

With all that information dished to your mind in mouthwatering delicacies, I present the major context of this post which is;

Universities in Hungary for International Students

10 Top Universities in Hungary for International Students

1.      University of Szeged

The topmost of the universities in Hungary for international students is the world-renowned Szeged University. Because it participates in the Erasmus program, the institution is particularly welcoming to international students, and practically all of its programs are taught in English.

There are now students from over 115 countries studying there, with a considerable representation from Serbia and Romania due to the near vicinity of the two nations’ borders. Szeged is one of Hungary’s sunniest cities, offering students an outstanding vibrant, and urban lifestyle.


2.      University of Debrecen

Outside of Budapest, the Institution of Debrecen is the largest university in Hungary for international students, with approximately 28.000 students, 3.500 of them from outside Hungary. It is a globally famous research center with 54 English-taught programs.

Foreign students come to Debrecen for a variety of reasons, including the city’s beauty and cultural significance. It was Hungary’s largest city in the 18th century, and it even functioned as the capital a few times.


3.      Eötvös Loránd University

The largest and most well-known university in Budapest is Eötvös Loránd University, which is one of the finest universities in Hungary for international students. It was founded in 1635 and today has over 28.000 students enrolled in eight faculties. It is most renowned for its Ph.D. programs, and its degrees are internationally recognized.

The university has an impressive roster of award-winning graduates, not just from Hungary but from all over the world, making it the finest university for foreign students wishing to study at a world-class school while living in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities.


4.      University of Pécs

One of the leading universities in Hungary for international students is located in Pécs, Hungary’s historical and fifth-largest city. With nearly 20% of international students, it has the greatest percentage of international students. The institution has a big number of German students because programs are provided in both English and German.

Although it is based in Pécs, it has colleges and training programs all around Hungary. There are several applications in various languages to pick from. It is a fantastic setting for incoming overseas students.


5.      Corvinus University of Budapest

The Corvinus University, a major research school situated in Budapest, is next on our list of top universities in Hungary for international students, providing programs in economics, business administration, and social sciences in French, English, German, and Hungarian. It is a popular destination for foreign students due to the huge number of languages available.


6.      Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME)

BME is a public institution. It is one of the world’s oldest technical institutes, having been founded in 1782. It is Europe’s first university to provide engineering degrees. Currently, this university educates about 70% of Hungary’s engineers.

There are around 1.000 foreign students enrolled in Hungarian, English, German, Russian, and French programs. It is likely to attract a considerably bigger number of international students in the future due to its perfect location just 10 minutes from Budapest’s city center, its degree of diversity, and its good reputation.


7.      Semmelweis University

Semmelweis University is Hungary’s and Central Europe’s top Medical and Health Sciences University. It has a lengthy history and has awarded degrees to over 100.000 alumni, including some of Hungary’s most prominent health care specialists.

They have a very friendly and hardworking staff that is actively involved in assisting students with consultations, training, and job placement through the organization of job fairs. This institution places a strong focus on athletics, with several facilities and possibilities. Semmelweis is an alternative for those looking for Universities in Hungary for international students, with roughly one-third of its students coming from overseas.


8.      University of Pannonia

Arts and Humanities, Economics, Agriculture, Engineering, and Information Technology are among the five faculties at the University of Pannonia in Veszprém.

It organizes a variety of national and international research events, which is intended to boost its worldwide profile and attract more foreign students. The institution’s officials hope to expand the university by adding additional buildings and faculties, making it one of the top universities in Hungary for international students. Because of the Erasmus program, many international students already attend this university.


9.      Szent István University

Szent István University is a technological university that was founded in 1787. Its main campus is at Gödöll, 30 kilometers from Budapest. Other campuses, including one in Budapest, may be found around the country. The institution is organized into eight faculties, with around 12.000 students currently enrolled.

Housing is generally simple to get by, however, a security deposit is required. According to present and previous students, the university’s international atmosphere is excellent.


10. University of Miskolc

The University of Miskolc rounds off our ranking of the finest universities in Hungary for international students. The University of Miskolc was founded in 1735 as a higher education school for ambitious miners and metallurgists, but it has since evolved into a huge university with faculties for Economics, Arts, Law, Health, and Music. It is Northern Hungary’s largest university.

The campus is set in a serene and lovely natural setting. The majority of the university’s buildings are in the university town of Egyetemváros, which is part of Miskolc.



The universities in Hungary for international students are fantastic institutions known to build both the spirit, soul, and body of students. This is weighing on the fact that Hungary is a religious country which majority Christian, having on offer scholarship opportunities for young Christians.