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Below is everything you need to know about University of Regina tuition fees, scholarships, application process, requirements, and more as an aspiring student.


University Of Regina, Canada

As a prospective student, you might have difficulty in choosing from the thousands of universities available in Canada. It shouldn’t be a herculean task at all and that’s why we at study abroad nation make insightful research to discover top-notch universities that’ll complement your search.

On this note, we have been able to dig into the heart of Canada and come out with the amazing university of Regina.

The university in discussion has an interesting history. Its origin dates back to 1911 when it was founded as a high school called Regina College by the methodist church. But it wasn’t until 1974 when it was officially made an autonomous university with the mandate to grant independent degrees in diverse disciplines.

Today, U of R is a fully comprehensive and public research institution that has grown to become a giant name in the Canadian Education Board and recognized both nationally and internationally for its academic excellence.

Does it sound like a school you’ll love? Indeed keep reading to discover for yourself.

The university has its presence in the charming and vibrant city of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. It has a remarkable track record in supporting its student to succeed in their academic pursuit.

As a result, the university ranks among other centers of higher learning that instruct its student with experiential and experimental education. This implies that the kind of education you’ll experience at U of R will make an astonishing difference in your career and life.

The university is the first in Canada to foster careers related employment program for its students. This initiative is to enable the students to grasp hands-on experience in their field of study.

U of R shows a strong emphasis on sustainable development. This step alone has made it possible for the university to operate a 100% smoke-free campus which entails that studying here, is absolutely safe, healthy, and secure.

Can you imagine such an environment, where you have nothing to worry about air pollution, because there are technologies developed by its researchers put in place to combat CO2 emissions, paper and power consumption?

We also notice another stride the university incorporates which is, teaching courses with the French language despite being recognized as an English speaking school. So, whether you are applying from a francophone country, you have no language barrier option.

Furthermore, U of R is actively committed to the discovery, the well-being of a community, truth, climate sensitivity, as well as enhancing impact in the society.

Why You Should Study In University Of Regina

Here comes the decision time and you might ask is it worth studying at U of R?


U of R offers a pleasant education in a community that supports its student to be successful in their academic adventure. The university bridges excellence and diversity to the educational experience.

Here are some reasons why you may want to try out the University of Regina

  • Has state of the Arts facilities
  • Has a very rich academic history spanning more than a century.
  • Encourages a value inclusive education tailored to innovative research
  • They are leaders in offering critical areas of studies that other institutions fail to pursue.
  • Has cooperative programs and internship opportunities both for national and international students.
  • Has affordable tuition that is below the national average. For more on this, please refer to the Tuition section below.
  • Has a strong student financial support
  • Has more than 400 active researchers involved in world-class research in its research institutes
  • Offers pre-professional transfer programs
  • Has about 15,000+ students enrollment
  • Generates $25.7 million in research revenue

U of R campus lies on 239 acres with an astonishing setting that encourages study, learning and work. It runs three federated colleges and they are; the Luther college, Champion, and First Nations University. The main university campus is at Wascana and can it can accommodate about 1,200 students in its residence.

University Of Regina Ranking

Finding shows that the University of Regina is Canada’s finest university in terms of its comparative focus in fostering innovative study programs and learning environments. It ranks among Canada’s top 10 most comprehensive universities and thousands of national and international students compete to be educated on its campus.

Since its inception, the university has gathered global recognition for its role in providing an appealing education, involvement in innovative research, and in training outstanding scholars who become exceptional leaders in their specialized fields.

In addition, the university has a plausible reputation for offering brilliant and highly sought-after programs that are taught by top-tier professors and educators.

Hence, the university is ranked by global ranking bodies

  • It was ranked by TimesHigher Education in 2019, in the “Top 200 Best Young Universities” in the world. Times also ranked the university 800th in the world and 27 out of 29 in Canada.
  • The Academic Ranking Of World Universities ranked it 701 in the world and 25th place in Canada.
  • U.S News & World placed the university 902nd in the world and 25th in Canada during its global ranking category.
  • In its comprehensive rating, Maclean’s ranked U of R the 15th place in Canada and also placed it in the 33rd position in terms of reputation.

University Of Regina Acceptance Rate

The University of Regina is not judgemental in gender enrollment. A recent study shows that the university enrolls about 2,360 female students and 2,410 male students out of a total applicant of 16,045. This shows that it has a commendable acceptance and it is pegged at 80%.

Also, the faculties and schools have their standard of intake for new applicants.

  • The acceptance rate for the petroleum engineering program is 8%
  • The acceptance for medical school is extremely low
  • Graduate acceptance is about 12%
  • International students acceptance is 14%. 2,168 students are admitted out of 16,045 applicants.

University Of Regina Faculties

Here is the section that is more exciting and thrilling. University of Regina, among other schools in Canada, offers a very robust and flexible program that is tailored to research, discovery, environmental development, and continuous sustainability.

It has over 120 undergraduate and 78 graduate programs as well as specialized co-op programs in its 10 faculties that cut across diverse disciplines. It awards bachelor’s, master’s, PhD, as well as certificate and Diploma degrees.

For the record, here are the faculties inclusive at U of R

  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty Of Business Administration
  • Faculty Of Education
  • Faculty Of Engineering & Applied Science
  • Faculty Of Media, Arts & Performance
  • Faculty Of Graduate Studies
  • Faculty Of Kinesiology and Health Studies
  • Faculty Of Nursing
  • Faculty Of Science
  • Faculty Of Social Work

Learn more about the faculties at U of R

University Of Regina Tuition Fees

If you’re accepted into the University of Regina, you have to pay a tuition fee. Interestingly, its tuition fee is very affordable. As a matter of fact, the University of Regina is also one of the cheapest universities in Canada.

However, the tuition will be calculated based on the number of classes you register or take per semester. Full-time students take up to 3 – 5 classes while part-time students can register for about 1- 2 classes

Faculty Fees For Domestic Undergraduate Students

Below, you’ll see the estimated fees for some faculties. All values are in the Canadian dollar and it is subject to change.

  • Arts : $671.25
  • Business Administration : $783.75
  • Education : $690.75
  • Engineering : $745.5
  • Media & Arts : $711.75
  • Kinesiology : $711.75
  • Nursing : $747.75
  • Science : $711.75
  • Social Works : $690.75

Faculty Fees For International Undergraduate Students

Below, you’ll find the estimated fees for some faculties. All values are in Canadian dollars and the fees are subjected to change.

  • Arts : $2013.75
  • Business Administration : $2351.25
  • Education : $2072.25
  • Engineering : $2236.50
  • Media & Arts : $2236.50
  • Kinesiology : $2135.25
  • Nursing : $2243.25
  • Science : $2135.25
  • Social Works : $2072.25

From the above analysis, it us estimated that the tuition fee for domestic student ranges from $670 – $1250.25 and $3,000 – $6,214.90 for international undergraduate students.

Tuition Fee For Graduate Students

U of R tuition fee for Canadian graduate students ranges from $292.50 – $812.25 for one credit hour at the Master’s level and $1,896.75 for the PhD program.

Its tuition fee for international graduate students ranges from $1,714 – $2,233.75 for Master’s level and $3,218.25 for PhD.

Additional Cost

There are other costs you’ll incur during your stay in the U of R campus and this will vary, depending on if you’ll live on the campus or accommodate in the residence.

  • Tuition : $6,214.90
  • Health & Dental Plan : $215.25
  • Books & Supplies : $1,500
  • Residence : $6,400
  • Food : $1,772 for residence
    $1,500 for off residence
  • Miscellaneous : $2,500
  • Total : $18,606.15 for residence
    $11,930.15 for off residence

How To Pay For Your Tuition Fee

There are various payment options available if you want to pay your tuition fee and they include:

  1. Wire transfer
  2. Mail
  3. Online self-service: here, you have to use your visa, MasterCard, or America Express credit card to pay through the internet
  4. Telephone

See more on tuition estimate and deadline for payment of fees

University Of Regina Admission Requirements

For the record, U of R admission requirements vary for the different faculties and also for both domestic and international students.

Canadian Undergraduate students Requirements

For students in Canada, admission is offered in two category:

Conditional Early Average

Provided to meritorious high school students based on courses completed in grade 11 and 12.

Final Admission Average

Provided when a student completes all high school courses

International Undergraduate and Graduate Requirements

  • English language proficiency test

IELTS: 6.0

TOEFL: 525

  • Letter of references
  • Academic transcripts
  • Student Permit
  • Relevant bachelor’s degree for master’s applicant
  • Birth certificate / passport
  • Application fee of $100

How To Apply For University of Regina Admission

  1. Apply online through the school’s official website
  2. Pay the application fee of $100
  3. Fill in your details and attach all necessary documents
  4. Submit your application and stay updated via your email

Apply as an undergraduate

Apply as a graduate student

Admission Deadline

The university operates three season of intakes and here the deadline for each session

Fall: March 1, yearly.

Winter: November 30, yearly.

Spring : February 1, yearly.

University Of Regina Scholarships

Let your hope be high because the university of Regina administers financial assistant to meritorious student.

As a generous institution, it provides many scholarships, awards, bursaries, prizes as well as undergraduate teaching assistant. However, its list of scholarships is available in its Student Awards Management System ( SAM ) for any intending applicants.

Here are some selected scholarship available for both undergraduate and graduate students

  • University Of Regina Entrance Scholarship

Worth: $5,000 yearly

  • Faculty Of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR) Scholarships and Awards

Worth : $20,000 for PhD

$17,500 for major awards

$10,000 for Master’s students

  • University Of Regina International Entrance Scholarship

Worth : $3,000 for undergraduates

See more scholarships using the SAM

University Of Regina Alumni

The university of Regina has an alumni network totalling about 70,000 committed to supporting the institution in funding and empowerment.

  • Eric Grimson ( computer scientist and chancellor of MIT )
  • Saros Cowasjee ( Anthologist )
  • Sylvain Chalebois ( food and agricultural expert )
  • Lorne Calvert ( premier of Saskatchewan )
  • Carl Brown ( playwright )
  • Bob Boyer
  • Val Scars
  • Maggie Siggins
  • Jonathan Dennis
  • Joan Givner


In its 100 years of existence, the University of Regina provides an appealing education that is secondary to none in Canada. The university is well structured and fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, learning hubs, a high-tech lab, and a library to give you a memorable experience in your academic pursuit.

In other words, with its enviable acceptance rate and affordable tuition, you can comfortable secure admission into its campus and be on your way to becoming a world champion in your field of study.

That is the goal of this comprehensive article concerning the university of Regina. We hope it has been able to satisfy your research. Till then, good luck on your application.



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