13 Requirements For Masters Degree In Canada For International Students

This blog post is a full guide that contains everything you need to know as an international student who wants to get his master’s degree from any of the prominent universities in Canada. Follow me closely as I take you on the ride.

Canada is a country that houses most of the prestigious and top-ranking universities all over the world. From fashion schools to flight schools to film schools, all are top-notch and offer quality academic services to both local and international students.

It is not surprising to hear that Canada has over 190,000 students from about 200 countries who came to acquire world-class education and also reap the benefits of studying abroad in a country like Canada. These numerous benefits range from earning a recognized degree to getting affordable quality education to winning one scholarship or the other.

As a matter of fact, there are still top scholarships in Canada left unclaimed, waiting for the right set of persons to do that. Many students with high intellectual prowess have applied to get their MBAs in Canada with scholarships. The same also applies to those interested in business as there are various top-ranking business schools located in Canada that offer scholarships to students.

Now, going to study abroad, there are things you need to know. For instance, to get a master’s degree in Canada, you need to know that there are three types of master’s degree programs offered there. The first is coursed-based masters which take about 10 to 12 months to complete.

Next is the master’s with a research paper, whose duration is 12 to 18 months, and lastly is the master’s with a thesis which runs for about 24 months before completion. So, it is important to know the one you are going for before sending in your application letter.

Without any further explanation, let us see the requirements for masters degree in Canada for international students. Take a look at this article on ways to make the most of your studies as an international student. It will be beneficial to you.

requirements for masters degree in canada for international students

Requirements For Masters Degree In Canada For International Students

Here are the requirements you must meet before you can be admitted into any of the Canadian universities to study for a master’s.

It is important to note that these requirements vary from school to school, however, the ones below are the general requirements for Canadian universities.

Language Requirements For Masters Degree In Canada For International Students

If the English language is not your native language, you must write and submit the scores of your English proficiency tests like TOEFL, MELAB, IELTS, PTE, and CELPIP. It is important to note that the most recognized language proficiency test in Canada is IELTS and CELPIP.

Now, if you don’t understand the reason for writing IELTS, you can read our article on why international students need IELTS. This article will help to open your eyes to the amazing benefits attached.

It is also important to note that there are still universities in Canada that you can enroll in without IELTS.

Academic Requirements For Masters Degree In Canada For International Students

These are the following academic requirements you need to have before applying to study for a master’s in any of the universities in Canada.

  • You must possess a bachelor’s degree from an accredited or recognized university.
  • You must finish with 70% or at least a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0-point system from a four-year recognized institution.
  • You must pass the English proficiency test, and attain the minimum score set by the university.
  • You must write and pass tests like GRE or GMAT

Documents Requirements For Masters Degree In Canada For International Students

Students who wish to study for their master’s in Canadian universities must possess the following documents.

  • You must possess all official academic transcripts or documents from previous institutions attended.
  • You must have a bachelor’s degree certificate from an accredited institution.
  • You must be ready to take and present your GMAT or GRE official result.
  • You must have copies of your English proficiency test scores.
  • You must have your letters of recommendation and a well-written essay.
  • You must have your statement of intent or purpose.
  • You must have a valid study visa and passport.
  • You must provide the proof of funds which is your bank statement.

Note that these documents listed above are the general ones requested. Some medical schools may require further documents apart from these ones.

Cost Of Studying Masters Degree As An International Student In Canada

The cost of studying master’s as an international student in Canada depends or varies from school to school just like the requirements. However, with about $20,120 CAD annually, one can enroll in any of the Canadian universities.

The cost of living is about $12,000 CAD yearly.

Minimum Percentage Required For Masters In Canada?

The minimum percentage required for studying master’s in Canada is 65% -70% or 3.0 /4.0. With this score, you are eligible to study for a master’s in Canada.

How Do You Apply As An International Student To Study For Masters In Canada?

Here is the step-by-step procedure to apply for a master’s degree in Canada as an international student.

  • Carefully choose a program. It is very advisable to choose a program that is related to your first degree which is your bachelor’s degree.
  • Take note of the deadline for the program you have chosen. It is important you know it by heart.
  • Cross-check and see if you met all the criteria or requirements for application.
  • Assemble all the required documents. In a case where you are confused, you can email the admission officers of your preferred university to give you a rundown of the program requirements.
  • Completely fill out the application form and submit it before the deadline. Attach all necessary documents and pay the non-refundable application fee if required.


This article has extensively explained all it takes to enroll in a master’s degree program in any of the universities in Canada. It contains the requirements, cost, minimum percentage accepted by Canadian universities, how to apply, and many others.

I hope you make the most of the details provided. Do take a look at this frequently asked question below.

Requirements For Masters Degree In Canada For International Students- FAQs

This is one of the frequently asked questions about studying for a master’s in Canada as an international student. Go through it to gain more insight.

[sc_fs_faq html=”true” headline=”h3″ img=”” question=”What Is The Age Requirements For Masters In Canada?” img_alt=”” css_class=””] To study in any of the universities in Canada, you must be at least 18 years. It is also important to note that there is no age limit. [/sc_fs_faq]