Top 10 Universities in Turkey for International Students

The universities in Turkey for international students are considered some of the finest universities that can be found globally. These universities are noted for their thoroughness in the execution of their duties, easy adaptability of students, and the affordable costs of living within the country.

The huge respect that is accorded to the universities in Turkey for international students is not ill-merited. It is because the nation as a whole has put a whole lot of effort into its educational sector and with the realization of what makes for a good higher institution, they ensured that there is an abundance of universities that lectures in the English language.

This is a response to nations introducing universities that lecture in English just like those found in Denmark. But this is not only the main challenge that prompted the focus of the Turks to the upgrading of their education sector, several countries lure in international students by making the cost of tuition cheap, subsidizing the cost of tuition through government intervention, or offering scholarships and grants such as those offered by Universities in Italy.

But, being competitive isn’t only what the Turks are all about; other factors play in their favor, such as being a preferred destination for ex-pats, thereby making those interested actively seek means to improve their knowledge of how to move into Turkey.

For those who are not too vast in the study known as geography, Turkey is a nation that seats between the European and Asian continents it is such a unique position that it seats on as it is by tradition and history a middle Eastern nation but by science and modern interactions with other countries a European nation.

The Turks—which is how the rest of the world refers to those originating or are citizens of Turkey—the number in the excess of 86 million individual souls, this was as of the year 2022. The Turks are the world’s largest Turkic ethnic group as they are known to speak a variety of dialects and are situated majorly in Turkey and Northern Cyprus.

This plays to the advantage of the universities in Turkey for international students as the large population of new and unique cultures and traditions have been known to be a major motivation for the decision making of students that wish to study in any given nation, making Turkey a major destination for international students.

This has been a known fact by other nation’s universities for international students, who have understood down the years that the culture and peoples of the country of operation make it more fascinating to students willing to study outside of their parent nation, this is even more true as the various universities that accept international students in Qatar can attest to the brilliance and lure their indigenous people have over their resident international students.

The cost of tuition can be a huge encumbrance to the aspirations of international students as the majority of them are from nations that are not developed enough to support their dreams. To this end, countries such as Sweden have on offer scholarship schemes for international students and prospective students with some of them even covering the living expenses of the awarded students. While others like the best universities in Belgium for international students pay specific attention to the individual growth of each student.

Requirements for International Students to Study in Turkey

If you’ve identified a study program in Turkey that you’re interested in, the next step is to look into the prerequisites for applying for that degree. While you should always check the program website for specific criteria to determine whether you match them, there are certain basic requirements you must meet.

Applying for an Undergraduate Degree in any of the Universities in Turkey for International Students

If you want to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Turkey, you must have completed or be about to complete high school. On your list, you should include the following documents:

  • Application Form
  • Diploma from a high school (or a paper certifying you will graduate)
  • Transcript Records
  • Score on a language proficiency exam (TOEFL or a university’s proficiency test)
  • Letter of motivation
  • Proof of payment of the application cost (35-100 USD)
  • A certificate stating that you passed your secondary school exit exam (e.g. SAT 1, International Baccalaureate, National Baccalaureate, etc.)
  • A letter stating that you have sufficient financial resources to maintain yourself while you study.

Applying for a Graduate Degree in any of the Universities in Turkey for International Students

If you wish to pursue a Master’s degree or a Ph.D. in Turkey, you’ll need to check the program’s website for particular prerequisites. Some of the following documents are almost certain to be included:

  • Application Form
  • A bachelor’s or master’s degree is required.
  • A Statement of Purpose (presenting your project and motivation)
  • Updated curriculum vitae
  • Professorial and employer letters of recommendation
  • Transcript of Records
  • Exam results for graduates (depending on the Programme: GRE or GMAT)
  • Score on a language proficiency exam (TOEFL or a university’s proficiency test)
  • Exams and/or interviews may be required.
  • A letter stating that you have sufficient financial resources to maintain yourself while you study.

You can submit your application once you have all of your documents in order. Even if you apply online, you must deliver the required documentation by mail before the deadline. You will also need to fly to Turkey if you have an admission exam or an interview.

Average Cost to Study in Turkey for International Students

 Student living costs

As an international student, you may live well in Turkey on a monthly budget of 400–650 EUR. When compared to other study places throughout the world, this is far less expensive. Depending on your lifestyle and spending patterns, your typical living costs will rise or fall. The Turkish lira is the country’s currency; 1 EUR now equals roughly 9 Turkish lire.

Expenses of student housing

While studying in Turkey, you have a variety of options for lodging. Some are more cost-effective, while others provide more comfort and convenience. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to pick which one is best for you.

The following are the most common student housing alternatives in Turkey:

  • Dormitories at universities: The cost varies based on the university and the amenities available.
  • State-run boarding houses: Monthly costs range from 24 to 38 euros.
  • Private dorms: offer significantly greater facilities, but at a premium price.
  • Getting a place to live: 68–283 EUR/month, depending on area and unit size
  • If you determine that renting an apartment is the best choice, keep in mind that the extra utilities will add 50–75 EUR to your monthly living expenditures.

Universities in Turkey for International Students

Top 10 Universities in Turkey for International Students

1.      Bogazici University

On our list of the top 10 Universities in Turkey for international students is one of the finest universities in Turkey for international students located in Istanbul by the name of Bogazici University. This, if I may add, is home to one of the biggest research facilities available to both the indigenous and foreign students alike.

The university has on offer for undergraduates in search of the best universities in Turkey for international students, programs that follow international standards and are lectured—some of them—in the English language. To add to the glitter, the university has offered to its students that have a high, respectable academy standing, a plethora of scholarship programs for both undergraduate and postgraduate students designed to ease the burden felt by the tuition costs of admission into the school.

For those who are asking, Bogazici University seats in the minds of many as the topmost university in Turkey for international students, so why don’t you make haste and;


2.      Middle East Technical University

With an acceptance percentage of international students, there is absolutely no reason why the Middle East Technical University is not rated high as amongst the prime universities in Turkey for international students, this sentiment is not only shared by industry experts but by the 1,547 international students currently enrolled in the university.

The Middle East Technical University is located in Ankara, the university has on offering programs taught with the highest professional output in fields such as engineering and natural sciences, one glam about the Middle East Technical University is that it has programs which are lectured in English fluently making it easy to assimilate by students used to the language.

The university has such high regard for enrolling only the best students that it has such a little percentage of admission of those that take its entrance examination, this can also be ascribed to the high demand of students seeking admission to study in the university and very limited slots available for international students.

On the plus side of things Middle East Technical University, for those who have gained admission to study in the university and can merit it through exceptional grades, the university has on offer scholarship programs that are designed to make life easy for the said students.


3.      Bilkent University

Another of the finest universities in Turkey for international students which are also located in Ankara, Bilkent University is a privately owned university that was set up in the year 1984, and at present boasts an international student population of 908 enrolled students.

Being one of the privately-owned universities in Turkey for international students, Bilkent University focuses mainly on science and research. It is also worthy to note that Bilkent University is considered as the best private university in Turkey for international students.

The university has continued to be an avenue for the provision of excellent and quality education to its various students, this is enforced by the position the university seats on the recent World University Rankings. Also, the scholarship programs offered by the university have acted as a catalyst in strengthening the determination of students to be the best at their studies.

The university has within its walls various structures and buildings which are dedicated to each type of area of study, as having within its possession a large well-stocked library where students can get access to more than thousands of data and sources for their educational pursuits, to be realistic, Bilkent University is in reasonably considered to have within its walls one of the best and most complete libraries on the planet.


4.      Ankara University

This gem amongst the universities in Turkey for international students is located deep in the heart of Ankara city. This brings forth a massive advantage to the university as its ease of and integration into the Turkish city life is a massive lure to international students seeking to study in universities in Turkey for international students with a rich vein to city environments and lifestyles.

Being party to the Erasmus program, the Ankara University has become more competitive on the international front in the arenas of science and technology. This has made Ankara University swell in its ranks of international students which seats presently 3,058 enrolled students.

One thing that vindicates international students that have chosen to study at the Ankara University is its scholarship programs for undergraduates as it has brought ease to qualify students’ minds as it is now squarely focused on educational exploits


5.      Istanbul University

One of the oldest universities in Turkey for international students, Istanbul University was founded in the year 1846, and since then they have been loved for offering well-taught programs in areas of sciences such as medicine, mathematics, astronomy, and others.

Not only those, but Istanbul University also has a plethora of offerings that students can choose from, and is endowed with a rich history of professionals who have contributed to the fields of science and arts.

While the university has been keeping up with modern educational practices by providing new courses that are abreast with modern developments such as applied physics and modern sciences.

All these are made easier for students that are qualified for their scholarship programs, and this has been a major factor in the huge population of international students within its enrollment which seats 7,329 international students.


6.      KOC University—Turkey

The KOC University is one of the various universities in Turkey for international students which are located in the nation’s capital of Istanbul. It has built a reputation so vast that the majority of those in the known place this gem in the prestigious fantastic universities in Turkey for international students, and this sentiment is held to its highest by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

Its program offerings include and are not limited to law, sciences, medicine, and engineering. The university was established in the year 1993 and has since been known as the most prestigious of the universities in Turkey for international students.

Though it has a respectable number of students numbering 311, the university has eased up the burden associated with studying abroad by providing various scholarship programs for those students serious enough and brilliant in grades to partake in them.


7.      Yildiz Tenik University

Having been established as far back as 1911, the Yildiz Teknik University has been known as one of the universities in Turkey for international students dedicated to the study of the fields of social and natural sciences, and engineering.

These have seen the university evolve into becoming one of the more prominent technical universities in Turkey for international students, and have been the main channel in the Turkish educational system to be the instigator of the development of the minds of young professionals with its internationally accredited expertise and competences.

The scholarship programs of the Yildiz Teknik University are considered some of the best amongst the universities in Turkey for international students.


8.      Izmir Yuksek Teknoloji Enstitusu

Izmir Yuksek Teknoloji Enstitusu, a superior state university founded in 1992, is next on our list of top universities in Turkey for international students.

The University’s mission is to provide technology-related research, teaching, and training. It takes pride in having developed one of the world’s most sophisticated technical university models, as well as having one of the world’s best technologically minded faculties.

When compared to other universities, they base their criteria on key worldwide norms and milestones, making it a very internationally competitive university.


9.      Hacettepe University

Hacettepe University is one of the most prestigious universities in Turkey for international students. Hacettepe University, which was founded in 1967, focuses on expanding its research and engineering skills.

Their goal is to prepare students to be effective leaders in science, technology, and the arts. They strive to develop and educate students by following a set of core principles that they adhere to throughout a student’s time at the institution.


10. Istanbul Technical University

Istanbul Technical University is one of the oldest universities in Turkey for international students and also has a reputation of being a respectable university for international students in Turkey.

It is known across the world for creating well-known and well-equipped professionals, and it focuses its efforts on offering high-quality education in the social sciences and engineering fields.



Studying in any of the universities in Turkey for international students exposes same to a rich vine of cultures and traditions that have over the ages melded into a potent mix of European and Middle Eastern ways of life. Find out for yourself so you won’t miss out.